Marx and the banning of elements in the periodic table

Examining the problem, reaction, solution/thesis, counter thesis, solution, or the dialectic scam of the left.

There certainly seems to be more than one understanding of this phrase. Here is our shot at it. Of course, there are scholars of Hegel/Marx who read this site, and we welcome any corrections or other interpretations of this well known phrase.

Picking Global Warming as an example, we have a completely invented problem which of course can be manipulated in any way needed to end up at the point you want to land on. Primarily, the destruction of the West with its notions of free market economy and individual rights. Since the problem is fake, and created and enforced by “consensus” (See video below) all the reactions from people calling it out as fake must be dealt with using the dialectic attack of hate speech. This was fabricated by a second generation Frankfurt School acolyte, a certain Habermas, in the form of “Discourse Theory”.

For the past many decades, various leftist controlled governments and leftist think tanks, have attempted to use the element of Carbon as a means to control industry and humanity in a highly selective manner. Like slavery as an issue, we must only examine the ‘problem’ of CO2 production in Western and free market nations, more accurately perhaps, in cultures with the concept of individual rights as being sacrosanct. We must not look at slavery in Africa or Islam ever but must focus on the past actions in The USA pretty much exclusively in terms of passing moral judgment. And we must not look at really dirty industrial activity, let alone CO2 production in China or India but must pretend that CO2 produced by any and all means connected to humans in the West as an existential threat to the entire planet.

There should be no need to try and disprove the idea that CO2 is a problem on this site. I do have a dedicated page to the science of it here on Vlad but I don’t maintain it very well as to engage in a debate based on a lie is to lose that debate since only one side seeks to know the truth and the power of the lie is much greater in the short run. At least where the goal is destruction.

One fact though, is that where CO2 is produced, more life happens. Plants grow etc. Plants, and life, are made of carbon. Even on the side of highways, plants tend to thrive from a truly poisonous form of carbon, CO1 or Carbon monoxide. CO2 is actually pumped into greenhouses to help plants hit their optimal growth rate.

But let’s pretend that CO2 production was a problem. Then why are those who wrap themselves in a false flag of environmentalism, so opposed to nuclear power? Its the obvious solution to those who claim that carbon dioxide is an existential threat to the planet. Whatever the issues with nuclear power, it cannot be as bad as that.

And then there is this:


A very worthy deeper dive:

So we have a solution now for food production that is safe, energy efficient and absorbs far more carbon than it produces.

Global Warming is a consensus based thing though. Meaning communists agreed on creating it and presenting it as an existential problem in order to get to the solution they want, which is communism. No real world approach to solving even the non-problem of “global-warming” will be entertained and any attempt to expose it as the fraud it is will be met with charges akin to hate speech. “Climate-denier” for example, makes moral equivalence with a Holocaust denier to one who would deny the ‘existential threat of global warming’. A fairly palpable use of the Hate-Speech tactic.

More recently, in order to destroy farming in the Netherlands and replace these farms with what will almost certainly be beehive brutalist housing for illegal mostly Muslim and African migrants forced on the local population since before 2015, a new element and compound had to be demonized as an existential threat. Nitrogen, which makes up damn near 80% of the total atmosphere, and ammonia.

I won’t even bother to deal with the issue of nitrogen. To think that the tiny amount of nitrogen released on a few dutch farms justify the actions against farmers we see in the Netherlands is even worthy of rebuttal on that basis, means a lack of understanding of the tactic at play. Much like when one knows that nearly all human beings are born either a man or a woman (with the exception of extremely few genetic mutations which end with those individuals as they tend to be sterile) and to pretend these are fungible is, well risible.

So let’s look at the new threat of ammonia.

How could we somehow solve the issue of ammonia in a way that would satisfy those who claim its a problem while maybe at the same time, solving other problems many are concerned about:

The bottom line is:

The problems we are bombarded with, from Covid to vaccine hesitancy. From global warming to cow flatulence. From Nitrogen to ammonia, are all fake problems which, even by engaging about it, causes us to lose. These are not problems at all, and some, to the extent they might be, are selectively enforced against the Western nations and peoples with zero effort to deal with these non-problems in places like China, North Korea, India and other places where the raw production of these gasses and so on are orders of magnitude higher than in the West.

We need to understand that so much of what we engage with on a day to day basis is we, the intellectual descendants of Socrates, being constantly basted with pseudo-reality and false cosmologies in order to destroy Western civilization where it actually lives.

In our own minds.

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WEF’s Yuval Harari

I’ve been wondering about this guy for a while. The stuff he says is beyond outrageous. If he means what he says, one can imagine him in the town square with his head and hands in stocks while people throw things at him as a tape of what he says plays in a loop. But most of the clips I have seen have been edited in such a way that its not unfathomable that he actually was trying to warn, rather than advocate about these things.

Having put my uncertainty about him in a previous post, some excellent people sent in links that are less ambiguous about Mr. Great Reset, Yval Noah Harari. Lets give a listen:

His Youtube channel. he is hawking a book. Someone should try offering him Ukrainian digital Schwabs for one. Interesting that famous villains either seem to have three names, like Lee Harvey Oswald, or just one. Like Blofeld, or Hitler. Sometimes two, if they are both the same. Like Sirhan Sirhan, or Boutros Boutros. Here is his website.

Early on in this clip he makes an interesting inversion of reality. He talks about when people are of no use to the economy. One might look at that a couple of ways. In the communist sense, as the founder of the UK communist think tank, The Fabian Society does, where people who “can’t pull their own weight or perhaps a little more” should be “killed with a humane gas.” Don’t believe me, believe George Bernard Shaw.

