Hamas Says Gaza Not “Occupied”; U.N. Disagrees

From the NGO U.N. Watch.

This is a great organization by the way. They have had genuine impact on events that matter and have exposed UN hypocrisy and corruption (in many senses of the word) many times.

Below, part of a press release from today. Click here to read it at source.

World Body Out of Step with Palestinians

GENEVA, Jan. 3 – The UN’s continued labeling of the Gaza Strip as “occupied” was directly contradicted today by a top leader of Hamas, the vehemently anti-Israel Palestinian terror group that controls the territory.

Noting the Hamas statement reflects the reality since Israel’s full withdrawal in 2005, the Geneva-based monitoring group UN Watch called on the UN to encourage Palestinians to take responsibility for areas they control, and to cease referring to Gaza, in reports and through officials and spokespeople, as “occupied territory.”

“The UN’s traditional practice of absolving Palestinians of responsibility hasn’t helped them one iota,” said Hillel Neuer, UN Watch executive director. “On the contrary, Palestinian citizens are the main losers when those that directly govern and police them are never seriously held accountable for their actions.”

“Now that the Palestinians running Gaza publicly regognize that it’s not occupied — which has been the reality since Israel’s disengagement removed every solider, civilian and setttlement in 2005 — the UN’s refusal to do the same will only hinder Palestinians from developing a healthy culture of self-rule,” said Neuer.

Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar confirmed there was no Israeli occupation of the territory in comments reported today by the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency.


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2 Replies to “Hamas Says Gaza Not “Occupied”; U.N. Disagrees”

  1. But Gaza IS occupied.

    It is occupied by Egypt.

    The muslim brotherhood IS EGYPTIAN. They created and command Hamas. Both MB leadership and Hamas leadership have said Hamas is the MB in Gaza. Hamas IS EGYPTIAN. They are the foreign occupiers of Gaza.

    Why the hell hasn’t anyone spoken out about this?

    Not just that but now that the MB will be governing egypt. Hamas is no longer just the MB in Gaza, now it is Egypt in Gaza.

    Egypt will be a forign power ruling Gaza. That’s an occupation.


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