Organizer of Million Person March set for Wed. Sept 20th, responds to ‘leaked’ video by govt and union leaders planning to interfere with it

First, the response from the organizer of the planned Canada-Wide march against SOGI:

This is the video I believe he was responding to. We posted it here a few days ago as well.

For those of you who do not get how leftists perpetually use the politics of victimhood to in fact be the oppressor, and work three shifts to destroy every aspect of what is important to the rest of us, right down to the last brick and mortar of our reality, please watch these two videos on formal leftist semantic weaponry. Regulars to this site will have already seen them. On Marcuse’s repressive tolerance, and how truth becomes hate speech.

Repressive tolerance in under 3 minutes:

How truth becomes hate speech

In the Union leader’s and other associated Marxist Leninists at the secret Zoom near the top, it is fascinating to hear the attempt to conflate “Islamophobia” with “transphobia, which is of course the narrative attack vector, as well as mitigate the fact tt is a Muslim who you see in the top video who organized this and announced it at a nearly all Muslim protest of SOGI at the Catholic School board!

Related: Toronto Security Meeting:

We spoke with Jeff in June of 2022:

Counter-demo ad:

Something to remember when Scarecrow Joe calls non-leftists “terrorists”

Another data point for the Capitol building walk in being akin to The Reichstag fire

Remember this post from all the way from yesterday?

Let’s have a look at who was involved with breaking in to the capital on the 6th

Most interestingly for this post, is this video done by RAIR Foundation about a genuine left wing violent revolutionary

He inserted himself with Trump supporters and was part of what looks like a false flag op to get GOP house members to not contest the Electoral college.

Well look who got released from jail already, even from the serious charge of, what are the Democrats and enemy propagandists calling it? Oh yeah. Insurrection.

Watch the thread about his adventures in DC here.

Salty Cracker video on the murder of a mother by leftist BLM terrorists in Indianapolis (Language)

Personally I quite like this guy. And although I find his treatment of this event to be a bit flippant for the severity of this arguably milestone event, he makes critically important observations. I say it is a milestone event because they killed a woman, and a young mother at that, for saying all lives have value. That was enough to justify her murder by what at this point must be called terrorists.

His observations:

The media will not write about it. (And if they do, certainly not honestly.)

The police will be told to stand down

Communists will run rampant in the streets looting, threatening, beating and intimidating, and now killing people for failing to champion their narrative.

Brad Johnson on the Democrat State Senator attacked by the communist mob

Brad discusses the Demcocrat State Senator who got attacked by communists under the BLM or ANTIFA label and why that should not surprise anyone.

So here is an unexpected datapoint for the overall hypothesis.

The couple who the media has been attempting to destroy and humiliate in public for defending their own home, the one where prosecutors and politicians are swearing they will find a way to prosecute them for defending themselves against the communist mob; the couple who Tucker Carlson defended so eloquently and passionately on his show last night (and rightfully so) are lawyers who defend BLM and ANTIFA and are hard core leftist elites. Oh yeah.

The Western Rifle Shooters link above is a worthy read from a tactical perspective as well.

Meanwhile, about the couple:

You could almost hear the narrative being crafted in liberal newsrooms. The white couple who scared off lefty trespassers in St. Louis was about to be poster kids for every garbage ‘woke’ narrative under the sun. These clowns forced their way onto these people’s property.


They were trespassing. That’s illegal—a key aspect of this story. The property belonged to Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who came out armed with firearms to deter these lefty agitators from the premises. Mark was sporting an AR-15 rifle, which surely triggered liberal America. This was a case of self-defense. To make things more interesting, the McCloskey’s are actually supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. This lefty mob was marching on the house of Mayor Lyda Krewson, a Democrat after she released the names and addresses of locals who are for defunding the police department:



Some disturbing but revealing videos from various anti-state riots

***UPDATE: The man attacked in 2 videos below is not dead, but is reported to be stable in an area hospital.***

First, this one from Downtown Seattle. Rioter manages to get a serious weapon from torched police car. Special forces disarm.

This is 2 videos. One is the start of what was likely a fatal attack on a man who was defending his store. Notice how one of the attackers uses fast deliberate and trained movements. Also he is a skinny white guy dressed all in black and uses a skateboard as his weapon along with throwing rocks.

Everything about the attacker with the skateboard screams ANTIFA

This next video is quite disturbing, It was where they seem to kill this man. Please be warned. If this subject wasn’t so important, we would not post it.

Stephen Coughlin offers us all this analysis.

The paper is called, “When does a state become a Counter-State?”.

Plan to make this a read ASAP.

The chart below is interesting:

One wonders what possible motive these Democrat mayors may have for anything between not effectively stopping these riots to actually enabling or even feeling and motivating them?

This may be a couple of them:

The only part that has real meaning is the last part. The first part is a desperate attempt to justify her component of these destructive events. Is anyone aware of her speaking to the importance of the lockdown measures as they apply to rioters?

Below are some moments from a DSA meeting where one municipal elected official of one city pretty much lays out the goals that we see in play right now:


There are a lot of people watching and analyzing these events to thank. Malevolent Pixie, ML. M., MissPiggy, Sassy, and many more. This may be a very significant moment in US and Western history. It is also very important that things fall back into the court of the principles laid out in the US constitution, wherever you happen to be.

