Another data point for the Capitol building walk in being akin to The Reichstag fire

Remember this post from all the way from yesterday?

Let’s have a look at who was involved with breaking in to the capital on the 6th

Most interestingly for this post, is this video done by RAIR Foundation about a genuine left wing violent revolutionary

He inserted himself with Trump supporters and was part of what looks like a false flag op to get GOP house members to not contest the Electoral college.

Well look who got released from jail already, even from the serious charge of, what are the Democrats and enemy propagandists calling it? Oh yeah. Insurrection.

Watch the thread about his adventures in DC here.

Agenda 2021: A United Nations Conspiracy

For those who don’t think the UN would do these things, just examine UN Resolution 16/18 to ban free speech globally and criminalize criticism of Islam, or the UN Migration compact which seeks to dissolve all world borders and criminalize all negative reporting on that agenda among other things.

This site has written and reported extensively on both over time. And as the day goes by, I will try and find videos supporting these claims from indisputable sources. Like the Secretary General of the UN for instance, or MEPs and add it to this post.

Secretary General of the United Nations and lifelong communist, speaks to ambition to obliterate freedom of speech world wide

One honest reporter discusses the meaning and implication of the UN Global Migration Compact at the time it was passed.

Politicians discuss the UN migration compact and how it seeks to criminalize reportage that casts it in a bad light

Speeches and interviews from demonstration against another crazy limit on freedom of thought, religion and speech in Bill C6

Please read the details and explanation at RAIR Foundation.

In brief, the Trudeau Government intends to criminalize, with jail sentences from 2 to 5 years long, any attempt to persuade even a child not to have mutilating and sterilizing cosmetic surgery if their friends or school convinced them to do it. This protest was on Friday, December 5th at noon in the freezing rain.

First, an interview with author, Dr. Ann Gillies:

Speech by David Cooke

Speech by Ann Gillies:

Speech by Peter Vogel

For those of you looking for an item to send to fellow Canadians, or anyone who does not believe that Canada is on a rapid trajectory to communism and thought control, this may be a good item to send them.

Three items showing galloping communism in all arenas

1. Canadian Government: Give us your savings or we will call it, “Pre-loaded stimulous” and just take it

(I had difficulty playing this on Twitter. If anyone here does please let me know and Ill upload a version that works properly. Unlike Chrystia Freeland.)

2. The way communism works, is you rename people who have reasonable objections to horrible policies into something no one can accept, then you destroy those reasonable people in a way that anyone defending them is tarred with the same brush. Funny how people who do not accept lockdowns and mandatory masks don’t get to be called, “Conscientious Objectors”.

3. President Trump responds to the insane idea that non-communists should boycott the vote for the 2 senate seats in Georgia

The Mac public house in New York, and Ottawa City Council, and the totalitarian fraud that is public health regulations

Yesterday we posted a couple of videos on the state thuggery that this pub was subjected to in the past few days.

Here is more updates. Below, that, our hypothesis as to how this comes to be.

This next move is genius. They declared the pub an autonomous zone. Obviously they do not expect this to work. Much like pointing out the massive election fraud. But the American people now get a look at how things actually work. Some autonomous zones are more respected than others.

Just about a month before the attacks of 911, In fact on August the 1st, 2001, the city council of Ottawa pulled a fast one on Ottawa businesses, and used illegal means to do so.

Using the now familiar trick of playing with the meanings of words, City Hall banned smoking in all “public places” which meant private businesses and bars and restaurants.

In a move that was similar to banning coal miners from working in coal mines due to the heavy presence of coal, they decided that bar workers, many of whom smoked, needed to be protected from second hand smoke and barred smoking inside for the good of their health. Of course.

And as to public, if as person tripped and fell within the premises, the business owner was liable for it, and if a customer drank too much and got in an accident, or even was arrested for DWI on a random stop, the bartender was criminally liable. So, not so much. public at all really.

It is also important to understand that Ottawa City Council, which was staffed as memory serves, by a lot of far leftists at the time, was invited to speak to New York City Council to explain how they managed to implement this ban.

