An important Trump order, and what we will learn from it

First the order:

It is our prediction that the order is real and has been given, and that the information will never come out. If it is, it will be so redacted as to be of zero value to those seeking truth about the corruption and illegality of the Obama Biden Clinton administration.

So what we will learn, which we already saw with previous orders to release important documents, is that the anti-state, being run by people like Gina Haspel, Mueller, Soros, Clinton, Comey and a lot of other names we are overly familiar with, have kept the President impotent in many aspects of his rightful duties which he attempted to carry out during the past 4 years.

(We did an interview with Brad Johnson some months ago about documents he ordered declassified which also implicated Trudeau and they never appeared un-redacted. I will post that video here once I find it)

Tucker Carlson on how selective enforcement is the main tool of the tyrant

This is an exceptional Tucker video. For those that want the advanced tutorial, and the greater understanding that its not so much selective enforcement as it is dialectic negation, a well formulated Marxist tactic to take down the west, please read this Stephen Coughlin/Rich Higgens document, Re-remembering the misremembered left. And for those with a larger apetite, there is a newer one we haven’t started yet either, Insurrection and Violence.


President Trump Will Address The Nation Tonight At 7 PM EST

I have no idea where or how. Maybe the White House webpage? No idea. Thats all it says.

***This looks like a fake. Ignore. Probably a Q thingy, whatever that means. But its not true. Please go back to your regularly scheduled crises.***


Today in DC. The election steal and a brief attempt at counter-revolution post 3



sky news australia

yahoo – Capitol Hill mob behavior represents a dark moment in American History, Yahoo Finance EIC says




Protesters climbing walls of United States Capitol building



Patriot Shot In Capital Washington D.C January 6

January 6 Trump rally Washington DC

As it is with the French Yellow Vest events, all the substance will be in the comments. SOME WILL BE POSTED HERE BELOW AS POSSIBLE Anyone discovering a good video or news item on tomorrow’s rally in Washington DC. please post to the comments of this post.



Black Lives Matters flag burned near Freedom Plaza in DC

Police mace patriots