Potentially GAME changing victory in Denmark!

The article is in Danish for the moment. Have a look using Google translate in Chrome till we get it properly done to English but for now…

And here is the English video explaining what they did and how they did it!

A segment of the article:

The government has proposed a new epidemic law that can enter into force if Denmark is affected by a coronavirus version 2.0 or a completely different epidemic . In the proposed law, the word coercion is included 92 times and power 84 times in different contexts.

Among other things, the law stipulates that those infected with a dangerous disease – or persons who are presumed to be infected – may be required to be examined, hospitalized, treated and isolated so that the infection does not spread.



Rasmus Paludan makes the list

From Gates of Vienna:

It seems that Rasmus Paludan, the founder and leader of the Danish party Stram Kurs (Hard Line) has been put on the Al Qaeda hit list. He’s in exalted company now.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

After Swedish-Danish Rasmus Paludan’s Islamophobic party Stram Kurs went on tour in Sweden and burned several Korans to demonstrate against the Islamization of Denmark’s neighboring country, and for freedom of expression, the terrorist organization al-Qaeda announced that it will assassinate the party leader. Paludan, however, shakes off the threat, and is now collecting money for another return visit with Koran burnings.

Samhällsnytt has followed the development of recent events around the Danish party Stram Kurs’ interest in Sweden, where the police announced a two-year entry ban on the party leader Paludan, and in violation of the constitution banned their demonstrations throughout Sweden. Despite this, party functionaries have carried out several actions, including burning the Koran and ‘Koran football’.

On Monday Geert Wilders, the party leader of the PVV (Party for Freedom), who already lives with death threats from Islamists, noted that the Muslim terrorist organization al-Qaeda is now urging all Muslims inside and outside Europe to attack all individuals who humiliate Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran.

Paludan new on al-Qaeda’s death list

Al-Qaeda lists the people it is particularly interested in, and a new name is Rasmus Paludan. Furthermore, the terrorist organization is still looking for the Swedish artist Lars Vilks. Below is what is said to be an excerpt from al-Qaeda’s message…

Rasmus Paludan, Danish politician and leader of Stram Kurs party, sentenced to jail and fined for “Racism and defamation”

The following text is from Reuters:

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – The leader of Danish far-right party Stram Kurs, lawyer Rasmus Paludan, was disbarred from the legal profession and sentenced to three months in jail on Thursday after being found guilty of racism.


Stram Kurs (Hard Line) was close to getting into parliament in the last election in Denmark with a policy based on banning Islam and deporting hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

Paludan first came to public attention in 2017 when he started making anti-Muslim Youtube videos. His stunts have included publicly burning the Koran, sometimes wrapped in bacon, in what he said was a tribute to free speech.


Paludan was sentenced to 14 days of conditional imprisonment in 2019 for racist speech. He will now face one month of imprisonment with two additional months of suspended sentence after being found guilty of 14 different accounts of racism, defamation and hazardous driving.


Additionally, as part of his sentence, Paludan was disbarred for three years, had his driver’s licence suspended for one year and was fined around 40,000 Danish crowns ($6,012.23), the district court said in a statement.

Paludan denied all charges.

($1 = 6.65 Danish crowns)

So now we have it. If you say things which are against the government policy on immigration, it will be deemed “racist”, possibly the most flexible word in the English language since someone first yelled “F**k!” and you will be jailed for that nebulous term.

A term which has now come to mean defending the right of white people to exist. In case anyone was unsure. As we wrote in this article on the totalitarian two step, the mob who seems to dictate the fluid and ever leftward moving replacement for law that we now don’t enjoy, “Silence is violence”. So not standing up and vocally supporting the leftist point of view on all matters, especially the rhetorical nuke issue of “racism” is now also a crime.

At the moment its a crime that gets you fired, ostracized, and if you have a public reputation, it will be dismantled and reconstructed for you, even if you were on the vanguard of the left an hour ago like JK Rawlings. A woman who in no small way is partly responsible for the advancement of a Marxist replacement for freedom and rule of law, and was herself run over by the dialectic machinery she helped create.

It is asking too much of anyone that Rasmus continues to run for Parliament after this. But I sincerely hope he does. Freedom of speech is too important to let go. Especially when it has been shut down in such a Soviet/Cuban/Chinese manner. Words now mean whatever the government needs them to mean in order to jail all opposition to government policy.

