Croatian MEP accuses France of random death sentences by forced use of mRNA

Former Greek Finance minister busts the EU using secret recordings with gross corruption and anti-democratic agendas

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All the secret recordings can be heard here.

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Germany: Agreement Between Merkel and Seehofer

This agreement below, between Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer, was moments ago handed to the press and tweeted out by the CSU MP Dorothee Bär.

Original translation:

In order to better regulate, control and prevent secondary migration, we come to this agreement:

  1. We agree to a new border regime at the German-Austrian border, which ensures that asylum seekers for whose asylum procedures other EU-countries are in charge, will be refused entry
  2. To do so, we will establish transit centres, from which the asylum seekers will be directly sent back to the countries in charge (refusing entry on the basis of the legal implication of non-entry). We do not want to act uncoordinated, but come to administrative agreements, or establish communication, with the concerned countries.
  3. In those cases where countries refuse administrative agreements, the rejection at the German-Austrian border will be on the basis of an agreement with the Republic of Austria.”

    The original document as it was handed out to the press

Merkel’s part in this agreement is one single sentence: “We do not want to act uncoordinated, but come to administrative agreements, or establish communication, with the concerned countries.” This allows her to save face, while still conceding to Seehofer.

The true issue at the core of this was whether Germany has got sovereign national borders and can refuse people entry. Merkel, who ideally would like for Germany to dissolve into a supranational, non-democratic EU superstate, had, again, denied national sovereignty two weeks ago (“EU law should always have priority over German law”, on “Anne Will” talkshow on Sunday, June 10), which sparked the crisis between her and conservative new Interior Minister Seehofer. The media onslaught that ensued against Seehofer was so strong that nobody really expected him to come out of this alive.

This is an important day in the fight of Germans for their right to national self-determination, and to even exist as a nation.

Angela Merkel on her way to a crisis meeting this morning.

Merkel’s constestor, former Bavarian premier and new German Interior Minister Seehofer.

German Government Crisis: Seehofer Suggests Resignation

Angela Merkel’s challenger Horst Seehofer has announced to resign from his offices as German Interior Minster and head of the CSU, if no consensus can be reached over his demand to turn away illegal migrants at the border – a demand Merkel staunchly rejects.

Sunday’s CSU board meeting in Munich, photo: private/Facebook

On June 14, Merkel had asked Seehofer give her time to negotiate “European solutions” “with the same effect [as turning away illegal migrants at the border]” at this week’s European Summit (June 26.-27.).

The summit’s results were then presented to the German public as a full success; Merkel’s “European solution” was found; all countries had made concessions to Angela Merkel. No one in the German sphere seemed to realize that the negotiations were in fact a win for the countries who opposed migration (see Orban Wins At EU Summit: No One Takes Migrants They Don’t Want). Only yesterday, Saturday (June 30.), when Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland sent out memos, refuting that they had made resolutions with Merkel, the German public slowly began to understand that they had been fooled.

Today’s CSU board meeting lasted until late in the night. Attendees passed details to the tabloid Bild“Seehofer unmistakably made clear what he thought of Merkel’s negotiation results in Brussels: nothing.” He called the prior evening’s discussion with Merkel on the matter “pointless and ineffective”.

In the meantime, after Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Greece’s Yanis Varoufakis came out in strong terms about Angela Merkel’s “European Solutions”:

There is no deal really, this is a typical EU fudge. They have agreed on phrasing. They celebrated it, but this hides that there was no agreement on the substance.
They gathered in Brussels to reform the Dublin agreement, which was never designed to cope with mass migration flows. Also to resolve secondary migration, which the CSU demanded action on and even put the Merkel’s government in jeopardy over it.
It is a complete failure of the European Union that has been packaged as a success, but that isn’t new, is it?

Around 10PM, news agencies suddenly reported that Seehofer had just resigned from his office as Interior Minister and leader of the CSU. The Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s equivalent of the Guardian or the Washington Post, and state TV, immediately published obituaries on Seehofer.

A board member of the CSU though messaged that Seehofer had not resigned but offered his resignation, to test if he had the CSU’s full support for challenging Merkel. Seehofer allegedly stated that he had three options: to give in to Merkel, which he refused; to challenge her, for which he needed the party’s support, or to resign. According to members, the CSU expressed their support.

