The video of German pathologists and claims for what is in the mRNA shots

A few days ago, we posted a link to a gates of Vienna which had this video as its feature. We wrote up our own explanation of why it should be viewed in more than one way. At face value, but also as a potential weapon of information warfare to move people incrementally away from what is true, to what is not, in order to protect those who profit by what is true and do not want us to know, be certain of, or act on those truths.

Here is the video with both the RAIR write up, and our own for what we hope is a gestalt of it.

France sees increasing danger to all teachers who fail to toe Islamic-socialist ideology

The West needs to pay close attention to these events. At this point its surprising that France at least even pays lip service to its own culture and values by offering these teachers protection. In Canada and the US I think we know what would happen to them. And this circumstance will happen more and more often, assuming there are any teachers left willing to stand up for Greek thought, Western values and freedom of conscience and speech.

Please read the whole story and details over at RAIR Foundation

The real agenda behind much of alternate sexuality marches

A brilliant example of how the left weaponizes tribal identities in order to achieve a uniquely communist-islamic outcome. Washington Times.

Dyke March bans Israeli and Jewish Pride flags; Palestinian flags still OK

The D.C. Dyke March, which is being billed as an all-inclusive celebration of underrepresented people, is banning Israeli and Jewish Pride flags but allowing Palestinian flags during Friday’s event.


The march, which is returning to Washington after a 12-year hiatus, is seeking to be more radical than its previous version, including LGBTQ people of various races, religions, socioeconomic classes and gender identities, organizers told The Washington Post.


However, pro-Zionist and “nationalist symbols,” including Israeli and Jewish Pride flags, will not be welcomed at the event, organizers said.


Yael Horowitz, a Jewish march organizer, said the ban is a protest against “nations that have specific oppressive tendencies.”

Notice that Palestine, such as it is, along with other muslim states, murders people for being gay and anyone as far out as the people in the photo just wouldn’t dare in any muslim territory, even as close as Birmingham or Saville town.

Israel actually has a gay pride march annually, and has for some time.

So this march has nothing to do with gay rights whatsoever. It is about the deconstruction of classical civilization. And that is all it is. Nothing less.

Thank you Amy Mek.


On the current acceptability of actual science in our postmodern societal rules

 Academic paper on evolution flushed down the memory hole.

To understand the enormity of the importance of this article, I once again refer to the (probably soon to be illegal) excellent documentary, Dogs Decoded. Pay special attention to how the Soviet Union treated actual science, especially evolutionary biology, that contradicted Marxism’s axioms.

Especially the segment on Silver Fox bred in the barn for domesticity or aggression. This renegade experiment, while illegal in all ways in the Soviet Union has been invaluable ever since for real science in the understanding of certain attributes which we can loosely call, domestication. This article may be experiencing a less blunt force train of events than the Russian experiment on Silver Fox, but for the precise same reason our Russian evolutionary-biologist had to hide his intentions and methods from the government. But the subtle and frankly, pure Postmodernist way in which it was done is in fact far more effective in preventing the work from reaching academic circles.

The only thing it can use for potential exposure is the Streisand effect, which of course is why I link to it here. And the fact that it appears here, will be used as an excuse as to why they believed that this truth must not be known. And the great truth that is so scary?

Men and women are biologically different in general.

Here is an excellent video on this subject of the state of academia today:

Remember this moment from a James Damore discussion?




“Sharia Law belongs to Germany”

Saarbrücker Zeitung explains their readers that it is not unusual for Sharia law to be applied in German courts, as, in Germany, the opinion prevails that “German law is not the only one or the best, but that all legislation must be respected as equal”.

“Why the Sharia belongs to Germany. (…) In Germany, German law applies. But not exclusively. Foreign law applies, too – also the Sharia which is based on the Quran.” Saarbrücker Zeitung, Sept. 19, 2017

To view it that way were “a strength of the legal system, not a scandal”.

Of course. Just like war is peace, and freedom is slavery.

Post modernism and the modern university

This post is not a quick one.

Probably its worth downloading the second video and listening to it in 45 minute increments or less. Personally, I have been through just over the first hour of the Post Modern video twice and stopped because it generated so much thought and insight and understanding that I needed to absorb it before I could move on.

Initially the plan was to post the second video once it was all digested. But this first video came to my attention and it was such a stellar example of post-modernism, and from a place once revered for its capacity for Greek thought, a veritable temple of reason, now become literally an anti-university. A temple to Focoult and all the other perverters of thought in order to turn reason against itself.

In this first video, A Harvard institute explains that we must ignore scientific and biological science of sex and sexual dimorphism and reproduction, and instead, accept that whatever people want to imagine about themselves must be the truth.

Further that any argument otherwise, is not just wrong, but actually violence.

And we all know what happens when you use violence and you aren’t a Marxist or Post Modernist.

Granted, this edict is from the office of LGBTQETC. But offices like that carry power like the political officer on a Soviet sub these days. Disagree at substantial risk to your career and even your health.

The following video is actually an audio book. Explaining Post Modernism. It is over 6 hours long.

