Twitter thread on EU Antisemitic incidents

From The Telegraph:

Uwe Dizuballa was locking up Schalom, his Israeli restaurant in the German city of Chemnitz, when a group of men yelled “You pig, Jew” and threw stones that smashed his windows:

The front line of anti-Semitism has taken a sinister turn in recent times. Attacks have risen 13pc worldwide, but the worst have come in democracies like Germany and the UK:

Jewish shopowners like Dizuballa encountered anti-Semitic harassment from the start. But the latest attacks have carried echoes of Kristallnacht, the 1938 pogrom during which the Nazis destroyed Jewish shops:

“Anti-Semitism has always been there in society. What has changed is that it has become acceptable to practise it in the open again.”

@justinhuggler reports from Germany for the second in our three-part series on the issue:

The Telegraph is taking a deep dive into how Jewish communities are responding to hatred and anti-Semitic abuse across the Continent. Read @pmdfoster’s first report in the series from Budapest:

The watchers trying to protect Europe’s Jews
In the first of a three-part series, Peter Foster reports from Budapest on how Jewish communities are responding to hatred and abuse across th…

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Some short clips of testimony to a House hearing on ‘the rise of white nationalist hate crimes’

I’m sure nearly all of you cringed at the title as we did.

And of course 90% of the speakers were narrative driven as they were meant to be. And worse, we are all expecting professional Jews to come and promote the usual leftist narrative to help push the whole thing over to be about the IIIT invented “Islamophobia” nonsense.

Well isn’t this a refreshing surprise:

In the next video, Mr. Klein is responding to a muslim who of course used all the art he could muster to distance islam from antisemitism.

UPDATE: CAIR has already responded to this testimony:

H/T Andrew Bostom.

Jewish victims of Islamic antisemitic murder cannot even have a memorial tree in France

Geller Report details the actual crime which led to a memorial tree.

I would encourage people to read this document as well, on antisemitism in the OSCE region. The OSCE of course, are largely responsible for it. But nonetheless:



Police cover up of identities of antisemitic attackers in Toronto? It meets the smell test

Toronto Star:

Toronto police have launched a robbery and hate crime investigation after a group of 17-year-old Jewish boys wearing religious garments were attacked in north Toronto Sunday evening.

Police say the four boys were walking in the area of Fairholme Ave. and Bathurst St., one block south of Lawrence Ave. W., when they were passed by another group of nine teenagers.


No description has been made about the other suspects other than they are in their “early teens.”

Toronto Sun:

[…] However, four Jewish teens suffering a beating in a Hitler-inspired racial attack has done just that.

“No one should ever be attacked for their religion. Please help Toronto Police solve this hate crime/robbery investigation that occurred Sunday night,” tweeted Mayor John Tory.

A group of Orthodox Jewish kids being punched, kicked and told “Hitler was coming back” on the streets of Toronto? It happened Sunday in the Bathurst St.-Lawrence Ave. area.

Toronto Police are rightly investigating this as a “hate crime and a robbery.” They already have one suspect in custody and are looking for nine more they describe as “young” people.

CJ News has the best information, but still zero descriptions despite one attacker being in custody. So far, no CBC press conference or special appeal from the PMO is known about. As far as we know, no Asian tried to cut any hijabs nearby. Thats the important thing.



Germany: Jewish Community Bochum Asks Members To Not Wear Jewish Symbols in Public Anymore

An original translation from Jüdische Allgemeine, the largest German-language Jewish publication online and offline.

Bochum is everywhere
The Jewish Community advises their members to not wear Jewish symbols. The reason: they are being threatened by muslim Migrants

December 14., 2017 – by Philipp Peyman Engel

Not long ago, there was a report in a local Bochum radio station that went widely unnoted, but it was an alarming signal. According to the report, the Jewish Community Bochum advises their members from now on, to not wear kippah or other Jewish symbols in public. The reason: there have been repeated attacks in the past, when community members were identifiable as Jews on the street. Particularly Turkish and Arab migrants are responsible for the attacks, the community announces.

Reality in other German cities is not different from Bochum. In Berlin, it has long been daily life for Jews, from Neukölln over Kreuzberg to Wedding, to not wear Jewish symbols in public. The same can be heard from many Jewish communities, from Kiel to Konstanz. For non-Jewish Germans the antisemitic excesses of muslim Migrants might come as a surprise. For the Jewish community, they are part of life.

CLARITY. It is all the more important to point out in all clarity and without prohibitions of speech: the muslim community has got an enormous problem with antisemitism in their own ranks. The hatred for Israel, the abhorrence of everything Jewish, is not seen as anything offensive by many Arabs and Turks in Germany. But when it goes unpunished that the antisemitic mob in Berlin desecrate Israel flags in front of everyone’s eyes, and cheers the massacre of a Jewish tribe that Mohammed’s army once committed, then this is highly dangerous.

Contrary to what has happened, the police should intervene immediately and with all toughness. The only answer should be: a strong rule of law, consequent intervention, a clear naming of the problem, and more than just trite »Never again!«-phrases.

When politicians like Sigmar Gabriel demand »zero tolerance« in their Sunday speeches towards such excesses, but on all other days of the week, tolerate the hate, then something is going very wrong. In Bochum, Berlin and in many other German cities, where aggressive Muslims try to make Jewish life impossible.

UN votes to make all Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria illegal

1, Obama admin fires scientist for actually using science in climate debate.

A top scientist at the Department of Energy was fired for not toeing the Obama administration’s line regarding climate science, a new congressional investigation found.

The report released by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, alleges that DOE officials withheld information from Congress and fired a top scientist at the agency all to advance the Obama administration’s climate agenda.

2. US ambassador to the UN trashes Israel during lead up to security council vote on Jews building homes where Muslims don’t want them to.

