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2 Replies to “For anyone who still doubts that the OIC (Organization of islamic Cooperation) sets the agenda for the UN…”

  1. Oh, Canada…, one of my favourite nations. A fantastic, vast, and breathtaking nation that combines the essence of U.S. freedom with a British flavour. What is happening to this great nation?
    I only hope that you Canadians get the kick up the ass that you need. I seriously hope that you come to your senses and vaccinate the Islamo-fascist and socialists diseases that have infected you. Don’t let us down, Canada!
    Britain is almost fucked. France probably is already fucked, Sweden… well, Sweden, I’ll shortly be sending a wreath to your funeral. As for Canada, well, what are you doing? What are you playing at?
    Oh, Canada!

  2. 1. Disband the UN or send these pigs to Teheran.
    2. Indict the UN for – at the very least – “false advertising”. “Human Rights”? The UN? Huh?
    3. Obama Administration so desperately wants a pretext to do the same thing to Syria as they did to Egypt and the rest. Prepare the red carpet for the Muslim Brotherhood. DONT TRUST ANY PROTESTATION about the bad bad regime and the good good “rebels”….

    I blame Obama and his muslim brother(hood) for being more and more nostalgic for the former leaders of Iraq, Lybia, Egypt, and even the Shah of Iran to come back

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