Calgary: Police arrest a woman for shopping without supplication to the Gessler hat, and assault her husband for watching

IMPORTANT livecast from Ezra and the Rebel News team on Pastor Artur’s treatment under Neo-Maoism

This is no joke. I just watched the bulk of this live webcast and Ezra makes several harsh but accurate observations about the judge that adjudicated the case against Artur Pawloski. Ezra points out that the last time the state demanded that an accused self-flagelate and denounce themselves, was under Mao.


Video: Aftermath of fire at Alberta Pastor’s house

This is most likely arson. The arsonists were no doubt emboldened by the police actions against Pastor Artur. The Mayor of Calgary, Far left extremist Nenshi, the mayor that said that marching for freedom against Ultra-Vires lock-down measures was “white supremacy”, has been targeting Pastor Artur for years before the Pandemic for such crimes as feeding the poor.

Artur was told it was arson

From 2018:

The Calgary mayor: