Israel and Vaxx data

UPDATE: Video ABOUT the video of the leak

Leaks suggesting that Israel buried data showing the Pfizer gene therapy shots are dangerous and had far more serious and frequent negative health consequences are rapidly growing around the internet to the point where its negligent to post them and not post them about equally at this point. Sometimes it is difficult to separate a claim from evidence. Quite often, all we get are claims. “The Religion of Peace”. “Safe and Effective”. And we are to make life changing decisions on claims that are nothing more than sloganeering.

Nonetheless, people with authority are making these claims, and say they are supported by evidence. Some of it is counter-intuitive, like Steve Kirsh’s claim that Israel kindly shielded the Palestinians from the vaccine knowing it was dangerous but administered it to all its own people. It wasn’t that long ago that Israel was being called horrible names for not giving the shots to the Palestinians. As far as I remember, both claims are untrue. The Palestinians had equal access to the vaxx as Israelis did. It’s possible that the Palestinian Authorities did not mandate the shots the way the Israelis did though. In which case, Kudos to the PA.

(Someone who knows the details on vaxx uptake in Gaza and Judea-Samaria can correct the record in the comments.)

The other aspect of this is that this site has posted leaked videos over the past 2 years from Israel that shows this same thing. Even from if I recall correctly, the Israeli PM’s own press secretary. This video predates November of 2021 by at least weeks.

(We had this translation checked by our own translators and it was 100% accurate)

We have posted other videos showing that at least components of the Israeli government knew this was a very bad program. But this doesn’t make Israel any different than the USA or Canada or the UK etc. etc.

We have written and posted volumes and hours of evidence that bodies such as the CDC and Health Canada and other official agencies knew damn well these things did nothing good and lots bad. The UK and Ontario and Israeli data is what Alex Berenson, who is overly cautious in many ways in his assessment of the value of the shots, used to expose them. The very governments who pushed the shots, also produced the statistics showing how bad they were. Yet the CDC inevitably approved them for use in every category where they bothered to even have Potemkin hearings on their approval.

Now of course, the new version of the Vaxx, the hybrid one which is both the legacy strain and one of the newer Omicron flavours is approved without any formal process at all. Yet the technology itself has still not gone through the formal and rigorous testing that even a normal new vaccine of the traditional variety would have to go through.

But when Israel of all nations is singled out for a crime that is committed by many nations, it rings alarms.

The problem in Israel is the same as it is in Canada and the US, UK etc. Corruption and leftism. Not the population. None of them would have taken the shot had they known what the planners knew.

In two interviews we did with retired Canadian captain, James Formosa, the subject of high ranking military officers getting easy vaccine exemptions was discussed. I had to remark that as a rule, the higher up one is in the food chain, the higher the quality of information one gets on serious matters. What this means is that the higher up you go in the authority/power chain in any country what we should expect to see is the powerful elbowing other people out of the way as they rush to vaccinate themselves and their children, lovers and friends as fast as possible. That is, if the narratives on both the disease and the gene-therapy shots are true.

Instead what we see seems like the opposite. Even the president of Pfizer graciously declined the shot till every Kalahari Bushman and his tennis partners all had both doses.

Makes us suspect that the higher up you go, the more you doubt the need for, or safety of the gene-therapy shots.

In any case, there is likely to be a torrent of material demonizing Israel over the vaxx data. And maybe it is deserved and maybe it is not. But when I see people calling Israel an “Apartheid State” when it was always one of the most cosmopolitan and free states in the world, and certainly the most free in that region, and Saudi Arabia which has two cities you may not even enter if you are not Muslim, NOT called an apartheid state, we know the real reason for the claims.

The Steve Kirsch Newsletter can be seen here. Please post comments with your own observations on his article. Maybe it is perfectly fair and Israel is a special circumstance and deserves special criticism for its handling of the data. It did push Netanyahu aside and put in a leftist leader. So that wouldn’t be a huge surprise. But that would be the cause of the issue and be similar to France, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and a lot of other nations where the same stunts have been pulled.

