Info-thug bullies Hungary’s top diplomat on behalf of globalist, EU

This is great watching. Journalism as propagandists and enforcers for globalist-communist agencies like the EU, UN, Democrat party US etc. are becoming increasingly transparent as such. My favorite part is where he denies that the EU is blackmailing Hungary, and then restates the exact terms of the blackmail.

Thank you Kalloi for sending this in.

Hungary has gone Vaxx-mad

Following is a series of stories sent in by Kalloi on Hungary’s surprisingly un-libertarian policies on Covid and mRNA injections.

From TELEX.Hu:

“Restaurant criticized for giving different coloured trays to non-immunized guests
Several commenters were upset by the measure of a restaurant in Veszprém, which was introduced after the reopening: the immunity card goes with a brown tray and you can eat inside, while those without a card get a white tray and can only eat on the terrace – writes Blikk.
This is explained in a photo on the restaurant’s Facebook page, modelled on government advertisements. According to Blikk, a riot broke out in the comments section under the photo, accusing the restaurant of tray racism and of participating in dividing the “Hungarians”.
Meanwhile, the restaurant has published a new post on Facebook, responding to the almost two thousand comments on their previous post, which contained a brown tray and a white tray. They write that the fines for violating the health restrictions are very expensive, but their restaurant is self-service, so they cannot afford to keep only their terrace open. And they don’t want their customers to be checked while they are eating, they don’t have the resources. (…)”
“Forging an immunity certificate can get you up to five years
Anyone who forges or uses an immunity certificate or modifies or deletes any data from the information system could face up to five years in prison, according to a Hungarian Official Gazette published on Saturday.
The government decree on “combating the misuse of immunity certificates” stipulates that anyone shall be punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of up to five years who forges a false public or private document; falsifies the contents of a public or private document; uses a false, forged or genuine public or private document in the name of another person; enters, alters, deletes or makes inaccessible data in the information system without authorisation or in violation of the limits of his or her authorisation.
It is also a criminal offence to circulate or trade a public or private document, or create, issue on the market or trade in a password or computer program which is necessary or facilitates the creation of a criminal offence.
The government decree, signed by Viktor Orbán, penalising the misuse of the immunity certificate, will enter into force on Sunday 2 May.
Gergely Gulyás, the minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced at the government briefing on Thursday that the Criminal Code will be amended and that forgery of immunity certificates will become a qualified offence. He also stressed that businesses that fail to check the existence of plastic cards could be fined from 100,000 to 1 million forints or even imprisoned for a year.”
“György G?dény may soon be charged with spreading rumours
The police have completed their investigation into a case of spreading rumours, and the files of the investigation have been sent to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation for indictment, Kristóf Gál, spokesman of the National Police Headquarters, said at the Operational Committee’s press conference on Wednesday. Although the virus-sceptic pharmacist was not named at the briefing, our site understands that it is clearly György G?dény.
Kristóf Gál said at the press conference that the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NNI)’s cybercrime unit has launched investigations against virus-sceptics for spreading rumours. According to one of the investigations against György G?dény, the police found that the suspect had published an article in which he made allegations against mask wearing and the danger of the coronavirus epidemic.
The statements, which were widely circulated, were, in the view of the police, likely to hinder or even thwart the epidemic control
– Kristóf Gál said.
The police have recently completed their investigation and forwarded the case file to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation for indictment. Investigations into the other rumours are still ongoing. György G?dény and his family organised several illegal demonstrations in Heroes’ Square during the winter to protest against the strict measures caused by the epidemic. Among other things, the speakers made such witty statements like a gigantic human experiment was taking place, and he trivialised the threat of the coronavirus, and most of the demonstrators were not even wearing masks. G?dény, by the way, has racked up millions in fines over the past few months, as he has organised several demonstrations with his virus denier friends to show their disagreement with the strict security measures to protect people’s lives, and they have instead taken to protesting in Budapest in their hundreds.”
Thank you Kalloi for this effort.

Gay BLM statue in Hungary, a propaganda false flag

Notes from Kalloi:

Summit News does not mention that the erection of the “statue” was a provocation: its creators had stated that they expected that the “statue” would be demolished after it gets publicly displayed. And immediately after it did get demolished, the Hungarian leftist media started propagating how “far-right” an act it was to destroy it. But most of the right-wing comments are unapologetic, with some of them stating that a Marxist terror organization has no place in Hungary. It seems to have been a planned Marxist operation with the aim of shifting the entirety of public opinion further towards the left.

The article: 

A rainbow-colored statue in honor of Black Lives Matter that was erected in the Hungarian capital of Budapest was vandalized and then demolished within 24 hours.

The monument was a re-creation of the Statue of Liberty with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ inscribed on the tablet.

The statue was meant to remain in place for two weeks until April 14 but was immediately targeted after it was unveiled in Budapest’s ninth district.

Pro-family activists described the monument as an “anti-European, anti-white, anti-heterosexual, and anti-Christian symbol,” and within 24 hours it was attacked three separate times, doused with paint and finally torn down.

Police later arrested members of the Legion Hungaria organization for their role in defacing the monument.

According to the monument’s creator Péter Szalay, its message was neutral.

Please read the rest at Summit

Thanks to Kalloi

Once again, Hungary put on defence for actions which are more democratic than the attackers

Far be it for me to speak for Hungary. But there is a central point that even Mr. Kovatch misses in this ‘dialogue’ with UK’s notorious HARDtalk program.