But when Seehofer finally left the building, he told attending press that he would resign from all offices within the next three days if no consensus on turning away illegal migrants at the border was found.

The outcome of all of this is entirely unpredictable at the moment. The way Merkel’s team are detached from reality – the majority of the population support’s Seehofer’s position – reminds of the end days of the DDR though.


EU Seeks Methods To Implement New Level Of Censorship

An original translation from the blog of Vera Lengsfeld.

EU-Commission Plans The Final Solution To “Disinformation On The Internet”

Guest author Hanno Vollenweider

There are growing concerns in Brussels over the disinformation of the citizens over the internet. That is why an “expert group” of researchers, journalists and the representatives of platforms is meeting in Brussels, and will finally present suggestions for a final solution of avoiding disinformation on the internet to the EU commission.

„Since the election of Donald Trump as the president of the USA at the end of 2016, there are increasing worries in Europe that fake news on the internet might drastically manipulate public debate. The EU commission therefore wants to take measures against fake news, and, for this purpose, has summoned a group of experts from the sciences, and representatives of the media industry and platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter. This ‘High Level Group’ will submit suggestions for fighting fake news on the internet until summer, write on their website about the plans of the Eurocrats. One does not need particular skills in reading between the lines to understand what this means: The electoral success of Trump was only possible because he had a large voting base who had lost their trust in mainstream media, and who were looking for “alternative” information on the web, far away from anti Trump campaigns. This must not happen in Europe! Just imagine how Eurocracy might end, if the people in Europe were no longer to listen to the soothing mainstream media.

In the German sphere, the so-called “alternative media” are on the march, while “long-established” magazines like Bild, Spiegel, Stern, Focus, etc., keep losing readers. The reason is simple: their unconditional courting of the Merkel regime.

So many of the positive news about the mass migration was such a brazen pack of lies that it was insulting to the readers’ intelligence. This is taking vengeance now, and will probably not be reversibly easily.

And exactly that is the reason why there now will be a political interference. What is particularly telling is that, no matter what the committee of experts will suggest to the EU commission in the end, we will never know, because it has been ordered from the highest place that all documents will remain secret.

There is a reason for that.

There are two suggestions at the moment:

– So-called “Fake News” will be outright banned, and the operators of social networks, servers, alternative websites and other platforms will be required by law to completely delete content. You can imagine who will define what is “fake news” and what is not.

– The competitors of the “Fake News”, in other words, mainstream media, will be made more visible, by
promoting the news that is, in the opinion of the EU, more credible. Additionally, the awareness of “Fake News” will have to be increased by training, for example in schools.

All this reeks of censorship, cooptation (Gleichschaltung) and reeducation, and should be fought sternly before it comes into effect.

Do not rely on politicians, become active! Send news from alternative media per email to friends, educate your friends and family about the possibilities to receive news outside the mainstream media! Beat the Eurocrats by warning as many people as possible about the “reeducation” through these so-called “educational measures”.

Translator’s note:
Read the original EU statement here. It is pretty clear where it is truly aiming:

Hungarian Government To Impose Punitive Tax On Foreign-Funded NGOs Supporting Illegal Immigration

An original translation from Die Welt:


Hungarian Government Plans Punitive Taxes For Refugee Helpers

Viktor Orbán continues to proceed rigorously against refugees and their supporters within the country. Now, NGOs are to be sanctioned by a tax. It is not the first measure of this kind.

Hungary’s right-wing-nationalist government plans a new punitive tax for NGOs which help refugees and mainly cover their expenses by foreign donations. This is what the Hungarian Interior Minister Sandor Pinter announced on Wednesday after a government meeting. The tax will be 25 percent.

The measure is part of a planned package of laws intended to regulate the work of NGOs which are associated with the so-called “Soros-Plan”. The “Stop-Soros-Package” further specifies that organizations which help, as the motion calls them, “illegal migrants”, will have to register at court. Foreign workers of such organizations might be expelled. The draft bill is to be voted in by parliament after discussion by different councils and leagues.