Attacks against Israel over the past few days

1. There have been some pretty brutal acts of Jihad terror in Israel in the past week, and we have not managed to post them yet. This is because the workload is high. Much is available in the Reader’s Links over the past week. Here are one or two things, but there is more to know.

1B: Israeli woman hurt by rock thrown at her car near West Bank settlement

Settlers claim uptick in stone-throwing incidents, making travel – especially with children in the car – a frightening experience; resident of settlement Shilo says the military’s hands are tied in the fight against stone-throwers

“We were on our way home, my husband and I, with our two young daughters,” Tehia Bar, a resident of the Shilo settlement said. “When we passed an intersection, I noticed a masked youth on the side of the road and within seconds he threw a rock at us.

1C: two Israelis shot in possible terrorist attack near Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus

IDF forces detain senior Palestinian official following shooting. The two Haredi victims claim they had tried to enter the Jewish holy site to repair damage caused by Palestinian rioters the day before.

1D: Israel takes offensive in West Bank amid wave of terrorism

1E: Tactical Success of Individual Shooting Attacks: A Strategic Achievement for Terrorism must be Averted

The new phenomenon – a series of shooting attacks by individuals, in the heart of cities in Israel – evokes a sense of success among Palestinian terrorists, mainly due to the embarrassment these events cause Israel. A senior Hamas official who responded to the attack in Tel Aviv said that “the armed actions in the heart of Tel Aviv illustrate the infiltration of the resistance into the Israeli security system.” Islamic Jihad praised the terrorist who waged a shooting attack in the heart of Tel Aviv for “one of the most powerful resistance operations that shocked Israel and exposed its fragility at its core – Tel Aviv.” The organization also called for more “guerrilla operations,” and to see the “shahid” from the attack as a role model. Hezbollah also joined in the celebratory greetings, claiming the Palestinian resistance is proving its ability to confront Israel and respond to its crimes in a place it did not expect – in its own territory. The organization also insisted that the attack exposed Israel’s weakness and confusion among security bodies.

1F: Arab News: Palestinians vandalize West Bank shrine as tensions soar

  • The developments come as tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have escalated during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan

TEL AVIV: Palestinians set fire to a West Bank shrine revered by Jews as Israeli forces operated in the occupied territory following a spate of recent Palestinian attacks in Israel, the Israeli military said Sunday.

The developments come as tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have escalated during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which this year converges with major Jewish and Christian holidays. Protests and tensions around the holiday last year boiled over into the 11-day Gaza war.

Military spokesman Brig. Gen. Ran Kochav told Israeli Army Radio that some 100 Palestinians marched toward the site late Saturday, rioted and set it ablaze before they were dispersed by Palestinian security forces. Images on social media showed parts of the tomb inside the shrine smashed and charred.

1G: What set off the explosive terror in Israel

First, it may have been caused, ironically, by peace. The Abraham Accords and the growing official and unofficial acceptance of Israel on the part of many Arab states have, unquestionably, changed the face of the region. But they are definitely not to everyone’s liking. There are powerful forces — Iran not least among them — who do not want to see Israel accepted because it would mean that Israel is permanent. And they do not want to see Arab nations cooperate with Israel because they view it as treason. 

Launching a wave of violence, even an unorganized and spontaneous one, is a way to keep tensions high, register discontent, and place Israel’s new Arab allies in a difficult position should Israel be forced to undertake retaliatory action.

There really is a lot of great material on these attacks in Israel by muslims over the past few days in the various Reader’s Links posts. Please check there.



Example of the kind of insane enemy propaganda we are used to from government and the media

The point:

In Austria, a woman attacks a rabbi with a knife screaming anti semitic things during her fairly ineffective attack.

The government response is to claim it will do everything it can to stop this kind of thing, but everything it can does not seem to include providing a description of the woman who is still at large, so that any other Jewish person might be able to avoid an attack.

No matter what the reason, it cannot be helped due to the massive lieing that we see in media for decades now, that the real reason is the woman was conspicuously muslim. And that the reputation of Islam, even a faked one but supports mass immigration policies, must be protected over the lives of the people muslims feel they need to kill.