This is what they have been trying to do to Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen for years with gross distortions of law and process. To take what was their actual job description as opposition members of their respective legislatures, and make them criminals for doing exactly what they were elected to do.

Criticizing immigration is no different than criticizing any other government portfolio except that immigration is more important than most, because it shapes the future of the country.

And there you have the why of it all.

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The following video is from March of this year, 2020

Tommy to get Free Speech award, Facebook blocking all mentions of it

As many of you may know, Tommy Robinson is being honoured with the Free Speech award by the Danish Free Press Society for 2019.

The award could not be presented at the usual time in 2019, because Tommy was in prison for covering the sentencing of Muslim rape and sex slave gangs as were many other journalists, who were not arrested.

Spokeswoman, Tania Groth, board member of the Danish Free Press Society, explains to Vlad Tepes that all attempts to promote or explain the event are being censored by Facebook with the message:

“Your post is against the fellowship rules regarding dangerous persons or organizations”

Above the photo of Tommy:

“There is probably a count-down to another Facebook block of my account”

But as Lars Hedigaard says: “Better to die than shut up”.

Below, a cartoon from the Danish Free Press newsletter:

Bubble one: (Spoken by ANTIFA)

“Here comes the violent psychopath, Tommy Robinson”

Bubble two: (Spoken by ANTIFA)

“Yeah! He looks like a real fascist pig!”

Rebel Media is sending Ezra Levant to cover the event

A little more on this new Danish koran burning video…

What at first seems to be kind of a pointless burning of a Koran in Denmark reveals a few things we may not have known otherwise…

Our Danish contributor, Tania Groth watched this for us and said there is nothing to translate. The police show up and tell them to scram. No charges or arrests, just insistence that they leave the area.

The area is what is interesting. They burned this koran in front of the Grimshøj mosque, which has an imam, Tania describes as “Denmark’s Anjem Choudary”.

The Imam at the Grimhøj mosque, Abu Bilal, goes out publicly and says that they are working within Denmarks laws etc. but behind the scenes they preach the killing and stoning of women for infidelity and all the usual stuff. They were caught in some undercover footage some years ago.

From Gatestone:

Last week, a Danish district court ruled that what a Danish citizen had written on Facebook in November 2013 violated the Danish criminal code.


In response to a debate about the local activities of a radical Islamic organization, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which works for the re-establishment of the Islamic caliphate, he wrote: “The ideology of Islam is as loathsome, disgusting, oppressive and as misanthropic as Nazism. The massive immigration of Islamists into Denmark is the most devastating thing to happen to Danish society in recent history.”

We believe the video below is hidden camera of this imam from that mosque:

So whatever one may think of these people driving up and burning a koran outside this mosque, they did not demand that all non-observant Danes be killed. but the imam at that mosque does in fact preach war against the non-muslim on the Dane’s taxpayer dime. So these fine people did us all a service if they can raise awareness of these goings on.

Thank you Tania Groth for the help on this.


Leader of Denmark’s Neo-Nazi party arrested for vandalism of Jewish cemetery

This just in. An anonymous source in Denmark has informed us that the leader of the newly minted, Danish Neo-Nazi party has been arrested on suspicion of desecration of a Jewish Cemetery last week and reported here at Vlad on November 10th

Nothing else is known at this time, other than the colour of paint used to vandalize the grave stones is similar to the colours the Danish Nazi party chose for its website.

The site is at this address but we will not make a hot link to it.

[s40]FILM: Jødespørgsmålet forklaret på 4 minutter[/s40]

Below, a screen grab for the colour.

Facebook bans anyone who posts about Tommy Robinson. Unless you compare him to a convicted communist genocidal maniac

Facebook spokesman compares Tommy Robinson to convicted war criminal Ratko Mladic

Many viewers were likely left speechless last week after watching Deadline – one of Denmark’s most popular news programs during an interview with Peter Andreas Münster, Facebook’s Head of Communications for the Nordic Region. The issue was Facebook’s decision to censor virtually everything connected to the English journalist Tommy Robinson.

Facebook censors Danish Media Outlet and Free Speech Organization

Earlier this year, Facebook banned the Danish online media news outlet 24NYT. The organization is known for criticizing the establishment and focusing on the negative consequences of Muslim immigration to Denmark.


That happened when the Facebook official said that; “In this way, we consider him [Tommy Robinson] a person in line with Ratko Mladic.”

