Tweets on the migrant invasion


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Unknown man gives instructions to people preparing to invade USA

This is a curious one. Fousequawk was kind enough to watch a 30 minute and change video where an unknown person was clearly giving instructions to Central American invaders of the US.

The video at the very least, indicates that this is highly organized, and that supranational institutions are involved. We just translated and titled the important bits, however we do not believe there are changes in meaning due to context related to the parts not done.

Most of that was trivial or details or interruptions.

We really do want to know what the European Union fellow has to do with all of this.


“Organized by leftist orgs and financed by Venezuela”

Bonus tweet: Lindsey Graham

A borderless world is being forged by those driving streams of people across international borders. Links 2, Oct, 21, 2018

1. Italy: Salvini deploys police to French border after row over migrants

2. Katie Hopkins crashes London Remain rally (in disguise)

3. Beheading your grandma is a thing now in Germany

4. Honduras migrant caravan resumes march from Mexico to US

5. Similar stream of illegals invading Spain from Africa via Melilla

6. Collateral damage to non-leftists

Excerpt of CBC clip showing how terrorists are sneaking into the US from Canada

Thank you MissPiggy, Oz-Rita, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Richard, ML., and everyone who sent in clips this weekend.