Mandatory vaxx in France in Macron’s own words

Read the details of this stark shift into authoritarianism at RAIR Foundation

Below, some of the riots and protests as a result of this totalitarian proclamation.

Paris erupts:

FRANCE: Business owners caught not complying with ‘sanitary passport’ requirements will be fined the equivalent of $53,000 USD and sentenced to one year in jail. (No mention if the sanction applies to one faulty client on the premises or many clients.)

“The sanctions in case of failure will be severe. According to the draft law incorporating the new measures announced Monday by Emmanuel Macron that AFP was able to consult on Wednesday, the operator of a place of business that would fail to meet the future obligations of control of the health pass will be liable to a fine of up to 45,000 euros and one year in prison. “

Normally, its hard to disagree with what appears to be a geopolitical axiom. ‘There is no such thing as a grass roots protest’. I think that’s usually true. But there are no banners, no fancy signs, no sign of organization in these demonstrations. These are real. And they are something the tyrants may actually fear for a change.

When one quickly scans one’s own understanding of history, we idolize and celebrate those who fought tyranny for freedom.

Conversely, we demonize and vilify those who crushed freedom and imposed tyranny.

Let’s hope that remains a constant in the days, weeks and months to come. Because I don’t think we will have years to consider if we do not properly plan our days and weeks.



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  1. The ‘sanitary passport’ also extends to SHOPPING CENTERS! It’s in the text of the last LCI link.

    Also: On Tuesday, the Ministry of the Interior explained to LCI that customers controlled in a business or a place of culture without a valid health pass could be fined 135 euros.

    The text also creates a new reason for DISMISSAL, and extends to any infected person the measures of isolation for ten days. It must be adopted on Monday 19 July by the Council of Ministers and then examined by the Parliament during the week.

  2. People are terrified of losing their job. Pure authoritarianism.

    La Plume Libre@LPLdirect
    1:44 AM · Jul 13, 2021·Twitter for Android

    Flag of France [FLASH] 926,000 #vaccination appointments were made yesterday by the French on #Doctolib, in the hours following #macron20h. This is an absolute record. For comparison, there had been 212,000 1st dose appointments taken in 48h this weekend. (company) #COVID19 #COVID19France

  3. – THIS is from the G20 meeting held on July 9 in Venice, a few days ago. –

    *High Level Independent Panel urges the G20 to launch a ‘global deal’ to prevent catastrophic costs of future pandemics*

    “COVID-19 will likely be a forerunner of future catastrophic pandemics, unless significant new investments and reforms are urgently made to bolster global and national capacities for pandemic preparedness and rapid response.

    These are some of the main messages of the report, A Global Deal for Our Pandemic Age, presented by the G20 High Level Independent Panel on Financing the Global Commons for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (HLIP) at the third G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in Venice on 9 July.

    The Panel calls on the G20 and international community to move swiftly to close current shortfalls in the international COVID-19 response. The world cannot wait, continues the report, for COVID-19 to be over to make the global investments and reforms that are critically needed to head off future pandemics, which threaten to be more frequent and increasingly dangerous.

    The Panel calls for a public funding increase in international financing of at least US$75 billion over the next five years, or US$15 billion per year, to plug major gaps in pandemic prevention and preparedness ? at least doubling current spending levels. The four pressing preparedness gaps identified by the Panel are: infectious disease surveillance, resilience of national health systems, global capacity to supply and deliver vaccines and other medical countermeasures, and global governance…”

    More here:

  4. This changes the relationship the people and their administration,it is an abandonment of all democratic principle.Administrations were not established to tyrannize the people who established them,but to manage the affairs of the people ,since they are too many to do it themselves,they have no mandate to intrude in the basic freedoms of the people and attempt to subvert their democratic will ,if they do it is a regression to the feudal oppression of master and servant,which ultimately benefit no-one.

  5. – FRANCE: The police are not thrilled about their new supervision duties –

    Controls of sanitary passports: “The police and the Gendarmerie have other things to do. Daily delinquency is still out there”, denounces the Alliance Union.

    (…) “All these measures are irrelevant and out of context for the national police,” said Wednesday 14 July on franceinfo Stanislas Gaudon, Delegate General of the police union Alliance.

    “We do not have many police officers available to carry out this order which is absolutely not in our core mission,” said Stanislas Gaudon, who recalled that “everyday crime is always there, the fight against terrorism is always there, border controls are always there.

    (…) “The police and the gendarmerie have other things to do”, the trade unionist insists. He recalls that in the middle of July, there are “festivities to supervise, the Tour de France which mobilizes a lot of security forces”.

    Stanislas Gaudon considers it difficult to go to inspect and to hand out fines to managers of establishments, cafés or restaurants, that would not respect the sanitary pass. “That will give us a bad role”, advances the Delegate General.

    The trade unionist adds that “the restaurant owners have shown good faith, have made investments to respect the sanitary rules”. Threatening them with sanctions, “is to hang a sword of Damocles that is not very conducive toward a new enthusiasm for the economic engine in this country”.

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