Now this may not have been a muslim. But its very difficult given the lies of omission that is the NORM now in media, to believe this is the case.

Woman Screaming ‘Slaughter the Jews’ Attacks Rabbi in Central Vienna as Onlookers Stand By


Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said he had ordered extra security around synagogues following the attack and pledged to find the rabbi’s assailant.

“All measures will be taken to quickly clear up this obviously antisemitic attack,” he said. “There is no tolerance for antisemitism – regardless of whether it is politically or religiously motivated.”

All measures except a description of the attacker beyond “50 year old woman”.

Suspicious package found at Jewish Restaurant in Amsterdam

Suspicious package found at jewish restaurant HaCarMel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Street has been closed off by police, locals have been evacuated. Bomb disposal squad is at the scene.

Link to Dutch news page 1

page 2

The following video is over 3 hours.

This appears to be the same restaurant as was attacked in July 2018 by Syrian illegal migrant, Saleh Ali

(Thank you C., and Harry.)

NYC’s Guardian Angels reboots from the 70s to protect Jewish citizens

This is quite a thing. It seems that the city has decayed so much in recent years that a group which used to protect people on the Subways in the bad old days of New York has reformed now in order to protect the Jewish population.

If the 3speak embed doesn’t work this should:

For an idea of some of the points the spokesman brings up during the interview check out the following tweet and article:

Prosecutors find anti-Semitic materials on Monsey suspect’s phone, journals

AP — A handwritten journal containing references to Jews and anti-Semitism was found in the home of a man charged with federal hate crimes Monday, in the stabbing of five people celebrating Hanukkah in a rabbi’s house north of New York City, authorities said.


Grafton E. Thomas, 37, was expected to appear in federal court in White Plains to face five counts of obstructing the free exercise of religious beliefs by attempting to kill with a dangerous weapon and causing injuries.

The attack on the seventh night of Hanukkah occurred amid a series of violent attacks targeting Jews in the region that have led to increased security, particularly around religious gatherings.


Woman accused of assaulting 3 Jewish women arrested again day after release

A Brooklyn miscreant accused of slapping three Orthodox Jewish women last week struck again on Sunday and was busted for assaulting another woman, police said.


A day after she was released without bail on charges stemming from the Friday attack, Tiffany Harris was charged with assault for slugging a 35-year-old in the face on Eastern Parkway near Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights at about 9:15 a.m., according to police.


It’s unclear if Sunday’s victim is Jewish — and police weren’t treating the incident as a hate crime. The victim suffered swelling and bruising to her right eye from the pummeling, police said.


On Friday, Harris allegedly assaulted three Orthodox women on Eastern Parkway near Kingston Avenue — one of at least eight anti-Semitic incidents in the city last week.

This appears to be a twitter feed about the judge who released these people.


Appears to be a major attack and evacuation going on in Southern Israel. Looking for links

This looks like a cruel and vicious exaggeration and not at all the case. I am sorry I did not vet this property before posting.

Gingerbread Jet

Using not Gingerbread jets the IDF responded to today’s attack


York University in Toronto chooses sides

This was the university where leftist and muslim protests were quite intense when a Jewish group brought in an IDF spokesman to talk to the the group recently. The protests served their purpose and the university, such as it is, appears to have given in to violence and threats to achieve a political purpose. What we used to call, “terrorism” when names had a rational basis.

Three videos from York U in Toronto as muslims (and leftists) attack Jewish students, and demonize Israel

Canada: Pro-Palestinian protesters occupy York University campus in Toronto

Dozens of students at Toronto’s York University held an anti-Israeli protest inside the university campus on Wednesday, as former Israeli soldiers were set to speak to students on their experiences in the army, reports say.

The activists were seen waving Palestinian flags and chanting slogans.

According to reports, a Holocaust-denying newspaper editor Nazih Khatatba also took part in the demonstrations

Toronto Police and private security agents were deployed on the spot to keep control of the situation.


Video from today’s rocket barrage on Southern Israel

I agree with these guys.