3. UN security counsel votes to approve resolution demanding an end to Jews building homes in Judea and Samaria, and making existing homes illegal. US abstains to make it pass. 

The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution urging an end to illegal Israeli settlements after the US refused to veto it.

The Egyptian-drafted resolution had been withdrawn after Israel asked Donald Trump to intervene but it was proposed again by Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela.

The US has traditionally sheltered Israel from condemnatory resolutions.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he would not abide by the vote.

The Palestinian leadership welcomed the resolution, which was passed by 14 votes to zero, with one abstention.

4. Stephen Harper tweets to Trump about the UN resolution.

5. This CBC article just reports facts and doesn’t act as a propagandist one way or the other. Here is a more typical example of CBC reporting when it comes to Israel. Prepare to be amazed on today’s however.

The Obama administration allowed the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution Friday demanding an end to Israeli settlements, defying pressure from U.S. president-elect Donald Trump as well as Israel and several U.S. senators who urged Washington to use its veto.

The resolution was put forward at the 15-member council for a vote on Friday by New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal a day after Egypt withdrew it under pressure from Israel and Trump.

Israel and Trump had called on the United States to veto the measure. It was adopted with 14 votes in favour, to a round of applause.


Parting shot by Obama

The U.S. abstention was seen as a parting shot by U.S. President Barack Obama, who has had an acrimonious relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and who has made settlements a major target of peace efforts that have proven ultimately futile.

(This must have been written by someone they are contractually obliged to publish)

6. Geert Wilders’ tweet:

Dear Jewish people. If you do not know by now who your friends and enemies are, I suggest changing your name right away.

Thank you Richard, M., Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan, NorseRadish, ML., Ava Lon, Dan Friedman, Johnny U., and all who sent in links. There will be another post with items on other topics.

But it feels like this UN security council resolution deserves its own. Its hard to see this thing not resulting in a lot of dead people.


“Jews to the Gas!”

A translation of an article from German media for

Gates of Vienna:

The translated op-ed from Die Presse:

That Could Have Almost Become a “European Kristallnacht”

Anti-Semitic mobs are venting their rage in Europe’s big cities, and that is less of a concern for so-called Peace Project Europe than the light bulb question.

by Christian Ortner

The few, old denture-clacking Nazis still alive must have experienced a kind of spiritual revival of the Nuremberg Rallies* in recent days, when they rolled up to the TV in their wheelchairs to watch the news. Because there, in the great cities of Europe — Berlin, Paris and London — anti-Semitic mobs were moving through the streets as if it were 1938, attacking local Jews and Israeli tourists, trying to destroy synagogues and going after Jewish businesses. “Jew, Jew, cowardly swine/Come on out fight alone!” the thugs chanted, under the eyes of German police who not only made no move against them. but even loaned the rioters a megaphone, and immediately an Islamic Berlin hate preacher segued into calling for Jews to be killed: “Jews to the gas!” In Salzburg’s Bischofshofen, anti-Semitic hooligans actually attacked Israeli soccer players. The fact that in recent months 700 French Jews have emigrated to the rocket-plagued south of Israel testifies just how protected Jews feel in Europe in the early 21st century. It is highly probable that, without massive police presence, there would have been burning synagogues, smashed windows in Jewish businesses and a few lynched Jews in the EU last week. That week, Europe was not very far from an EU-wide Nazi pogrom night 2.0 — a kind of domestic market for anti-Semitism, so to speak.

One or the other of the surviving NS veterans, in a transport of joy, must have thought: “Oh, that I have been privileged to see this!”

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Brussels turns Muslim – Jews leaving the city

An original translation by Hermes:

From a German publication:

Maimonides School is the oldest Jewish school in Brussels. Now it has to close down or move, because Jews feel secure no more in the inner city of Brussels.









The Maimonides School, which is located in the inner city of Brussels, was built in 1947 as a symbol of the return of Jewish life to Brussels. 60 years after, the school is fighting for survival. It must be closed down or be moved to another location, for the zone in Brussels where the school lies has during the last year turned into a district dominated by Muslims. Jews noticed that they were exposed to an increasing hostility. The consequence of this: a dramatic decline of the Jewish population, and together with this also a hardly solvable situation, Pamela Geller writes in her blog.

Jews have left the inner city and moved to the suburban area. „The story of Maimonides is the story of the Jewish community in Brussels and its growing unease”, Joel Rubinfeld, former pupil and now vice-chairman of the Jewish European Parliament explained to the „Times of Israel”. Those who moved into the inner city and replaced the Jews were primarily Muslim immigrants. Here, the Gaza-conflict has more than anything else driven to the sharpening of anti-Semitism. Parents prefer to send their children to other schools. The problem of the (Jewish) school is mainly related to security.

„The zone is populated by an immigrant population who does not think very positively of Jews”, Agnes Bensimon, the spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in Brussels says. This may spell the end of the Maimonides School. The Jewish school registers a continuously decreasing number of pupils. This very year the school may close down. In order to avoid this, a move to another zone is being considered – maybe in the suburban area.

Similar situations can be observed in France and The Netherlands, mainly when Jews are clearly recognizable, for example when wearing a kippa. In this case they would not dare to enter certain zones any more. „Going around with a kippa is dangerous in many European cities”, Rubinfeld said. In august a rabbi was attacked in berlin by youngsters, for example.

One comment to the article:

22. January 2013 at 10:51

Hasi says:

I’m neither Jewish nor religious, but in any case I had to leave my district in a small city in Hessen. Muslim youngsters terrorize residents so much, that anybody who can afford it, moves away

Entire streets are devaluated and bought cheap by immigrants.

Not only Jews, but each and every non-Muslim will sooner or later be kicked out of their homeland