At this point, its looking like its definitive that the right early treatment beats Covid and none of these drastic measures are necessary

First, a video from shortly after Covid-measures ruined everything, but a few doctors had learned of Hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc and Z-pac and used it to great success.

The following video is from April 11, 2021. A doctor in Italy basically ended the Covid issue in one region entirely by early treatment using HCQ and/or Ivermectin. The numbers are stunning. and then the issue must be raised, why is this not happening everywhere? This is also discussed:

(Thanks to Dr. Andrew Bostom for sending in this clip)

And maybe we need to take another look at what happened to an Alberta Church today:

Seems like a lot of people have known for a long time that there is effective treatments for Covid that would have made all these government overreach methods unnecessary. So the question is, why have these treatments been not just not used, but suppressed to the point where doctors and pharmacists would be punished for using these treatments for early Covid patients?

This site has dozens of testimonials by various doctors on the use of Ivermectine as well as hydroxychloroquin. I just selected two because one was right at the start, and one was yesterday. We also have another video from Brazil which reports a similar thing. That early (but unspecified) treatment took one area of Brazil from the hardest hit with Covid deaths to the least deaths in the country. But in the interview he does not specify the treatment used, but we have it on some authority that it was Ivermectin and/or HCQ+Zinc.

Then of course, there is this testimony to a Senate committee. Youtube deleted this video. To be clear, a private company obliged not to be a publisher by law but a platform, deleted something in the official public record from a Senate Homeland and Security panel:

Hydroxychloroquine: A study of studies

Many at this site, certainly including its author, has had a strong feeling that the banning of Hydroxychloroquine early on, points to the very core of the reality, whatever that may be, of Covid 19. We tracked how a couple of studies had been faked, or major medical magazine published utter rubbish about it. Publications like The Lancet, and the New England Journal of Medicine. It turns out that the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based medicine produced a study panning HCQ because they elected to use it as a poison, rather than a medication by administering it at two to what, eight times? the recommended maximum dose.

In the video below, Dr. John Campbell goes in to great detail on all these studies. And for the most part, those of us who smelled fraud and misdirection around HCQ are vindicated.

However, I was very wrong about one major aspect of the way I thought about the use of HCQ. Many of the studies used Hydroxychloroquine alone, or with ZPAC, a popular antibiotic used to treat the opportunistic respiratory infection that causes a cytokine storm, which often occurs in advanced Covid 19 infections and is frequently the ultimate cause of death. But the person who first brought HCQ to our attention, Dr, Zev Zelenko, explains why HCQ works at all. He claims that HCQ is what is called, a Zinc ionophor. That is to say, it allows zinc to permeate the cell more easily, and it is the zinc that stops the virus from reproducing, and so HCQ in the absence of Zinc is like testing drivers to see if wine causes judgement issues by getting subject to drink grape juice.

To my surprise though, it turns out that HCQ has something very close to a THIRTY PERCENT reduced mortality rate ALL ON IT’S OWN without any Zinc in the mix at all!

Sometimes its great to be wrong.

Post Script:

Since HCQ was made impossible to get for treatment of Covid19, people turned to another zinc ionophor, Quercetin. Its not as effective at getting zinc into cells, but it still works and is recommended by Zev Zelenco as a prophylaxis.

Capitol Clarity: Covid-19, Vitamin-D and mRNA-Vaccine Concerns | Dr. Ryan Cole, MD (March 4th, 2021)

I haven’t seen it all yet, but the highly qualified Doctor’s first slide is a quote from Thomas Jefferson that I like so much I had a coffee mug and a T shirt made with it.

German vaccine maker gives ingredients and method for effective (non-mRNA) immunization for Covid 19

Please open this link in Google Chrome, which does a good job of translating this from the original german and settle back for a read. This is an article from Prof. Dr. Winfried Stöcker.

