Some disturbing but revealing videos from various anti-state riots

***UPDATE: The man attacked in 2 videos below is not dead, but is reported to be stable in an area hospital.***

First, this one from Downtown Seattle. Rioter manages to get a serious weapon from torched police car. Special forces disarm.

This is 2 videos. One is the start of what was likely a fatal attack on a man who was defending his store. Notice how one of the attackers uses fast deliberate and trained movements. Also he is a skinny white guy dressed all in black and uses a skateboard as his weapon along with throwing rocks.

Everything about the attacker with the skateboard screams ANTIFA

This next video is quite disturbing, It was where they seem to kill this man. Please be warned. If this subject wasn’t so important, we would not post it.

Stephen Coughlin offers us all this analysis.

The paper is called, “When does a state become a Counter-State?”.

Plan to make this a read ASAP.

The chart below is interesting:

One wonders what possible motive these Democrat mayors may have for anything between not effectively stopping these riots to actually enabling or even feeling and motivating them?

This may be a couple of them:

The only part that has real meaning is the last part. The first part is a desperate attempt to justify her component of these destructive events. Is anyone aware of her speaking to the importance of the lockdown measures as they apply to rioters?

Below are some moments from a DSA meeting where one municipal elected official of one city pretty much lays out the goals that we see in play right now:


There are a lot of people watching and analyzing these events to thank. Malevolent Pixie, ML. M., MissPiggy, Sassy, and many more. This may be a very significant moment in US and Western history. It is also very important that things fall back into the court of the principles laid out in the US constitution, wherever you happen to be.

Being mindful of that, is certainly a good start.


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40 Replies to “Some disturbing but revealing videos from various anti-state riots”

  1. History lesson, please? Bolshevism and Minshevism; how we survived 1968 riots; what might have happened if the US in 1860 there was no slavery status as a dividing issue….
    Many countries seem to use a foreign policy that injects factional dissent; we North Americans naiively feel immune?

    • I was about to post it here. Thanks.
      BTW, I was expecting them to make Noor into another victim of ‘Black injustice’.

    • Nevertheless–in 2 weeks, police departments in a collection of cities have an unknown probability of experiencing a demoralizing spike in illness and the need for colleagues to quarantine. We may learn if there has been a jihad-like willingness of perhaps infected “protesters” to sacrifice themselves in homage to their leaders? I don’t see Americans as being that self-sacrificing, so please realize that things could be worse. For some reason, I feel that the most important thing we can do is to support Hong Kong.

      • The riots are taking the worlds attention off of Hong Kong, while that wasn’t the primary reason for the riots the left is still happy about this and the Chinese will take advantage of the lack of attention.

        Always remember nothing is taking place in a vacuum, all of the worlds leftist groups communicate and coordinate their actions. As I said in a different comment the number of riots spread all across the nation shows a coordinated action to try and make the US ungovernable. One of their goals is for President Trump to declare Martial Law and send in the Nationalized Guard (under Federal Control not State Control) and use the regular military. If he does this then anything that goes wrong is his fault and lessens his chance of re-election.

        • I do agree with you re Trump should not send in the Army.

          However, this is also an economic war (a tool of the rabid Socialists) whereas those democrat cities might ask the Feds for public funding re reconstruction. And Trump cannot say NO, thus weakening an economy that is already fragile.

    • There are likely to be many, many cops out sick just when they’re needed most. Statistically they’re unlikely to die, but this virus knocks people out of commission for weeks, at best.

  2. I can’t think of a better evidence that the Political Leaders of the Dem Party are trying to foment a civil/race/class war in the US. Their actions are empowering the professional agitators who are leading these riots and are ensuring that this will be a long scary summer with a very contentious election that the Dems will loose and this lose will be used as an excuse to start more riots.

    FOX is saying that there were riots in 30 cities last night, I will bet that the vast majority if not all of them have Dem Mayors. The number of riots and the way they are spread all around the nation are evidence that this was a planned action that the left was waiting for an excuse to start.

    The man that was kicked to death shows 1) why you never let rioters drag you from you vehicle (I know he wasn’t in a vehicle) and 2) why the mixed MMA people are wrong about taking people to the ground to win the fight, in a riot situation never let them get you down on the ground, if you do go to the ground you won’t get up.

    • Like the Serengeti. The minute the buffalo’s body touches the ground the fight is over and the lions or hyenas or wild dogs pile on and tear it to pieces every time.

      • That is right, the people who are running through and at times over the “protesters” who are blocking the road are acting in self defense, a fact that the left wing prosecutors are going to ignore.

      • The left wing Dem (I know redundant) Governors and Mayors have surrendered their cities to the mob and it will take time and harsh policing to restore anything like the rule of law to those cities and in some cases states.

  3. Both Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the enemy, dedicated to creating a race war between the whites and the blacks and deserving of being designated as “terrorist organizations”, infiltrated, and arrested. Until that happens they will be free to wage warfare against the United States to their hearts’ content every time a black guy gets killed resisting arrest, which they seem to do whenever they get caught committing a crime…

    • No they don’t all get killed resisting arrest, a only those with underlying medical conditions or those who pull a weapon on the police.

      • Perhaps some awareness training for everyone on the high rates of untreated diabetes and high blood pressure amongst African Americans.

        • “Awareness train” black people that they have agency.

          They have medical vulnerabilities?

          Ensure they are “aware” of them. Then they might make different lifestyle choices. Or not.

        • Why is the answer to all problems like this is to add another layer of training to the police and force them to hesitate longer before they defend themselves and the honest people? The criminals of all ethnic groups have to take responsibility for their actions and if those actions lead to their deaths they are at least partially and usually totally responsibility for their own death.

  4. GoV has a 2014 series on Minneapolis “Minnedishu”:

    • A Fiery Dawn in Minneapolis
    • Enter DHS — It Was a Gas Leak
    • The Gas Company Says: “No Way!”
    • Body #2 Found at Cedar Avenue
    • A Funny Smell in Minneapolis
    • Applying Occam’s Razor
    • What the Police and the Gas Company Really Said
    • Fiat Lux — 514-510 Cedar Avenue South, Part I

    Links to all at the end of the last essay:
    …..I look forward to their continuing coverage.

  5. But the 990 wirh same collection of names is a 501c4, not c3.
    Odd that: income doubles or trebles yearly–now up to $48M. Please post on what is in the 990–is it related to blm?
    Also see the firat comment on Marleys’ article: blm deliberately avoids having its own charitable taxID to avoid the risk of being assassinated. Marleys points out that a foreign power can easily hijack such an organization (which lacks financial transparency and accountability) to cause racial strife instead of racial healing. This bit of searches take me so little time to do that ine might think that professional journos find a reason to avoid looking.

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