Afghan refugee convicted of rape of three year old, claims its his cultural right

Of course the Afghan is correct. It would have been career suicide for Laura to go into that particular angle, but it would have been the right one to go down. He is right. It is their culture. But only of infidels. If he had done that to a Muslim girl, it would have gone badly for him. It should not escape notice that he was an employee of the US in the longest war in Afghanistan.

Sexually enslaving young boys though, that seems to be OK.

This seems like a good place to repost this stunning VICE report on how it is for little boys over there.


Correcting the new fake-record on muslim sex-slave gangs of British white girls

Recently there has been a little eruption of articles, videos and hearings to do damage control on what is a geopolitical phenomenon way beyond any issue of crime and punishment.

That issue is the targeted kidnapping and raping and addicting to drugs (part of the kidnapping) and then forced prostitution of the girls to thousands of men, where they get maimed, beaten or killed for disobedience but certainly no share of the money they bring in, cannot be described as crime.

Now, some levels of British bureaucracy is attempting to make it seem like fear of being seen as racist is the cause. This is still just fluff and damage control. What they still have not said is, that muslims, who were assisting these gangs, worked with them, or was sympathetic to them, had been hired as police reaching very high up in the forces, and also some muslim politicians knew all about this and provided cover for these gangs.

Some muslim police even took girls who ran away and were told about their treatment in captivity, and brought them back to the sex-slaver gangs that held them. Like bringing back a runaway dog. Except if a dog shows signs of having been abused, typically its taken away and the people who did it are jailed or fined. Not so in the case of these White, British, very young girls.

Below, the segment from Michael Hansen’s important film, Killing Europe, where he interviewed one of the Rotherham victims and she tells of not just her experience with muslim sex slavers, but how the constabulary treated her and one politician who made sure it all continued.

This is part of the film, Killing Europe, that the Ottawa Public Library refused to show because ‘racism’ but several copies of Mein Kampf could be found on second story bookshelves.

We are posting this clip because so many of the usual Youtube people are discussing this issue as if there has been a victory of sorts. But without mentioning that it was muslim police and muslim minor politicians who were major facilitators of this historical class crime, it feels like just more controlled opposition.

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More explosive news about Muslim gangs who press white children into becoming child-sex-slaves

This is horrifying. In one item, we see a muslim who literally murders one of his sex slaves by overdosing her on heroin, get a sentence of only three and one half years. Chances are he will serve under a year.

Manchester Evening News Jan 14 2020

LIVE: Operation Augusta reaction after explosive report exposes how police and local authorities failed children being groomed and raped by gangs

A damning report has revealed how police and local authorities failed dozens of young children suspected of being groomed, sexually abused and raped by gangs of men who ‘operated in plain sight’.


Press conferences were being held today after the report’s puiblication.


The 145-page report, commissioned by the mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham,  and launched on the back of allegations made by former GMP detective Maggie Oliver, was compiled and written over two years by child care expert Malcolm Newsam and Gray Ridgway, a former detective superintendent with Cambridgeshire Police.

The report considers Operation Augusta, launched in 2004 by GMP after the death of a 15-year-old girl who told those supposed to be caring for her of her sexual abuse at the hands of Asian men.


Victoria Agoglia died after she was injected with heroin by a man then aged 50 in Rochdale who was later convicted and jailed.

BBC January 14 2020

Manchester sex abuse: ‘Fundamental flaws’ left children unprotected

Police and social workers investigating child sex exploitation in Manchester knew children were suffering “the most profound abuse… but did not protect them”, a report has found.


After a child’s death in 2003, police identified at least 97 “predominantly Asian” suspects, but “very few” faced justice, the independent review found.

The police operation was “prematurely closed down” after senior officers decided to “remove resources”, it said.

Police said “authorities fell short”.


Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, who commissioned the report as a result of the 2017 BBC documentary The Betrayed Girls, focussed on the death in 2003 of 15-year-old Victoria Agoglia and Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) subsequent Operation Augusta.

BBC 2003 report on the girl who was murdered by heroin overdose. Note how the BBC describes these events.

Manchester Evening News Aug. 2007 same story:


Within days, Vicky’s sad life was over. Paramedics were called to a house in Sussex Street, Merefield, where she had overdosed on heroin.


She was taken to Rochdale Infirmary and later transferred to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where she died on 29 September after two days in a coma.


Later, Mohammed Yaquab, of Sussex Street, was charged with two offences of administering diamorphine and was sent to prison for three-and-a-half years.

Social worker Michael Godfrey described Vicky as ‘a small, fragile-looking thing’ who hoped to become a model or a hairdresser. 

A lot of subtle but unmistakable victim blaming in the BBC and Manchester articles. Hard to imagine articles like this about a 15 year old who had been pressed into sex slavery by a gang of much older men, foreign or otherwise, and then killed by heroin overdose being described in a way that is seemingly kind, but leaves the fault squarely with the victim.

At least in Today’s report at the top of this post, her story is revisited. At this point I wouldn’t expect justice til the British people wake up and decide they wish to survive as a people and a culture, and are prepared to do the things necessary for that outcome. But a prerequisite even to that, is honest information. Which is precisely why it is so amazingly difficult to come by.

Thank you Gavin Boby

2017 and 2018

Not sure what and when yet, but it appears to be a fragment of a hearing on all this January 14, 2020

Police failings allowed paedophiles to escape justice – damning report

PAEDOPHILES in Greater Manchester escaped justice after the appalling failings of police meant youngsters continued to suffer “profound abuse” at the hands of evil men, a damning report claimed today.


Greater Manchester’s mayor today said almost 100 persons of interest, predominately Asian men working in the restaurant industry, had been allowed to escape justice by police failings. Many went on to commit further sex crimes against children. Andy Burnham said: “Each and every one of those abusers should have been brought to justice but, appallingly, most escaped and some were left to reoffend.”


Mr Burnham’s comments come as a report criticised the “appalling failings” of Greater Manchester Police during a 2004 investigation into the sexual exploitation of children within the Manchester care system.

Sixty Eight year old Dutch woman raped, murdered, mutilated on Easter

Thank you C. for finding and translating this one. This is video 1 of a series.

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Retired NSA Arabist, Barry Webb: Slavery in Islam part II

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For part I please click here.


Pakistani Mulla gets beaten up by women after he was caught doing a bit of ‘hanky-panky’ while teaching Quran to little girls

This may help to explain Rotherham