Dr. Stoker, who appears to be a bona fide maker of vaccines, details how previous vaccines work, and how one made via recombinant DNA which has been used for decades against Hep B and more, could have been easily and cheaply made for Covid 19 and one facility could easily make a million doses a day with no serious allergens like polyethylene Glycol, which is causing a lot of side effects and allergic reactions in a large number of recipients of the new mRNA therapy.

On a related note, readers of this site will note how Hydroxychloroquine as well as Ivermectin are considerably more difficult to get now than heroin or cocaine, at least for the treatment of the Wuhan Flu.

The thing about HCQ is, that its useless to treat Covid unless it is taken with a therapeutic dose of Zinc sulphate. The good news is, that an inexpensive over the counter substitute for Hydroxychloroquine is now available even at Costco, and that is Quercetin. It has a lot of contraindications however, meaning HCQ might be safer than this over the counter substance, but it is out there.

The bad news is that both HCQ and Quercetin are what are called, “Zinc ionophores” meaning that they allow zinc sulphate to enter the cell and the zinc is actually what stops the virus from reproducing and stops the disease and transmissibility of Kung Flu in days.

Ok terrific.

Now try and find Zinc Sulphate anywhere. The Zelenko protocol asks for:

So now we can substitute the prescription, (although very safe and previously widely prescribed medication for many things such as but not limited to, some forms of arthritis, and malaria prevention, for the possibly more dangerous (depending on what other medications you take) quercetin, but the common supplement Zinc Sulphate, other than for moss proofing rooftops, cannot be found. And the roof grade may not be a good idea to swallow.

What does all this add up to?

Either incompetence on a global scale that killed hundreds of thousands of people that could have been saved, or a malicious use of a crisis in order to implement changes and take away rights and freedoms by governments that have a great deal of certainty that they know what is best for them, and that none of us matter at all.

H/T MissPiggy.

Please read this document

Prof. of evidence based medicine at Oxford: Colleagues are too scared to come forward”

Social media now unabashedly leftist totalitarian and partisan with its banning of all classical liberal positions

First, Alphabet/Google/youtube has seen fit to delete videos of actual sworn testimony at Senate hearings on the effectiveness of ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as treatments for the Wuhan Flu,  AKA Covid 19. This is a move that should frighten anyone still living in the illusion of a world of a free marketplace of ideas.

We went out and found that footage and it is below now. However we strongly reccomend that people watch the entire hearing. There has been, and continues to be something very wrong when multiple safe and effective and inexpensive treatments, most recently Colchicin, is available to treat the Wuhan Flu and yet governments are going out of their way to make sure we cannot get these treatments. And it is not to maintain a supply. If the US can ramp up production of ventilators the way they did, then turning up the knobs at the factories already making these medications should be very very easy.

Next: Twitter deletes the account of a classical liberal party in Spain, VOX. The only party still trying to allow Spanish culture and law to exist in Spain, and to control their borders etc.

Vox announced this Thursday that will file a complaint against Twitter Spain for censoring the official account of the party for the purpose of “influence” the next Catalan elections scheduled for February 14 after a message about the “Islamization” of Catalonia.

According to the party, the message that has motivated the “censorship” is framed in the campaign ‘Stop Islamization’ which launched this week the formation led by Santiago Abascal to denounce the political parties for having promoted “the dangerous Islamization of Catalonia.”

They represent approximately 0.2% and are responsible for 93% of the complaints. Most are from the Maghreb. It is Catalonia that is leaving the unanimous indolence and complicity with imported crime. Only Vox remains “, specifically the message that has motivated the social network to have limited” temporarily “some of the functions of the official Vox account.

In a thread on Twitter, the party leader stressed that it is a “extremely serious fact” because the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg “usurps the functions of democratic states” and has announced that they will file a complaint “against this totalitarian action that seeks, among other things, to influence the next Catalan elections.”

