Looking for link, Covid deaths in Scotland exaggerated by over 5 times

Just listening to Dennis Prager. He is quoting a new press release from Scotland that says they reported people who had been cured or recovered of Covid, discharged, then back in hospital for unrelated problem and died, and recording that as a Covid death. The new numbers, from memory, are that out of over 250 reported Covid deaths, only 43 of them where actual covid.

If anyone can find a link to this, please post in comments. Google only gives hysteria, fear and increased measures alerts.


Thank you Coram Deo, DM and EB!

Here is the whole Dennis Prager show

Steep drop in hospital cases of Covid-19 in Scotland as definition changed

Scotland is now reporting hospitalizations due to Covid-19 in line with England.

The number of patients in hospitals battling Covid-19 has seen a steep drop due to a change in definition on how the Scottish Government reports the figure.

Following around two weeks of reviewing the figure, Nicola Sturgeon said the decision had been made to bring Scotland in line with England as to how they count the number of people in hospital with the virus.

The previous definition, which would have seen 262 people recorded as being in hospital with coronavirus, covered anyone who had ever tested positive for the virus while in hospital and who was still being treated, potentially after recovering from Covid-19, for any condition.

The new definition, also in place in England, is for patients to be considered Covid-19 patients if they received a positive test in the two weeks prior to admission or on the day of admission.

They will also no longer be considered Covid-19 patients if they are in hospital for longer than 28 days or 28 days after their first positive test, whichever is later.

This meant a steep drop in the total number of patients in hospital considered to be Covid-19 patients to 48.

Also, from DM

Check on a site called Lockdown Sceptics. https://lockdownsceptics.org/ it is a site from across the pond. Can not remember the date but the bit about Scotland was something that was posted. You will find a bunch of good stuff about Wuhan with plenty of links to back up the articles. Also covers Australia and the mess in Victoria.

More specifically:

Scotland Changes Its Covid Count — Down
Dennis Prager – September 21, 2020

DP – Scottish Government @ 2:42:36…


President Trump tweet with supporting interview of Lara Logan

President Trump just tweeted out this remark:

A very good point. There are dozens of amateur blogs that had it right all along about Russia and so on, and will never be recognized let alone win an award. But fake news gets a Pulitzer if it has the right, wrong message.

President Trump’s tweet reminded me of a superb segment of a Marc Levine show with Lara Logan that just had to be restored for this occasion. This interview is from April 7, 2019.

CBC dials down its anti-Canadian rhetoric when it sees people actually caught on to it.

Earlier on April 29, 2020

But after recioeveing a few hundred comments and tweets, maybe a little more than a few hundred calling the CBC out for the Voice of the COMINTERN that it is even if not by that term, they rewrote their title this way:

Those Canadians are Trudeau, his cabinet if they want to keep their jobs, the CBC if they want to keep their jobs, and the Commissar at the Chinese embassy on Sussex.

Once again, Hungary put on defence for actions which are more democratic than the attackers

Far be it for me to speak for Hungary. But there is a central point that even Mr. Kovatch misses in this ‘dialogue’ with UK’s notorious HARDtalk program.

Hungary’s democratically elected government passed an emergency measures bill in the parliament granting Viktor Orban powers of fiat rule to deal with what was sold as an existential threat to us all at the time. All leftist nations are pounding Hungary for that, while they simultaneously set security forces, armed forces and all branches of police and regulatory enforcement against their own citizens for social distancing violations with exactly ZERO law, acts of parliament or constitutional justifications whatsoever.

In Canada, where locals love to attack Orban with no knowledge of him or his policies other than what the NYT makes up about him, is issuing fines around the one THOUSAND dollar mark for being out with your own children and not even near other people. And there was no legislation passed to justify this whatsoever.

So whatever else one may say about Hungary’s response to this, it is far more democratic than that of it’s critics. Is there even any point in talking about the UK? Well before the Wuhan Flu hit, they were sending police to people’s doors for jocular tweets about men who imagine themselves to be women. I would like to see the legal justification for that which wouldn’t be out of a Fabian Society ops manual.


President Trump reminds the media who they really are and what they really do

Can we hire this guy to get in front of a CBC crew?

Iranian expats protest the regime, and have choice words for media who blame President Trump for the aircraft

Parliament Hill, Ottawa Canada, January 10, 2020

The CBC continues its ‘Voice of the COMINTERN’ propaganda efforts against the US president:


One example of why we must call propaganda what it is, and abandon the term, ‘fake-news’

Here is a good example of the kind of propaganda we are surrounded with, even drowned in.

Read this article from Foreign Policy magazine

It has been said that a half truth is the damndest of lies. The article linked above would be a good example. But its also a good example of why we must abandon the term, “Fake News” and call it what it is. Neo-Marxist propaganda. And I call it that because even without searching we are confident that Foreign Policy magazine would use very judgemental language when describing any action by Europeans or White people. And in fact they do, even in this article. While discussing The Reconquista in facially neutral language, making sure that neither side looks more or less just in its actions than the other, it has no hesitation to use harsh terms for VOX, who are the only non-socialist party in Spain at this time of any importance.

Most readers of this site will likely not need to be told what the Reconquista of Spain was truly about. but in a nutshell, it was about reversing the stunningly brutal conquest of Spain by muslim forces. Forces that were so harsh that their commander in one wave of attacks, burned their own boats when they hit the shores of Spain, saying “Either we conquer Spain, or we die trying. Their is no going back”.

For centuries they created hatred and division amongst the people of Spain in order to more easily rule it, treating the actual Spaniards as “Dhimmis”. Something between a peasant and a slave. One can read about the facts of the time in the authentic writings of Moses Maimonides, if you can find them. Much of what passes for his writing, thanks to the works of tens of thousands of Winston Smiths, are pro-Islam forgeries.

Below,are videos of excerpts of a recent speech by the leader of VOX discussing the real situation in Spain and Europe.