Organizations will have to register
Since 2017 already a law is in place that forces all civil organizations who receive more than 24,000 Euros per year in foreign aids to register with court. They will also have to carry the specification “foreign-aided organization” in all publications. The law is currently subject to a violation of contract proceeding by the EU.

The “Soros Plan” is at the center of a month-long crusade by prime minister Viktor Orbán’s government. He accuses the US billionaire George Soros, who supports numerous civil organizations, of intending to “flood” Europe with migrants to destroy its “Christian and national identity”. There is no proof for such a plan by the Hungarian-born philanthropist.

Viktor Orbán to German press: “We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders.”

An original translation of the interview in Bild’s print edition of today:


Bild Deutschland, January 8, 2018 – page 2

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview with BILD

“It Was You Who Wanted The Migrants – Not Us”

By N. Blome, Ch. Stenzel and D. Biskup (photos)

He is controversial in Europe, but guest of honor in Bavaria, at the CSU convention in Seeon. Bild interview with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (54).

Bild: Mr. Orbán, Social Democrat chief Martin Schulz demanded that the CSU chief Seehofer should put you in your place.

Viktor Orbán: I have always had great respect for Martin Schulz, because he is a good fighter. But to be amusing as a fighter, and to carry the responsibility for shaping the politics of a country are two different things. What was fine and nice in Brussels – where there are no visible consequences – is a different story than being the chief of a party in Germany and communicating with other countries. We think we deserve more respect.

“We do not want to be coerced”

Bild: For what?

Orbán: Hungary is one of the few stories of success of the last decade. Successful West, poor East – those times are over. 2010, when I went into office, the unemployment rate was 12 percent. Now, it is 4 percent. The economic growth is more than 4 percent, 2009 it still was minus 6 percent. The household deficit is notably lower than 3 percent. If you fairly assess us, we are doing quite well.

Bild: But that is not what the criticism was about. How fair is it, to be a member of the EU but not to stick by the rules? Hungary was supposed to accept only 1294 refugees. You refused, went to the European court, lost, called the verdict “a shame”, and still refused.

Orbán: More than 20 states did not adhere to the quota, yet, it is only we who are being criticized, this is a case of applying double standards. The fact is that the verdict only referred to the EU resolution that basically expired at the same time… there must be new discussions.

Bild: Would you, otherwise, have accepted the verdict and accepted the refugees?

Orbán: Yes. We stand on the basis of the rule of law.

Bild: But the EU is not only based on law, but also on solidarity. Why can Germany accept 2 million refugees, while Hungary can’t accept 2,000?

“Christian and Islamic society will never blend”

Orbán: The difference is: It was you who wanted the migrants. Not us. We do our job by protecting the Schengen outer border with Serbia. This has cost us about 1 billion Euros additionally since 2015, and Brussels is not paying a single cent for that. The solution to the problem certainly isn’t to distribute people, who reside in the EU illegally, across the whole EU territory. We think one should help where the problem lies, and not take immigration here.

Bild: Why don’t the Hungarians want refugees? 

Orbán: We do not view these people as Muslim refugees. We view them as Islamic invaders. For example, in order to arrive in Hungary, from Syria, you have to cross four countries, all of them not as rich as Germany, but stable. So, already there, they aren’t running for their lives. This, too, proves that they are economic migrants, looking for a better life.

Bild: You say that you represent the will of the Hungarian people.

Orbán: I can only speak for the Hungarian people, and they don’t want migration. According to my understanding, it is not possible that the people have an opinion about such a profound topic, and the government refuses to act accordingly. We are talking about the sovereignty and the cultural identity of the country. We need to reserve the right to decide who can live on Hungarian territory.

Bild: No Muslims, apparently…

Orbán: We believe that a high number of Muslims necessarily leads to parallel societies, as Christian and Muslim society will never blend. Multiculturalism is just an illusion. We don’t want such a thing. And we don’t want to be coerced. Take Budapest as a positive example: a cosmopolitan melting pot without parallel societies.

How does Viktor Orbán think about Brussels, Europe, freedom of press in his country – read the whole interview on

The full interview in German is here, you will need a monthly subscription to read it.
Bild is the largest German-language newspaper, the best-selling non-Asian newspaper, and has the eighth-largest circulation worldwide.