Once again, Hungary put on defence for actions which are more democratic than the attackers

Far be it for me to speak for Hungary. But there is a central point that even Mr. Kovatch misses in this ‘dialogue’ with UK’s notorious HARDtalk program.

Hungary’s democratically elected government passed an emergency measures bill in the parliament granting Viktor Orban powers of fiat rule to deal with what was sold as an existential threat to us all at the time. All leftist nations are pounding Hungary for that, while they simultaneously set security forces, armed forces and all branches of police and regulatory enforcement against their own citizens for social distancing violations with exactly ZERO law, acts of parliament or constitutional justifications whatsoever.

In Canada, where locals love to attack Orban with no knowledge of him or his policies other than what the NYT makes up about him, is issuing fines around the one THOUSAND dollar mark for being out with your own children and not even near other people. And there was no legislation passed to justify this whatsoever.

So whatever else one may say about Hungary’s response to this, it is far more democratic than that of it’s critics. Is there even any point in talking about the UK? Well before the Wuhan Flu hit, they were sending police to people’s doors for jocular tweets about men who imagine themselves to be women. I would like to see the legal justification for that which wouldn’t be out of a Fabian Society ops manual.


Viktor Orban said it! And here is the actual circumstances

Many media sites around the world have been quoting Viktor Orban’s statement that “This is an organized invasion”.

Readers of this site may notice that we downplayed that quote as the places and events it had been attributed to, he simply did not state that.

Thanks to CrossWare, the video was found and he did indeed say exactly that. But without context its highly subject to spin and contempt. In this clip. you can see not just the statement, but the evidence for the statement and the circumstances of its being said.

Watch to the end. The pay off is huge.

Town of Röszke, in Hungary, at the border crossing with Serbia

In January 2020 a mob of migrants rushed the border there:


In the Great Migration Crisis of 2015, a huge mob of migrants attacked the border crossing there (“The Battle of Röszke”):




Press conference at Röszke, February 13 2020

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
Slovakian Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini



Notes from the translator:

This is the original press conference at the border, with official translators translating immediately. Orbán speaks in short sentences to help the translator.

The first part of the video is standard diplomatic chit-chat. First Orbán thanks the Slovakian PM for sending Slovakian police officers to defend the Hungarian border. Then PM Pellegrini thanks the Hungarians for defending the southern border of the EU, thereby defending Slovakia.

Viktor Orban interview in English

Having just listened to the vast majority of this on the treadmill, it is so excellent, (as we have come to expect from PM Orban) that we felt it had to have its own post.

He addresses economic issues, communism, the polarization of nations in the West due to Leftism, Merkel, and all the subjects of interest to our readers, although at 15 minutes from the end, I have not heard him mention islam yet.

But this is really worth our time. No need to watch, do dishes, bike, anything more or less mindless and this is a joyful experience for those looking to hear a rational leader. No rhetoric. Just information. Orban does not even claim to be a better leader than Salvini etc. etc. He just says that because Hungary does not have a proportional representation system, he can govern with less or no compromise to leftists.

Another POWERFUL reason we must not go to Prop Rep, and another data point showing why Trudeau wanted to move us there.

Viktor Orban’s state of the union exceprts (redux)

A few days ago we published some select bits from Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban’s as always excellent, annual state of the nation speech.

Only I had made an error in the editing and unwittingly cut out 4 minutes of his speech. So here it is corrected. Please enjoy and spread.

Apologies to all who watched it the first time and missed some of the point of it.

Another excellent speech by Viktor Orban

Everytime I watch a Viktor Orban speech, I find it nostalgic. It reminds me of the time that the media and leadership in Canada was run by adults who had a proper responsible grip on how to run a nation state for the benefit of its people.

In these excerpts of yesterday’s State of the Nation speech, PM Orban explains how George Soros has tried to plunder Hungary no less than three times, and how a populist is a politician who promises what the people want and then does not do it. While a leader that promises what the people want and then actually does it is not populist, but simply democratic.

Viktor Orban: EU driven by Soros, suggests new “Alliance of Christian Nations”

This is from Viktor’s weekly radio broadcast on Magyar M1, Friday, January 17 2020

Thank you Johnny U., and CrossWare for finding and translating this video for us.

Viktor Orban in Italy

This is the part of his speech on migration and issues of international interest.

Thank you CrossWare for the translation and Gates of Vienna for the edit. It is always such a great pleasure to do Viktor Orban’s speeches.

Direct link:


Johnny U. sent in this report from Hungarian TV:


Magyar M1:

-migrants by the boatload coming into Italy, to be distributed to other countries
-the Visegrad 4 are refusing all migrants
– uncontrolled immigration proving very dangerous
– Hungary does not agree with EU immigration policies and wants to defend all European borders on dry land and sea
– 8 boats brought 350 migrants to Lesbos
– come especially at night under cover of darkness

Viktor Orban on EU election: This is very strong stuff. Watch a man who can save Europe

This starts slow, but it is worth your time.

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July 22. 2017: Viktor Orban on the EU, George Soros and the destruction of Europe

I am busy restoring some of the videos that were lost to the public when Youtube swept me up in its purge of all people who do not echo the cultural Marxist narrative.

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We translate the source material openly so you can all see what the difference is between what is out the window, and what is on TV.