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9 Replies to “‘Occupy Boston shows its true colors. Invades the Israeli embassy”

  1. No surprise with this action. We all know everything is Israël’s fault . . . right?
    My only question is “Why aren’t they protesting IN Israël?”

  2. They are still doing the mic check thing indoors with a small group where it is not needed. It’s replacement for megaphones is a lie. There is also video footage of mic check being done with people who already are using megaphones.

    It obviously serves the purpose of a war chant. It makes them look like a monolithic entity and is used to intimidate.

  3. How these people must love their greatest benefactor, US Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy. I heard an “Occupy” guy on the radio yesterday and every word out of his mouth was pure and perfect Marxism. But the interviewer can’t say it. The minute you call out “Communist” is the minute you are branded as crazy – all because of Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy and the hatchet-job done on him by the Democrats and their Hollywood minions. The Occupy movement are the communists that The Martial Plan was devised to thwart; the economy is faltering now, and they are back at the door. It’s that simple.

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