Mandatory vaxx in France in Macron’s own words

Read the details of this stark shift into authoritarianism at RAIR Foundation

Below, some of the riots and protests as a result of this totalitarian proclamation.

Paris erupts:

FRANCE: Business owners caught not complying with ‘sanitary passport’ requirements will be fined the equivalent of $53,000 USD and sentenced to one year in jail. (No mention if the sanction applies to one faulty client on the premises or many clients.)

“The sanctions in case of failure will be severe. According to the draft law incorporating the new measures announced Monday by Emmanuel Macron that AFP was able to consult on Wednesday, the operator of a place of business that would fail to meet the future obligations of control of the health pass will be liable to a fine of up to 45,000 euros and one year in prison. “

Normally, its hard to disagree with what appears to be a geopolitical axiom. ‘There is no such thing as a grass roots protest’. I think that’s usually true. But there are no banners, no fancy signs, no sign of organization in these demonstrations. These are real. And they are something the tyrants may actually fear for a change.

When one quickly scans one’s own understanding of history, we idolize and celebrate those who fought tyranny for freedom.

Conversely, we demonize and vilify those who crushed freedom and imposed tyranny.

Let’s hope that remains a constant in the days, weeks and months to come. Because I don’t think we will have years to consider if we do not properly plan our days and weeks.



Some disturbing but revealing videos from various anti-state riots

***UPDATE: The man attacked in 2 videos below is not dead, but is reported to be stable in an area hospital.***

First, this one from Downtown Seattle. Rioter manages to get a serious weapon from torched police car. Special forces disarm.

This is 2 videos. One is the start of what was likely a fatal attack on a man who was defending his store. Notice how one of the attackers uses fast deliberate and trained movements. Also he is a skinny white guy dressed all in black and uses a skateboard as his weapon along with throwing rocks.

Everything about the attacker with the skateboard screams ANTIFA

This next video is quite disturbing, It was where they seem to kill this man. Please be warned. If this subject wasn’t so important, we would not post it.

Stephen Coughlin offers us all this analysis.

The paper is called, “When does a state become a Counter-State?”.

Plan to make this a read ASAP.

The chart below is interesting:

One wonders what possible motive these Democrat mayors may have for anything between not effectively stopping these riots to actually enabling or even feeling and motivating them?

This may be a couple of them:

The only part that has real meaning is the last part. The first part is a desperate attempt to justify her component of these destructive events. Is anyone aware of her speaking to the importance of the lockdown measures as they apply to rioters?

Below are some moments from a DSA meeting where one municipal elected official of one city pretty much lays out the goals that we see in play right now:


There are a lot of people watching and analyzing these events to thank. Malevolent Pixie, ML. M., MissPiggy, Sassy, and many more. This may be a very significant moment in US and Western history. It is also very important that things fall back into the court of the principles laid out in the US constitution, wherever you happen to be.

Being mindful of that, is certainly a good start.


Secretary General of the UN uses Corona crisis to further his agenda of crushing freedom of speech and thought world wide


Who is the Secretary General of the UN?

Here he is from a few years ago:

Make no mistake. It has always been his ambition to crush freedom of speech world wide for a communist agenda. He, like Trudeau and other communists, are using the Ram Emanual tactic of, “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

The real cost of the Wuhan Flu will be incomprehensible to most who simply do not understand how we are and will be led into an authoritarian and totalitarian regime.

UN on Global Compact on Migration:

One honest German reporter on the UN Migration policy

The famous video of 2 California doctors that Youtube removed

In what may be the best indicator of the nature of this pandemic yet, a video with two prominent and experienced field doctors in California, that has been seen by many people and referred to by many authorities not locked into the Fauci paradigm, has been removed by Youtube. Not for any violation of any of their terms of service. Not hate speech, or any of the other excuses Youtube needs to secure the narrative at all.

Youtube in fact seems to be beyond the need for excuses. They just ban things that contradict what they need people to believe.

So this deserves extra attention. Even if they are wrong.

There is nothing so appealing about an opinion more than we are not allowed to hear it.

Summit news offers this analysis

Once again, Hungary put on defence for actions which are more democratic than the attackers

Far be it for me to speak for Hungary. But there is a central point that even Mr. Kovatch misses in this ‘dialogue’ with UK’s notorious HARDtalk program.

Hungary’s democratically elected government passed an emergency measures bill in the parliament granting Viktor Orban powers of fiat rule to deal with what was sold as an existential threat to us all at the time. All leftist nations are pounding Hungary for that, while they simultaneously set security forces, armed forces and all branches of police and regulatory enforcement against their own citizens for social distancing violations with exactly ZERO law, acts of parliament or constitutional justifications whatsoever.

In Canada, where locals love to attack Orban with no knowledge of him or his policies other than what the NYT makes up about him, is issuing fines around the one THOUSAND dollar mark for being out with your own children and not even near other people. And there was no legislation passed to justify this whatsoever.

So whatever else one may say about Hungary’s response to this, it is far more democratic than that of it’s critics. Is there even any point in talking about the UK? Well before the Wuhan Flu hit, they were sending police to people’s doors for jocular tweets about men who imagine themselves to be women. I would like to see the legal justification for that which wouldn’t be out of a Fabian Society ops manual.


Two news items on the ironically named, ‘United Nations’

1. This is wonderfully consistent with other groups they have on the UN Human Rights panel like Iran and Saudi Arabia

2. And in order for them to continue doing such a wonderful job as they do now, they want all nations to be tithed to them at least to the tune of 10%.

