Tucker Carlson for June 29, 2021 – The great replacement of the American People

This started under Obama. We did many posts on it. Even had a friend of ours drive from Quebec to a town in Vermont to cover a townhall meeting where the mayor was asked to stop flooding the small city with illegals because the city had a crisis of opiate use already and this was more than they could bear. The mayor effectively told them to attempt a reproductive act upon themselves and continued. It was established, but NOT reported, that this was an Obama admin initiaitive which clearly went into high gear now. Why? You cannot destroy a place while its people and culture are intact, and while the people who are there in the vast majority have a stake in a place because they worked hard to build it. QED.

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Italian MEP reacts to full blown communist worded report on invasion of Europe

Please read the details over at RAIR Foundation.com

A little proof of her contention:

‘Italians, we’ll cut your throat’ – Migrants shoot controversial music video in Sardinia reception center


Matteo Salvini speaks to large crowd on his upcoming trial for “kidnapping”

This is an incredible example of how the left uses language as its principle weapon. Salvini simply upheld the law and didn’t let an NGO ship full of illegal migrants step foot in Italy, which they had no legal right to do, even under EU laws. The NGO could have brought them anywhere else, or returned them to Libya or wherever they came from, but instead kept them on board at the docks at an Italian harbour.

Somehow leftists have managed to have Salvini charged with “kidnapping” on the basis that he wouldn’t let them off the ship.

Please read the details at RAIR Foundation.com


Muslim during riots in Sweden: “If you don’t want Islam, why did you bring us here?”

Please read the details over at RAIR Foundation


Locals fight for the enforcement of law against police and politicians in Lampedusa

Italians say NO MORE illegals to Lampedusa

Please read the details over at RAIR Foundation.com

Full auto machine guns on the streets of Paris held by criminal migrant gangs

African gang selling drugs ina children’s playground in Grenoble, France. They guard their turf with AK47s:

We are advised that this Twitter feed is a good one for the effects of demographic change in Europe.

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VERY IMPORTANT: Both French and British governments doing secret mass immigration, threaten people who film or expose it

The Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and Germany

In the context of what is happening on the Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish border right now, this 2018 Israeli documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe has become of major importance. Again.

This episode is on the influence the Brotherhood has in Turkey, where the MB’s spiritual head, Al Qawadari, has declared Erdogan the one true Claiph, is manipulating Western nations via mass Islamic migration.

This is really worth the time to watch. Thanks again to R. L. for the massive effort in translating this video for us all.

The Invasion of Greece and Syria by Turkey

1. It seems to be met with some resistance:

(Machine translation)

It closes its borders, deploys army, helicopters and warships to defend Europe from the illegal invaders (about 25 thousand per hour) sent by the Turkish regime of the terrorist . ????

2. Greek Citizens have had enough

(This is why the public MUST be armed. When only the guy at the top controls all use of force, you can topple a country just by subverting the guy at the top. Clearly a few Greeks decided not to count on corrupt or communist EU leadership)

3. Turkish state rail brings migrants to Bulgarian and Greek border

4. Migrants enjoy a little light Greek pyrotechnic display as they make their last dash into Europe

5. Cyprus says Turkey deliberately sent it migrants for months

NICOSIA, Cyprus — Cyprus’ interior minister on Friday accused Turkey of deliberately channeling migrants for months to the ethnically-divided island’s Greek Cypriot south to change the composition of its population.

Nicos Nouris said up to two-thirds of arriving migrants reach the internationally-recognized south through the breakaway Turkish Cypriot north that’s recognized only by Turkey.

“We maintain that there is a very specific purpose and aim, which is to alter the island’s demographic character, and clearly we cannot continue to accept (migrants) in such numbers,” Nouris told The Associated Press.


The Cypriot government sees this as a long-running issue. Unlike fellow European Union-member Greece, Cyprus did not see a wave of migrants trying to enter Friday after Turkey said it would no longer hold them back following its military losses in Syria.

6. European Union’s Voice of the COMINTERN, Euronews spins the invasion of Greece by everyone Erdogan could get to go there.

7. Not speaking Greek, its hard to be sure. But I am guessing these are not Greek Nationals cutting the border fence to get out.

8. You have to go to 9 minutes on this video to see the border guards in the woods facing some fires and supposedly Turkey and the invasion.

(I guess the rule is, you can only shoot at massive amounts of invaders to your nation if they are wearing Hugo Boss. The genius that Soros and his cabal of the COMINTERN worked out, was making sure that all the actions would be viewed by target nations as issues of law and order and not military or intelligence. So all the actions would be designed to so significantly overwhelm law enforcement that the only thing police can do is interfere with citizens actually trying to enforce the law.

What may be interesting here is that Greek citizens may also be overwhelming law enforcement. Police may feel its better to pitch in with the people they are supposed to be protecting for a change. We should know soon.)

9. Anyone speak Greek? This may be worth listening to.

10. RELATED: One of Europe’s ONLY sane national leaders has made the sane decision after seeing what is going on and after Viktor Orban spoke with Erdogan:

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Earlier in the week, Erdogan said that Turkey had opened its border with the European Union to Syrian refugees as it had not received promised assistance to deal with the refugees within its borders.


The Hungarian authorities had decided to strengthen its border security following a phone conversation between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the government said on Saturday. On Friday, Orban and Erdogan discussed the situation in Syria as well as the migrant crisis.

11. Just breaking in and climbing fences and showing utter and total contempt for Greek right of sovereignty

12. Let’s not forget the other invasion. Turkey militarily invades Syria, creates refugees one supposes, and then sends them into Europe. The gift that keeps on giving.

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Viktor Orban said it! And here is the actual circumstances

Many media sites around the world have been quoting Viktor Orban’s statement that “This is an organized invasion”.

Readers of this site may notice that we downplayed that quote as the places and events it had been attributed to, he simply did not state that.

Thanks to CrossWare, the video was found and he did indeed say exactly that. But without context its highly subject to spin and contempt. In this clip. you can see not just the statement, but the evidence for the statement and the circumstances of its being said.

Watch to the end. The pay off is huge.

Town of Röszke, in Hungary, at the border crossing with Serbia

In January 2020 a mob of migrants rushed the border there:


In the Great Migration Crisis of 2015, a huge mob of migrants attacked the border crossing there (“The Battle of Röszke”):




Press conference at Röszke, February 13 2020

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
Slovakian Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini



Notes from the translator:

This is the original press conference at the border, with official translators translating immediately. Orbán speaks in short sentences to help the translator.

The first part of the video is standard diplomatic chit-chat. First Orbán thanks the Slovakian PM for sending Slovakian police officers to defend the Hungarian border. Then PM Pellegrini thanks the Hungarians for defending the southern border of the EU, thereby defending Slovakia.