TEVUS, The Attack on Rushdie as White Supremacy and the FBI against Americans

Rumours have come to me from a good source that the FBI, once a crime fighting, constitutionally protecting force, is now tasked to monitor all conservative social media for threat assessment.

(The irony here is that Qanon is almost certainly an FBI false flag operation. If not FBI, CIA or another of the US alphabet agencies)

At one point, all of us would be OK with that. We all understood the word “threat” in the same way. And none of us wanted a threat from anywhere on ourselves, our governments or our institutions. But at this time, we all know that the left, now in control of nearly everything, redefines things in order to make them effective weapons to advance the revolution. Recent examples include “vaccine”, “recession”, “Insurrection”, and many other critical things that allow the left leaning governments to take drastic action which limits the freedoms and rights of the public in a manner selectively applied, (more accurately, described as dialectic attacks) to advantage the Marxist revolution.

We saw how communist violent revolutionaries threw firebombs at police and police stations and took over parts of American cities and declared them Autonomous Zones and even killed people who were Trump supporters. This was not considered a threat and as far as I know, no consequences to anyone involved in those actions yet. So we already know the word “threat” has been redefined to mean: Anyone who is counter-revolutionary.

This site has maintained for some time now that there is only one real metric at play, which nearly perfectly explains most of what we see day to day in the news.

Any action which advances the Marxist, authoritarian, collectivist, totalitarian whatever other adjectives you wish to use, will be rewarded, not punished if illegal, and spread.

Any action which is counter-revolutionary and preserves the basic tenets of the Constitution, and most importantly of individual rights and freedoms will be undone and the people responsible will be personally destroyed. Until now by extra-legal means such as media attacks, personal attacks by communist groups such as ANTIFA etc. harassment and so on. But now the various agencies which were created to protect you and your rights appear to be tasked against you and them. The easiest example is the investigation of parents who go to school boards and object to Marxist teaching such as critical race theory (or any other aspect of critical theory) as terrorists by the FBI.

Yes. A parent who objects to their children being fully indoctrinated by a public school in Marxist doctrine, or tactics derived from Marxist doctrine such as the idea that kids should be talked into believing they are the sex they are not, and then put on dangerous chemicals to prevent normal development, and then surgery, both of which will sterilize the child before they are even old enough to understand sex and if they want children, they are considered terrorists now.

As posted here at Vlad and in the numerous reports in the Reader’s Links following the attack on Rushdie, every effort is made to detach the attack from Islam.

We did this interview quite some time ago now, about how the Biden admin, (we really need a new name for it. Biden is a scarecrow at best and couldn’t run a sausage stand at a baseball game) redefined white supremacy to include acts of Islamic terror. Meanwhile, they delete the Islamic motive from those same attacks as we see clearly with the attack on Salmon Rushdie. Every attempt is made to make it appear to be a hit by the Islamic Republic of Iran without explaining the reason for the fatwa against Rushdie was he questioned the supremacy of Islam in a book and that cannot stand. Increasingly for all of us. At this point many Western nations now have “hate speech” laws, which contain effectively elements that mirror blasphemy laws but only for Islam.

UPDATE: Dinesh D’Souza on “A short history of the corrupt FBI”

Brad Johnson on Ted Wheeler, ANTIFA, and the left’s miscalculation

The question for the corrupt leaders of the global kleptocracy. Do they still think they can control them?

(I made the video above on or before 2012 about Islam in Europe and the Americas. It applies just as well to communist insurgency groups today and still applies to islam.)