WEF’s Yuval Harari

I’ve been wondering about this guy for a while. The stuff he says is beyond outrageous. If he means what he says, one can imagine him in the town square with his head and hands in stocks while people throw things at him as a tape of what he says plays in a loop. But most of the clips I have seen have been edited in such a way that its not unfathomable that he actually was trying to warn, rather than advocate about these things.

Having put my uncertainty about him in a previous post, some excellent people sent in links that are less ambiguous about Mr. Great Reset, Yval Noah Harari. Lets give a listen:

His Youtube channel. he is hawking a book. Someone should try offering him Ukrainian digital Schwabs for one. Interesting that famous villains either seem to have three names, like Lee Harvey Oswald, or just one. Like Blofeld, or Hitler. Sometimes two, if they are both the same. Like Sirhan Sirhan, or Boutros Boutros. Here is his website.

Early on in this clip he makes an interesting inversion of reality. He talks about when people are of no use to the economy. One might look at that a couple of ways. In the communist sense, as the founder of the UK communist think tank, The Fabian Society does, where people who “can’t pull their own weight or perhaps a little more” should be “killed with a humane gas.” Don’t believe me, believe George Bernard Shaw.

Another way, or perhaps just another aspect of the same way, could be that he sees real live human beings as being subservient to the fiction which is the economy. In other words, a word we use to describe the hive activity of us all trading goods and services with each other using a medium of exchange, (which we have unfortunately allowed the government to manage) the ‘economy’ is now the real thing. And like a giant statue of Baal, those who cannot service it should be sacrificed to it.

South Park made a really brilliant episode more or less on this. It was inspired by one of the most interesting bits of anti-communist novel writing ever, The Master and Margarita, and made into a 30 minute cartoon called, Margaritaville. Season 13 episode 3. Well worth watching. Especially if you are familiar with The Master and Margarita.

The Master and Margarita can be seen as a 12 part movie on Youtube, each part being about an hour. So, its a hell of a commitment. But its very much worth it. Not that its in any way connected to Mr. Harari. Or maybe it is.



Rand Paul on the danger of a one-world government

I need to correct Jesse Waters on one very important point.

They are not hatching crazy plots to make our lives better. Not even facetiously. Not even a lie about it.

They are overtly plotting their schemes and crushing authoritarian changes to make them worse. Much worse. And they say so. Anyone who hasn’t read this National Post article on Canadian communist and authoritarian, Mark Carney, really really needs to do so, if they want a real understanding of what is taking place in our world now and especially, at Davos this week.

Jack Posobiec arrested by WEF police!

Try to find today’s broadcast of the The Charlie Kirk show.

In it he interviews Jack Posobiec right as he was released from custody from the World Economic Forum Police. Not the Davos, or even Swiss police, but the WEF ones. A group of them pointed MP5s at Jack and his crew, and demanded to see his footage.

As Charlie points out, no NYT reporters had any problems at Davos. Just The Rebel and Jack Posobiec and anyone reporting on the event that may not be for the agenda.

This use of arbitrary police forces that have no actual basis in law remind me of the hundreds of olive clad pseudo cops in Ottawa, used to bust up the legal peaceful protest of the Freedom Convoy.

The Rebel has obtained Global Affairs documents regarding WEF Great Reset meetings

FWIW, The renaming of our ministry of Foreign Affairs to “Global Affairs” by Trudeau all by itself is a pretty powerful indicator of his intention to destroy Canada as a polity, as a Nation State.

Below, the former War Museum on Sussex Drive, Ottawa. Photo from 2021

More here at The Rebel

The Documents


Sidebar with George Gammon – Viva & Barnes Economics Stuffs originally broadcast as a Live Stream

This covers a lot of territory. I like that the record is straighten on Malthus. He was not a genocidal maniac, but rightfully said that the population needs to be controlled because the Earth only can produce so much stuff. He did not suggest mass murder. More birth control. There is a LOT more in this video and they get a lot right.


Repost: Klaus Schwab’s school for young leaders

Now that a lot more people have heard of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, and its cadre of traitorous politicians inserted into our governments, especially in Canada, to undermine democracy and individual rights, in fact individualism altogether, we felt this would be a good time to repost the videos we did from Reiner Fuelmich’s interview of a man who actually made a study of this line of effort.

First, the Schwab video admitting his influence and school:

Recently, we posted a video of Schwab congratulating himself for having taken over Canada in the form of Trudeau and many of his cabinet members. So those of you who may not have bothered with these videos last time they were posted, may find them of more importance now.

Ever wonder why so many leaders are young, stupid, unaccomplished lefties with thin resumes? Well the explanation may be right here. Not just leaders, but a LOT of ‘health ministers’. Like Canada’s minister of health, who has exactly zero medical training and was in fact, a graphic designer. But somehow, she is a first world country’s minister of health. And we can all see how well that’s going.

Thank you Oz-Rita for the herculean effort required to translate these videos, and RAIR Foundation who wrote it up here really excellently.

If the videos do not work for you, please try the source links below:


Video 1: https://3speak.tv/watch?v=rairfoundation/xpnzvaim&utm_source=studio

Video 2: https://3speak.tv/watch?v=rairfoundation/ysovuqtv&utm_source=studio

Video 3: https://3speak.tv/watch?v=rairfoundation/jhlkypjr&utm_source=studio