Dr. Jordan Peterson on a couple of occasions has said this book is a mandatory read or something very much like that. In any case, he recommended it highly. As I say, I have been through the first hour twice and its a veritable insight generator for those of us who have been observing groups like ANTIFA and other left wing groups who ally themselves with Muslim groups yet claim to oppose everything Muslims do systemically.

With each minute of narrated text everything becomes a little more in focus.

Looking forward to comments on this post, even if they are not right away.


Richard Dawkins and when Science is only acceptable when it agrees with cultural-Marxism

This is one of the best, but also most pernicious examples of what Steyn and Levant call, ‘I support freedom of speech but..’ I have seen to date.

The brilliant and insightful evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, was recently invited to speak at a scientific conference.

Before I continue I would like to say a few words about Dr. Dawkins. Whether you believe in God or no, whether you subscribe to creationism or evolutionary biology, Dawkins’ books are fantastic reading. His model has a lot of predictive value, and for that alone its good reading, but The Selfish Gene is also chock-a-block full of insights into human behaviour without ever describing human behaviour. Quite a trick. And something all parents might find useful in raising children. The issue of human origins is secondary in all, even if Dr, Dawkins would not agree with that last claim.

The conference which invited Richard has rescinded its invitation and offered a refund to all who planned to attend the conference. I doubt that would include airfares or hotel deposits however.

Lets have a look at their reasoning verbatim:


Let’s parse this a little:

“We believe strongly in freedom of speech and freedom to express unpopular and even offensive views.” But in the very next line they qualify that statement to negate pretty much anything anyone at any time and under any circumstances finds offensive for any reason. The language of cultural-Marxism ensues:

“Divisive, counter-productive (but no standard given for what constitutes productive and certainly no exception was made in the previous statement that all speech must be ‘productive’ on this unnamed standard) and hateful, meaning the organizers hated it so it doesn’t count under the former statement of: “We believe strongly in freedom of speech and freedom to express unpopular and even offensive views.”

This is some of the most blatant Cultural Marxist/Orwellian hypocrisy I have seen from a scientific body of sufficient gravitas that a person like Richard Dawkins would consider speaking to.

Now on to the video. It has to be a Leni Riefenstahl award winner right? (The Wiki attempts to sanitize her role as Hitler’s film propagandist for anti-semitic materials) Or at least it has to be some vile KKK video on racial inferiority right?


Here it is:

This goes out to the descision makers at the ICSS   a paraphrasing from one of the great lines from the brilliant British series, I Claudius,

‘You remind me that what is most important to the human being, is our sense of smell’

To see Richard’s twitter feed with a description and other indicators that the above video is the correct one, click here. 


Thank you Xanthippa




Some of the ‘finest stupid’ I have seen from the religion of peace.

I did not edit this in any way. All the text and video is from the original source. Feel free to click through to the youtube page. I do however, feel that people this stupid should probably be denied antibiotics or any other post 700 AD medicines that require a basis in biology and evolutionary theory to have created lest we upset the whole Darwinian apple cart.
H/T Fjordman

By the way, here is an explanation offered for the sitting frog as offered on the comments of this video, and which I do not doubt is accurate in the slightest.

hellstradingpost 12 hours ago

I have seen it as a kid. Muslim kids stick the frog on the nail through the frog’s ass. It’s very cruel. The frog struggled in pain for long time; it takes over an hour before the frog sits still like this because it gave up struggling and ready to die.


I have been live blogging the OSCE event taking place in Warsaw Poland, and the rep from CAIR affiliate in Canada just hurled a major bombshell at the meeting, From Europe News’s Facebook page:

5:28: CAIR Canada openly requests the abolishment of secularism as a principle of society, for the reason that ‘Secularism’ constitutes only another belief, that should not be granted special status.

Further, she emphasizes that we should obey and respect all law set up by the State (that would include blasphemy laws), and respect to refrain from what the State considers illegal, in order that we can have harmonic co-existence in the future.

She refers to the past history of various etnic minorities, how prejudices against those have historically existed, and suggests that the percieved problems with Muslims are nothing unusual, and should not be considered a problem in itself.

Blazing has some interesting videos of speeches given at ‘Al Quds’ in Toronto

Please check out these astonishing videos. The real horror is that anyone but anyone could believe the claims here. The top guy actually says that as of Monday, only Christians will be allowed into Canada and only Christians will be allowed to purchase or lease “state-owned land”. Jeez I didn’t even know public parks were for sale and I thought it was refered to as ‘Crown land’ in any case.

Still, here it is.


Remember, this is one of the countries apologists for Islam hold up as a beacon of modernity in the Islamic world.

Indonesian man jailed for two-and-a-half years for writing ‘God doesn’t exist’ on his Facebook page


PUBLISHED: 21:34 GMT, 14 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:35 GMT, 14 June 2012
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An Indonesian man was jailed for 30 months after writing “God doesn’t exist” on his Facebook page.

Alexander Aan, 30, was imprisoned on Thursday for sharing explicit material about the Prophet Mohammed online.

He started an atheist group on Facebook on which he shared comic strips of the prophet having sex with his servant, a court in western Sumatra heard today.

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