Hungary’s democratically elected government passed an emergency measures bill in the parliament granting Viktor Orban powers of fiat rule to deal with what was sold as an existential threat to us all at the time. All leftist nations are pounding Hungary for that, while they simultaneously set security forces, armed forces and all branches of police and regulatory enforcement against their own citizens for social distancing violations with exactly ZERO law, acts of parliament or constitutional justifications whatsoever.

In Canada, where locals love to attack Orban with no knowledge of him or his policies other than what the NYT makes up about him, is issuing fines around the one THOUSAND dollar mark for being out with your own children and not even near other people. And there was no legislation passed to justify this whatsoever.

So whatever else one may say about Hungary’s response to this, it is far more democratic than that of it’s critics. Is there even any point in talking about the UK? Well before the Wuhan Flu hit, they were sending police to people’s doors for jocular tweets about men who imagine themselves to be women. I would like to see the legal justification for that which wouldn’t be out of a Fabian Society ops manual.


Viktor Orban said it! And here is the actual circumstances

Many media sites around the world have been quoting Viktor Orban’s statement that “This is an organized invasion”.

Readers of this site may notice that we downplayed that quote as the places and events it had been attributed to, he simply did not state that.

Thanks to CrossWare, the video was found and he did indeed say exactly that. But without context its highly subject to spin and contempt. In this clip. you can see not just the statement, but the evidence for the statement and the circumstances of its being said.

Watch to the end. The pay off is huge.

Town of Röszke, in Hungary, at the border crossing with Serbia

In January 2020 a mob of migrants rushed the border there:

In the Great Migration Crisis of 2015, a huge mob of migrants attacked the border crossing there (“The Battle of Röszke”):


Press conference at Röszke, February 13 2020

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
Slovakian Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini


Notes from the translator:

This is the original press conference at the border, with official translators translating immediately. Orbán speaks in short sentences to help the translator.

The first part of the video is standard diplomatic chit-chat. First Orbán thanks the Slovakian PM for sending Slovakian police officers to defend the Hungarian border. Then PM Pellegrini thanks the Hungarians for defending the southern border of the EU, thereby defending Slovakia.

Warning shots fired at illegals breaking into Hungary from Romania

Thank you Crossware for the translation of the following article:

Warning shots fired at migrants trying to escape at the Hungarian border
The Romanian border police stopped two migrants with warning shots. The men tried to illegally cross the Romanian-Hungarian green border late Saturday night in the Óvári region of Satu Mare county.
On Saturday, [January 25 2020] the border police spotted two men marching toward Hungary at around 11 p.m. The two migrants did not stop at the border station of the border police and approached the state border line fifty meters away.
The border police forced the men to stop, with two shots fired into the air – wrote the Romanian Border Police on its website.
Preliminary inquiries revealed that the 29-year-old and 38-year-old men were from Tunisia. They are now prosecuted in Romania for attempted border crossing.”

More here, also the source of the video

The ongoing invasion of Europe intensifies at Hungary’s borders

The following materials are courtesy of Laszlo and Gates of Vienna with thanks.

Direct link:

Hungarian police find 2 tunnels used by migrants on border

Hungarian police said Friday that they discovered two tunnels used by migrants to enter the country from Serbia.

Police said that a tunnel 34 meters (37 yards) long was discovered near the southern village of Asotthalom, where they also detained 44 migrants who had used the precarious passageway.


Police Col. Jeno Szilassi-Horvath said a Serbian citizen suspected of human trafficking had been detained along with the migrants.


The tunnel near Asotthalom was about 50 centimeters (20 inches) wide, 60 centimeters (2 feet) high, and had been dug as deep as about 6 meters (20 feet) below the surface without any support beams or other elements to prevent its collapse.

Migrant presence on Hungary-Serbia border growing

The number of migrants looking to enter Hungary illegally from Serbia has risen significantly over the past month, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said on Thursday.

Altogether 11,808 people have attempted to enter Hungary illegally so far this year, with 2,418 of those attempts being made this month, Gergely Gulyas told a regular press briefing. He said migrants were now using new techniques to try to breach Hungary’s border fence. Migrants tried to bury under the fence, and two tunnels discovered by the police have been sealed, he added.


Ethnic Hungarian politicians in northern Serbia’s Vojvodina region have also reported a sharp rise in the number of illegal migrants in the area, Gulyas said, adding that a clear signal should be sent to migrants attempting to reach Europe via the Western Balkan route: they will stopped on the Hungarian-Serbian border or another external EU border.

Farewell letter to Sweden by a recent expat

An original translation by Tania Groth with much thanks

From this Swedish publication:

Date: 24th of August, 2019

I choose to publish this well-written farewell letter to Sweden. The writer has recently posted the text on her Facebook, and I want to spread her words more widely because they are nuanced, well-balanced, sad, but absolutely not hateful, that is, what one usually accuses people of being when they criticize the failing Swedish system. Indeed, many people feel a similar sadness in their hearts today, in 2019, when the situation in Sweden in many ways is becoming unbearable. “We have bought an apartment in Budapest”. So begins the post, written by Mercedes Wahlby. It sums up what many who live in Sweden today feel. I have previously published an interview with a couple who have now moved to Marbella, but believe that more of these emigrant voices are needed. Maybe they can make politicians wake up.

One can always hope.

“It is not with a light heart and not without great anguish that we have made this decision. We have been discussing leaving Sweden for at least five years, back and forth. The husband who is ethnic Swedish has been the most motivating. Over the years I have tried to come up with millions of excuses to delay the decision. I have always hoped that it would eventually clear up in Sweden. But year after year I have seen that everything is only getting worse and worse, and I have little hope that this negative development can be reversed. I think it is too late, and it is possible it will not happen during my lifetime.

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