Being mindful of that, is certainly a good start.


The left begins to openly reveal its agenda and morality on German state broadcast TV

Please see this new article dealing with the video addressed in this post below:

This is stunning. Below this clip, another video from the founder of the Brish communist think tank, The Fabian Society, who’s thoughts clearly inspired Hitler, or at least Hitler thought along exactly the same lines. Notice that in the Fabian clip, the definition of who doesn’t deserve to live is set along older Marxist lines of thought. Where as people who produce or consume are now the ones that don’t deserve life along Neo-Marxist lines of thought.

Clearly the core though is the same. All the old free market people must die, and all those who can be made socialist or are socialist do not have to die.

The youth of The Khmer Rouge regime, or the National Socialists but with a disease instead of bullets or Zyklon B. Notice at the end the two white males cough on each other. What is the message here?

Potential correction: This may be SATIRE: (From PC)

Browser Ballett is a satirical on-line show – trotting our the Far Left’s talking points.

Designed to untrigger the triggered.

Bad news for the depop leftists though:

Lets hope the survivors, nearly all of us, allow these depot communists to lead the way in reducing the world population so we can see how right they were. It is funny they never volunteer for death isn’t it? They just volunteer people they don’t agree with.

ANTIFA paid by German government

Well it’s official now. The Bolshevik thugs, ANTIFA, are paid by the German taxpayer via leftist parties in power.

Thank you Miss Piggy for the translation and to all who brought this to our attention such as Hellequin Bastard.

Comment under original YT video:

Renate Künast gibt Finanzierung der ANTIFA offen zu!
Renate Künast admits openly the FINANCING of ANTIFA….with Taxpayers Money.
She belongs to the Party Bündnis90/die Grünen (former SED-party of Eastern Germany)

Germany is back in the clutches of a Authoritarian Regime that uses Terror and Intimidation to stay in Power and the vast majority of the German people are COWED and QUIET again.


ANTIFA and Trains

Restoring a 2017 video on a train derailment for which ANTIFA is reported to have taken credit.

Our story on it at the time can be read here:

It seems relevant again as bands of fake Amer-Indians are now waging war on Canada’s infrastructure under the sort of variable aegis of Amer-Indian land rights or crypto-environmentalism. It varies from time to time. But the most likely reason is Bolshvik-Communist war on free market and self governing societies.

Lets have a look at one of the main instigators of these terrorist actions in Canada. I say terrorist because Justin Trudeau’s father, who was also prime minister for quite a while, pulled the War Measures Act button for a couple of kidnappings and a blown up mailbox. Far far less than what is happened this past month in Canada for which Justin Trudeau appears to be on the side of the terrorists. As usual.

Peter B. sent in this link to Global News article on one of the protestors:

It is in the 8th paragraph where we get a hint of reality through the layers of Neo-marxist point-is-never-the-point crapiocha we are served each and every day by media:

[Natalie] Knight earned a PhD from Simon Fraser University, where she graduated with the Dean’s Convocation medal for her dissertation Dispossessed Indigeneity: Literary Excavations of Internalized Colonialism, described by the school as moving “between the separate fields of Marxism, feminism, settler colonialism, and critical Indigenous studies.”


Perhaps presciently, her doctoral advisor Dr. Deanna Reader lauded Knight as a promising scholar and “one who will make an enormous contribution to public debates and urgent social issues in academia and well beyond.”

Marxism, Feminism, Settler colonialism, and critical-indigenous studies are all just ways of saying Marxism.

The original Suffragette manifesto was Marx with a couple of minor alterations to make it fit women only.

Settler colonialism is the marxist way of saying expanding Western civilization and is a subset of Marxist/Hegelian Critical theory, which they bury in the term, “Critical indigenous studies”, which probably means applying critical theory to America-Indian peoples as a vector of attack against European civilization. So the entire educational focus of this lead protestor, is communism. Just so we can see milestone through the haze of all the smoke and destruction created by these people.

Meanwhile in France:

And oh look! A train station! Quelle coincidence!

PARIS — A major train station in the center of Paris was evacuated Friday after a huge fire broke out nearby, sending clouds of black smoke billowing toward the sky.

A row of parked scooters and motorcycles burned near Gare de Lyon station — one of six major stations in the French capital — after clashes broke out between people attending a concert by singer Fally Ipupa, a star in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and those boycotting the show. Police tweeted that cars also were set on fire along the sidewalk.



Woman who attacked Mar a Lago, a Bernie supporter

It seems the woman who attacked the Trump resort in Florida the other day was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

While it is tempting to write it off as a lone nut, a viewing of the Project Veritas videos along with the video of the DSA meeting in the European Parliament tends to indicate more a policy than extreme outliers.

Archive of 5 things you need to know about Hanna Roemhild

James T. Hodgkinson was also a Bernie Sanders supporter and his hatred of conservatives led him to try and shoot an entire baseball team in June, 2017, made up of Republican representatives.

The Project Veritas videos:

And one of the most under rated videos on the left in America, The DSA meeting in Europe about the progress of this Marxist-Leninist group in its efforts to destroy the USA