A couple of thoughts about the assassination of former Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe

Daily Mail: Japan’s former PM Shinzo Abe ‘has died’ after being shot twice by navy veteran during campaign speech, local TV says

Shinzo Abe – Japan’s longest-serving prime minister – has died after being shot twice as he made a campaign speech in the south of the country earlier today, local media has said. 

The 67-year-old, who served for a total of nine years over two terms, was gunned down in the city of Nara around 11.30am as he rallied support for the local candidate ahead of parliamentary elections on Sunday. His death was reported by public broadcaster NHK around six hours later, shortly after wife Akie arrived at his bedside.

Tetsuya Yamagami, 41 and a navy veteran, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder while wielding what appeared to be a home-made shotgun. Police say he has since confessed, telling them he wanted to kill Abe because he was ‘dissatisfied’ with him. 

(I was tempted to write up the assassination as being motivated by one of three factors. But as its former PM and not current, and as he was not PM during the years of the Pandemic of Globalism, it isn’t likely about Japan’s extremely rational views on the gene-therapies, or even his economic policies, or his NATO stance on the war. Or maybe he slept with his assassin’s love interest.)

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Good article on the “mostly peaceful murder” of a Trump supporter

Article here:

In part:

A man participating in what was billed as a “Patriot Rally” sprayed mace at a left-wing demonstrator, and the left-wing demonstrator shot him with a handgun. Ambulances responded to the scene. Police said Saturday afternoon they were working on a homicide investigation.

Never forget that the enemy always gets a vote.

UPDATE: the killer is “a self-described BLM/Antifa member”, which will presumably inspire the media to describe the murder a “mostly peaceful” one.

UPDATE: Now the killer is reported to be a bodyguard for Denver 9NEWS. But he looks more like he’s taking the offensive in a close-up photo of the shooting.

UPDATE: “The fake news media is literally killing conservatives. Do not go near them. Could end up shot and killed.”

[Click through for the rest. Still looking for video of the murder which apparently is out there and is clear.]

Thank you Gates of Vienna, who just celebrated 13 years in existence this week!


Leading up to the shooting:

A package containing the poison ricin and addressed to Trump intercepted by law enforcement

CNN till we get a better source

(CNN)A package containing the poison ricin and addressed to President Donald Trump was intercepted by law enforcement earlier this week, according to two law enforcement officials.

Two tests were done to confirm the presence of ricin. All mail for the White House is sorted and screened at an offsite facility before reaching the White House.
A US law enforcement official told CNN that investigators are looking into the possibility the ricin package sent to Trump came from Canada.
Mary-Liz Power, chief spokeswoman for Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair, said in a statement, “We are aware of the concerning reports of packages containing ricin directed toward US federal government sites. Canadian law enforcement is working closely with their US counterparts. As this is an active investigation we cannot comment further.”
The FBI and Secret Service are investigating the matter.


Brad Johnson: Tactical defenestration in Russia, bad Chinese food in Czech

Many years ago, I read a report on Putin’s Russia in a Stratfor report which was quite interesting. In summary, it claimed that Russia had certain immutable problems due to its geography, and so it was always going to be a similar state be it under the Tzars, the Communists or now under Putin. The conclusion was that the real danger of Russia is its still the same place but it doesn’t have the crappy system of communism today, holding it back.

Today’s interview of Brad Johnson discuses a disturbing proof of this with the mysterious deaths by defenestration of several doctors within Russia.

Also try to avoid Chinese food in the Czech Republic.

Nigel Farage’s car wheels ‘were sabotaged in an assassination attempt’: Ukip leader lost control of Volvo when wheel fell off on motorway… and police confirm foul play

(At the time of posting this stunning story, the BBC has not written anything on it at all)

From the Daily Mail:

Nigel Farage fears he has been the victim of an assassination attempt after his car was sabotaged, causing a terrifying motorway crash.

The Ukip leader careered off a French road after a wheel on his Volvo came loose while he was driving from Brussels back to his home in Kent.

When the police arrived at the scene, they told him that the nuts on all of the wheels had been deliberately unscrewed, The Mail on Sunday has established.

 ‘Target’: Nigel Farage claims he was the victim of an assassination attempt, after he careered off a French road when a wheel on his Volvo came loose while he was driving back to his home in Kent (pictured)

Mr Farage, who has received death threats during his tumultuous time as leader, last night spoke about the ‘frightening’ incident, which took place near Dunkirk.

‘It was the middle of bloody nowhere, and I was caught in a very bad position,’ he said. ‘There was a huge section of roadworks with cars going back and forth on the same side of the carriageway. I suddenly realised I was losing steering but there was no hard shoulder to pull on to. I slowed down, put the hazards on and then one of the wheels came off. I jumped over the wall as quickly as I bloody well could to get away from lorries and everything.’

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Same story at The Sun