Measures to cope with coronavirus impacts

•    Global actions must include a stimulus package reaching double-digit percentage points of the world’s GDP, with explicit actions to boost the economies of developing countries.•    Regional mobilization must examine impacts, monetary coordination, fiscal and social measures, while engaging with private financial sector to support businesses and addressing structural challenges.

•    National solidarity needs to prioritize social cohesion and provide fiscal stimulus for the most vulnerable along with support to small- and medium-sized enterprises, decent work and education.

And for anyone who has forgotten, or has not yet seen this, here is the Secretary General of the UN explaining how its critical that all people of the world lose any freedom of speech that contradicts the Marxist narrative:

There is a video of this same Marxist explaining how the UN has to replace self governance for our own sake of course. But it’s long. Perhaps a day must be taken to dissect it and upload it with the proper references.

The whole video is below. It is just under 16 minutes.


Ex-Royals looking for new palace in LA, as predicted

When they first pretended that they were going to establish a home in a remote part of British Colombia Canada, we called BS right then and there. It was virtue signalling to be part of the “hate-trump elite, who seem to be sponsoring their move from the Royal family in some ways. Now with the fear that they might actually have to stay in Canada for a few months from lock downs, they practically teleported to LA where they wanted to be in the first place.

Brad Johnson explains:

Former Greek Finance minister busts the EU using secret recordings with gross corruption and anti-democratic agendas

We are just a few hours away from the release of #Euroleaks! To find out more, watch Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM25 co-founder and ?eRA25 MP, explain why we’re releasing the files and why now. Leaked by DiEM25 – full transcripts available at Join us!

All the secret recordings can be heard here.

Thank you MissPIggy for this monumental find.

The left begins to openly reveal its agenda and morality on German state broadcast TV

Please see this new article dealing with the video addressed in this post below:

This is stunning. Below this clip, another video from the founder of the Brish communist think tank, The Fabian Society, who’s thoughts clearly inspired Hitler, or at least Hitler thought along exactly the same lines. Notice that in the Fabian clip, the definition of who doesn’t deserve to live is set along older Marxist lines of thought. Where as people who produce or consume are now the ones that don’t deserve life along Neo-Marxist lines of thought.

Clearly the core though is the same. All the old free market people must die, and all those who can be made socialist or are socialist do not have to die.

The youth of The Khmer Rouge regime, or the National Socialists but with a disease instead of bullets or Zyklon B. Notice at the end the two white males cough on each other. What is the message here?

Potential correction: This may be SATIRE: (From PC)

Browser Ballett is a satirical on-line show – trotting our the Far Left’s talking points.

Designed to untrigger the triggered.

Bad news for the depop leftists though:

Lets hope the survivors, nearly all of us, allow these depot communists to lead the way in reducing the world population so we can see how right they were. It is funny they never volunteer for death isn’t it? They just volunteer people they don’t agree with.

ANTIFA paid by German government

Well it’s official now. The Bolshevik thugs, ANTIFA, are paid by the German taxpayer via leftist parties in power.

Thank you Miss Piggy for the translation and to all who brought this to our attention such as Hellequin Bastard.

Comment under original YT video:

Renate Künast gibt Finanzierung der ANTIFA offen zu!
Renate Künast admits openly the FINANCING of ANTIFA….with Taxpayers Money.
She belongs to the Party Bündnis90/die Grünen (former SED-party of Eastern Germany)

Germany is back in the clutches of a Authoritarian Regime that uses Terror and Intimidation to stay in Power and the vast majority of the German people are COWED and QUIET again.


The Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and Germany

In the context of what is happening on the Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish border right now, this 2018 Israeli documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe has become of major importance. Again.

This episode is on the influence the Brotherhood has in Turkey, where the MB’s spiritual head, Al Qawadari, has declared Erdogan the one true Claiph, is manipulating Western nations via mass Islamic migration.

This is really worth the time to watch. Thanks again to R. L. for the massive effort in translating this video for us all.

Bilyana Martinovski interview on Swedish police harassment

Earlier this week, we posted a news item about the arrest of Dr. Bilyana Martinovski by Swedish police for unknown reasons and that it was not a pleasant or routine arrest for parking tickets or a bureaucratic error, but smacked of Soviet or Stasi style, thought crimes, and ideological persecution.

On October 18th, we did an interview with Prof. Martinovski about what happened to her.

As the interview was longer than usual, and because does not play large or long files well, we decided to edit it in parts.


All newer content will be below this post.

This is important. Sweden is becoming an authoritarian communist state, or rather, has become one undeniably. The authorities from this report, and other ideological arrests we know of, such as the jailing of Dan Park for a piece of politically correct art, but directed against state repression of thought a few years ago, show that Sweden is past the point of similes or analogies to totalitarian communist states.

Sweden is there now. It is only a matter of degree, not of structure, that differentiates it from the Soviet Union or Stasi run East Germany.

Direct link to part I

Direct link to part II

Direct link to part III

Direct link to part IV

Direct link to part V

At this point we had to stop the interview as there was fear the equipment could crash and we would lose it all. The last 17 minutes of this interview is in a separate clip to be added shortly.

Direct link to part VI the last segment of this interview

Thank you for watching. We feel this is an important interview that reveals the state of a formerly Western democratic nation. Swedes should rise up at this point and fight for their freedoms. Because even Norway at this point, has said it will not take in Swedes once they collapse their nation which they are doing now. And any nation that does bring Swedes in is asking to have this happen to them. Should Swedes desire individual rights and Freedoms, history offers them several blueprints.