Another way, or perhaps just another aspect of the same way, could be that he sees real live human beings as being subservient to the fiction which is the economy. In other words, a word we use to describe the hive activity of us all trading goods and services with each other using a medium of exchange, (which we have unfortunately allowed the government to manage) the ‘economy’ is now the real thing. And like a giant statue of Baal, those who cannot service it should be sacrificed to it.

South Park made a really brilliant episode more or less on this. It was inspired by one of the most interesting bits of anti-communist novel writing ever, The Master and Margarita, and made into a 30 minute cartoon called, Margaritaville. Season 13 episode 3. Well worth watching. Especially if you are familiar with The Master and Margarita.

The Master and Margarita can be seen as a 12 part movie on Youtube, each part being about an hour. So, its a hell of a commitment. But its very much worth it. Not that its in any way connected to Mr. Harari. Or maybe it is.



Dr. Andrew Bostom on Blaze TV: Twitter and the new Lysenkoism in the West

Please watch the entire thing. Andrew cuts to the chase at the end. Being permanently suspended from Twitter is certainly a serious thing when all you did was post a peer reviewed paper on the vaxx and male fertility.

Put another way, you are put in information solitary confinement for speaking what is scientific truth in the National Town Square.

By the end of the video, Dr. Bostom starts to talk about the state of science in the US. I would extrapolate that to the entire West. He specificlly cites Lysenko. The Soviet conclusion based reasoning method that destroyed so many lives in so many ways from 1917 to today in communist states.

3Speak appears to be down. Below is the same clip from Bitchute

Its OK to have racist and sexist hiring practices so long as it moves the country leftwards

There is a lot to be infuriated about in this video.

But the main two things for this site are:

The news reader talks about “CIS Gender” as if she buys into the notion that sex is merely an arbitrary designation by a doctor at birth by looking at genitals. Its so obscenely an attack on our taxonomy that you could make the same claim about species and even phylum. A person is born and declared a human being when really they could be a half a pound of squash.

The second thing is how the law only works to move the culture to the left. This person is breaking laws on hiring discrimination wherever he is for absolute certain. But there will be no penalties. If you asked him if he thought it was OK for a similar business to not hire black or gay people, we all know what he would say. The law only operates to enhance the dialectic. To move the culture ever leftwards.

Twitter, truth, and 1984

Regulars to this site know I frequently post the following scene from 1984. It is posted often because there is a critical piece of important but very difficult to understand information in it.

Communism, like Islam, is a different system of thought to the more or less Greek system we use in classical civ. Civilized thought uses reason driven conclusions. Communism and Islam, and for that matter any totalitarian system of governance, uses conclusion driven reasoning. Or put another way, Western or Greek thought is fact based conclusions while Islamic and communist polities begin with predetermined truths, and all reasoning must support those prefab conclusions or truths or the reasoner is guilty of a crime. Hate-speech is the most modern of the confabulations for what was better known as blasphemy or heresy or crimes against the party.

In the west, we start with the position that we don’t know, or what we do know is a place holder till a conclusion which fits the facts better is discovered. Then we use that. We have trials where there is a presumption of innocence and actual evidence and reasoning is used to determine guilt before we deprive a person of their liberties. In Islamic and communist systems it is the truth itself that is a crime as it is a threat to the power of the state.

Goebbels said it pretty well actually:

Here is the tweet that got my account suspended for a week:

They pretended to offer an appeals process but that just let me write a tweet which vanished as soon as I hit the button. Anticipating this, I screen grabbed it before I hit “tweet”:

Here are the claims that got me suspended:

1. A million doses of Hydroxychloroquine was donated by APO to the Ottawa Hospital complex. I did not say what the results of its use were. Here is one substantiating link and its not even the same ones I posted to this site around the same time.

2. My second claim was that the Canadian province of New Brunswick treated Covid patients with HCQ and had ZERO deaths until a certain doctor broke quarantine rules and went to Quebec, caught the legacy strain of Covid and brought it back with him and passed it on to some of his elderly and comorbidity patients.

The article I was quoting was from Covexit and published, April 2, 2020. Predictably, the site has been taken down. Which is why I try and back up and save any webpage that runs against the narrative. Here is a screen grab of the first part of the article.

3. My third claim was that they had zero Covid deaths till a doctor went and got it and spread it.

So there you have it. Twitter has banned me for a week for failing, not just to say 2+2=5, but to really believe it because the party says it is 5. I have proof for all that I say, not that I should need it. Most of Twitter is pure BS and opinion. Most of it uninformed or under-informed but people chit chat about their thoughts and feelings about things if they are normal people, or engage in dialectic attacks which are calculated insults and disinformation if they are leftists.

Its pleasant to have a clear understanding of what Twitter is in a way. It is not at all frustrating when they behave in a predictable manner which confirms one’s suspicions of the basis upon which they operate. Twitter is nothing if not consistent.

Rand Paul on the danger of a one-world government

I need to correct Jesse Waters on one very important point.

They are not hatching crazy plots to make our lives better. Not even facetiously. Not even a lie about it.

They are overtly plotting their schemes and crushing authoritarian changes to make them worse. Much worse. And they say so. Anyone who hasn’t read this National Post article on Canadian communist and authoritarian, Mark Carney, really really needs to do so, if they want a real understanding of what is taking place in our world now and especially, at Davos this week.