(We are looking into translating at least segments of the TV show linked in the article above at the word, “Interview”. But for now the thing to know is, you will be banned from Facebook for writing about Tommy Robinson, that is unless you compare him to people who have murdered scores and scores of people, and are said to be guilty of genocide.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Ratko Mladic:

Ratko Mladi? (Serbian Cyrillic????? ??????pronounced [râtko ml??dit??]; born 12 March 1942) is a Bosnian Serb convicted war criminal and former military commander who led the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) as a general during the Yugoslav Wars.[1][2][3] He was later found guilty of committing war crimescrimes against humanity, and genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).


On 31 May 2011, Mladi? was extradited to The Hague, where he was processed at the detention center that holds suspects for the ICTY. His trial formally began in The Hague on 16 May 2012 and was concluded on 22 November 2017 finding him guilty and sentencing him to life in prison.


A long-time member of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, Mladi? began his career in the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) in 1965. He came to prominence in the Yugoslav Wars, initially as a high-ranking officer of the Yugoslav People’s Army and subsequently as the Chief of the General Staff of the Army of Republika Srpska in the Bosnian War of 1992–95. He has been referred to by certain media outlets as the “Butcher of Bosnia”.

Please spread this around. No matter what you think of Tommy Robinson, this interview by Facebook on Danish TV is a new order of magnitude of communist information totalitarianism. The comparison of Facebook principle, Mark Zuckerberg, while still inaccurate, would actually be closer to the truth, as his actions and the ideology they imply, are much closer to a communist psycho than anything Tommy Robinson has ever done in his life time.

At someone point soon, we hope to interview a member of the Danish Free Press Society about what happened to them at Facebook and why. The punchline you already know. Banned from Facebook for writing something less insanely inflammatory about Tommy Robinson.

The Paludan effect

It was once pointed out to me, that running for office if you are principled, is not a waste of time even if you lose. If you get a substantial number of votes because of your platform, one which might have been ignored by the usual political class, then you might discover that politics and policy start to swing your way even though you didn’t win. Because in a democracy, like Denmark, the government is afraid of the people, and if not afraid of the people, afraid of losing power, and so try and accommodate the people.

Contrast that with a non-democratic state like the UK where the people are afraid of the government and if you transmit information that the government does not approve of, irrespective fo the truth of it, you may face and endless series of Orwellian trials based on selectively enforced application of ludicrous laws. Or worse, as the poet said, “If the government doesn’t like the people, they should dissolve the people and elect a new people”. Something Germany clearly did.

Meanwhile in Denmark:

a new initiative by the new government. Migrants are being offered a fair chunk of cash if they pack up and leave Denmark voluntarily. Below, a segment of this article with a Google translation:

Up to 64,100 people resident in Denmark, this summer may receive a letter or otherwise be informed that they meet the requirements for bringing money with them if they go home to the country from which they or at least one of their parents comes from. .


It is a result of the agreement that was concluded between the then government and the Danish People’s Party in connection with the latest Finance Act.


Although the so-called repatriation support – which gives returning persons DKK 140,000 – has existed for several years, it is the first time that the municipalities have been instructed to guide possible recipients about the scheme.

And it has dropped the Radicals for the chest. Andreas Steenberg, who is the party’s foreign minister, calls it “pure harassment”.


“We do not mind having a repatriation scheme for refugees who have not been here for a long time, but it is crazy to send that kind to people who have lived here all their lives,” he told Berlingske.

In other words, the government of Denmark is ready to pay heapum big cash to encourage people who otherwise would cost them a lot more in the medium and long run, to go home and live large on that money. Certainly a step in the right direction and certainly something none of us expected any Western government to do, and doubly so in the EU.

This has to be a result of the spectacular and unexpected success of Rasmus Paludan’s new party, Stram Kurs. (Hard Line) Although he won no seats based on Danish election rules, he did get enough votes to coming very close to having 6 seats in the Danish parliament. And one might guess that the government took notice and did what any democracy should do. Implement the policies that people voted for.

So anyone else thinking of running for office based on anti-totalitarian policies, namely anti-Islam and anti-communism, should be encouraged. You may get what you want, at least to a degree, even if you don’t win.

In the case of Denmark, calling it the Rasmus effect, or the Paludan effect, would be a fair and proper moniker.

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