The bylaw was worded in such a way that there wouldn’t be too much resistance to it, as it offered an out that they, the city, never intended to honour. It said this was for public places but private clubs were exempt. One major entertainment venue on Bank St. Barrymore’s Pub, decided to become a private club and sell memberships and all the other related requirements to be exempt from the bylaw.

But bylaw enforcement came every day and levied ENORMOUS fines, 4 figures in fact, against Barrymore’s knowing that they were operating within the law, but the cost of fighting the tickets would be too much for them.

Keep in mind that only a few years earlier, bars and restaurants had been forced to invest many thousands of dollars into special air filters and circulation devices to comply with previous anti-smoking bylaws.

But a curious thing happened during this period.

A consortium of bars and restaurants who lost on average 30% of their total sales or more, got together and hired a law firm in Ottawa. Not to fight the bylaw, they didn’t think they had a chance. Probably based on some of the illegal tactics the city had already used against them. One example being that in direct contravention of law, the city spent a great deal of public funds advertising one side of a bill before it became law. On the sides of busses and on signs all over Ottawa, there were signs that read something very much like:

“Ottawa is going smoke free soon! Please call this number to support the new proposed law!”

This wasn’t just illegal, this was pernicious. The kind of warp we now see on all issues from immigration policy to free speech now. You MUST go with the state opinion. No other views on an issue can be aired and more and more will become illegal. Just ask Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Matteo Salvini, and these are just leaders of national parties! For the rest of us, well we saw what happened to a mathematician who dared speak election truth yesterday.

But what this group of restaurants did, was to sue the city and all restaurants or bars that became private clubs in order to force them to comply with these regulations.

That’s right.

They did not fight for their own rights. They fought to remove what they saw was an unfair advantage that those who fought the bylaw had, and close them down, or take away their right to be a private club.

And it worked. Most of those places are closed. Interestingly, all the places that had existed before the ban, but were no-smoking establishments also closed. Becuase the city forced the niche market they had on the whole city. So people who didn’t like cigarette smoke before now could go anywhere. A few great restaurants and bars in an area we were familiar with, all closed within months. And the remainder all complained that business was down on average 30%.

Entertainment was gutted. People who go out to see bands, go to enjoy themselves. That typically doesn’t include going outside in -20 C weather every half hour for a rushed cigarette and back in.

Google searching leads one to suspect that the WHO is also behind this global push to ban smoking everywhere. And at this point, by design or evolution, it looks like that was a template for all we see around us now, from Toronto BBQs to Staten Island public houses.


After conversations with Johnny U. it feels like this is worth adding.

The post above is to offer insight as to a strategic operation against the free peoples of the world. But Johnny U. pointed out the equally important tactical method of implementing the strategy. And that is to use regulation to bypass law, debate and all democratic process. Clearly this is what is taking place, and is a conscious and conceived, deliberate process.



Maxime Bernier’s “Conspiracy Theory”

“They want us to forget our heritage, and to fill it with a vacuum of their choosing”

There was something unusually sinister about remembrance day this year.

Below, The Rebel’s video on how it went in Toronto. And below, that, a friend of VladTepesBlog sent in her own video from the Ottawa ceremony, where people were prevented from getting close to the Cenotaph with dump trucks and armed police.

Its difficult not to agree with the man quoted in the title. This feels like full on cultural and historical negation.

Here is a good article from CanadianCitizens.Org on how this is not the first attempt to negate Remembrance Day in Canada. 

Another Remembrance Day has come and gone with the now customary attempts by the usual suspects to both negate and denigrate it. Recall last year’s attempts in the form of the countervailing “white poppy” campaign and the frenetic response to Don Cherry’s rebuke of Canadians who failed to wear a poppy (a red one). The “white peace poppy” was floated as a substitute for the red one and called for the remembrance of civilian victims of war rather than those who fought for their rights and freedoms against tyranny. In a similar fashion, the Cherry kerfuffle saw Remembrance Day being stacked up against the overriding need to place diversity and inclusivity above traditions that new Canadians might find irrelevant – if not offensive. Cherry was ridiculed, called a racist and fired for the error of his ways.

Ottawa: November 11, 2020

Thanks to Gun Goddess for the video and the photos from yesterday’s negation event of Remembrance day, and to Hellequin GB for the following quote:

The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long that nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was… The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.

– Milan Kundera