Brad Johnson: “We are at war with China in all ways except actual shooting”

This interview was recorded on December 16, 2020 but was just edited and published now. There is not a word that is outdated however.

Here is the segment CBC posted back when it was not fully the voice of the COMINTERN and had some interests in the existence of Canada as a polity separate from communist China. A small part of this I edited into the Brad Johnson interview.

Below, China Uncensored video from December 28 2020 on Canada’s pro-China deep state (Anti-state is a much better word for it)

BPS on Canada. Or whatever it is.

This is very good. The only thing that could have been added to his point, would be how our government at one point arbitrarily converted Canada to the Metric system, despite all our trade being with the USA, and everyone knowing the imperial system, and actually criminalizing use of the old system in commerce. Yes, you could go to jail for selling gas in gallons or milk in quarts until Joe Clark’s Freedom to Measure bill. But by then the damage had been done. Trudeau senior had managed to show us that our culture and history could be negated with the stroke of his commie pen. And that was the real purpose of imposing a foreign system of weights and measures that would cost us a fortune in term of dealing with US imports and exports.

Makes one think about bilingualism a little doesn’t it?

Yellow Vest Protestor speaks for himself at Parliament Hill

I was watching CBC people, who this time had minor identifications or a sticker on camera, ‘interview’ people in such a way that it was either forcing them to look like racists, or defend not being one and pushing a CBC narrative rather than their own.

So I decided to let one of them speak for himself after being interrogated by CBC

Canada pays them, the CBSA arrest them. The CBSA are obeying the law. Why is that news?

This is a difficult one to wrap ones head around on the surface. But right below the surface its exactly the same as Germany and France where the national leaders are running secret governments with radically different objectives and laws than their positions would limit them to.

First, Spencer Fernando’s article on something which should be so ordinary a story that no one should notice at all.

Border Services Charges Woman For Organizing Illegal Crossings Into Canada

A woman has been charged by the CBSA for allegedly brokering illegal border crossings into Canada.

According to reports, the CBSA has charged Olayinka Celestina Opaleye under section 1.17.3 of the “Immigration and Refugee Protection Act” says a CBSA spokesmen.

The illegal crossings took place at Roxham Road say the authorities, and multiple people were allegedly illegally brought in by Opaleye.

The CBSA says “It is further alleged that Opaleye was operating as part of a network of smugglers who organized travel for these people in exchange for compensation.” 

Please read the rest at the link above. But then we have to ask ourselves, what about the people the Prime Minister sent $25,000.00 of Canadian Taxpayer funds to, who assisted the migrants? Are they also being charged? If not why not? They took money to assist illegals breaking into Canada as well, did they not?

Faith Goldy did a report which is below on one recipient of this money. You would think coming from England she would have some feint recollection of what happens when you trash your borders and let tons of muslims in. Unless she is a Fabian Society commie of course in which case she fully understands what she did in GB as well as Quebec.

By the way, I searched on Google, Duckduckgo, AND Bing for the story on Trudeau paying this woman. I know it is true. I read it in MSM sources when it happened, possibly even CBC, but I cannot find it at this time anywhere, even on my own site.

Curious. If anyone else can find the story on locals at Roxham Rd. being paid by Trudeau for this, please do post the links in the comments under this post.

Tom Quiggin, Court verified terrorism expert: ‘Trudeau is knowingly funding islamic terror groups’

If you see nothing else today, please watch this video above.

Below, a worthy augmenting video.

A borderless world is being forged by those driving streams of people across international borders. Links 2, Oct, 21, 2018

1. Italy: Salvini deploys police to French border after row over migrants

2. Katie Hopkins crashes London Remain rally (in disguise)

3. Beheading your grandma is a thing now in Germany

4. Honduras migrant caravan resumes march from Mexico to US

5. Similar stream of illegals invading Spain from Africa via Melilla

6. Collateral damage to non-leftists

Excerpt of CBC clip showing how terrorists are sneaking into the US from Canada

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