There are lots of examples of this on this site. In fact our own VladTepesBlog channels have been deleted by Youtube a few times. But the tempo is up and the beard is down for Social media’s censorship of anything which is a threat to the new fascism. Fascism of course in the true sense. The merger of a far left collectivist and centralized government, namely communism, with no value for the individual and no place in the institutions for truth, with giant companies like Google, Costco, and the companies that stayed open and bottlenecked the whole population in their stores, somehow to help stop the spread of Covid, which seems to us at least intuitively as wearing masks is, to be less of a threat if people mostly all went to small shops instead of all mixing at the same few giant warehouses.

Thirdly, Apple and Android (Google again) planning to remove the Telegram App both off the store, AND off of your phone!

(Comments are more useful than the video)


YouTube suspends Trump indefinitely, stops Giuliani monetizing clips

SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube has suspended Donald Trump indefinitely from the platform and said it will also prevent the former U.S. president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani from being able to monetize his clips, U.S. media reported.

It comes a week after the social media giant confirmed it would extend a ban on Trump’s channel — which has just under three million subscribers — joining other social media platforms in banning his accounts following the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The Google-owned firm has faced some criticism over its slow response following the violence in Washington, as well as the proliferation of conspiracy theories on the platform.

If more examples of big tech censorship appear tonight they will be added to this post. But one way or another, they will appear, and they will be posted to this site.

Thank you Sassy for bringing to our attention, the missing video of Dr. Pierre Kory.



Protests in the Netherlands against liberty destroying Wuhan Flu measures move to the next stage

This post will be updated as items are viewed and added. Thank you MissPiggy and C. and M. for sending in such amazing material. Whatever one may think of these events, the question we all should ask ourselves is, how far can we allow governments to push us before we fight back?

1. Covid Test Centre burned down

2. Another video of riots in Amsterdam and Eindhoven:
0:30 random escaped horse
1:16 man in bear(?) suit
11:06 supermarket looted
11:32 pavement broken up to use as projectiles

3. According to the mayor, the police was pelted with stones, traffic poles, golf balls, fireworks and even knives. About 1500 people participated in the protests, 100 arrested. Article in Dutch:

C. adds the following analysis:

PS Eindhoven is somehwat notorious for its soccer hooligans.who call themselves “the craziest”. I suspect the rioters are mostly from this demographic.

4. Minor (?) riot against the COVID curfew just broke out in the Hague, the Netherlands, in the mostly muslim area Schilderswijk. Arson, blocking traffic, police react with tear gas. Videos:

(The video above does work but you may have to click a few times or go to YT to see it)

5. Explosion (fuel tank?) at 0:30

6. Videos of the riots in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

7. Eindhoven train station vandalized with stones, arson of a railway company car, looting of a supermarket, etc:

The mayor spoke out and called this “simply criminal behaviour”.

8. General mayhem

9. Eindhoven




As Biden Became President, Medical Journal Quietly Retracted Study That Claimed Hydroxychloroquine Is Ineffective

***The National File used a reasonably new tweet, January 18th, as the basis of this, but the tweet leads to an article from The Guardian which is over 7 months old! So while the story is true, and the important aspects of it, that HCQ was falsely demonized, the idea that its being vindicated with Biden’s assumption to the throne is misrepresented here.***

How many did the Democrat Party and the enemy propaganda media kill to get President Trump out of their way.

From The National File:

Their retraction-admission validates what President Trump stated in the very beginning of the pandemic January 21, 2021

A leading medical journal has issued a retraction of their endorsement for a study that concluded the anti-viral drug hydroxychloroquine was ineffective against the COVID-19 virus. This retraction appears to validate the claims then-President Trump made about the medication being a frontline drug in the battle in the pandemic.
The Lancet, a respected online medical journal, issued an apology to its readers in an edition last year after the retraction. “We deeply apologize to you, the editors, and the journal readership for any embarrassment or inconvenience that this may have caused,” the publishers of The Lancet said.

Compared to the significantly more expensive medications being used to treat the virus, hydroxychloroquine – a drug widely used to treat malaria – is relatively inexpensive and universally available. Hydroxychloroquine ranges in price from $0.30 to $6.63 per dose depending on location.