How Canada became communist/how communist is Canada

Last year, a friend took the time and effort to print out an amazing essay about the history of communist activists and the effect they had on Canadian culture and politics, dating back quite a while. My friend has been very patient with me, only reminding me now and again to get in gear and read it. It is difficult to find time to read a 26 page pdf these days and truth be told, the only way I can really do it is printing it out, binding it and taking it to a cafe or something and reading it at the table. No distractions by phones or screens. Covid closures made this impossible.

Now that I am well into this document, I have to say, she has been much more patient with me than I would have been with her had I read this and printed it out for her. This is jaw dropping from beginning to end.

So today was the day. And wow! a lot of other materials posted to this site, and personal observations clicked into place like pieces of a jigsaw-puzzle, if the jigsaw was a picture was of the gates of Hell.

Here is a link to the document directly:

After reading that, please consider watching this very short interview with a powerful man of destiny for the COMINTERN, Pierre Trudeau’s son, explain how he plans to finish his father’s work. This clip is from 2006. And if you read even the first 6 pages of the PDF, you now know what that work actually is.

The connection between the video above and the document can be easily seen on page 4 of the .pdf. Pierre Trudeau’s use of the War Measures Act, and his opposition to Quebec separatism were both tactical to advance Communism in Canada overall. Like everything else with the left, the point is never the point and the revolution is always the point. Justin alludes to the same goals and means above.

At this point, it should be clear that Justin Trudeau has Canada firmly on the same path his father, and stunningly, Lester Pearson, who was also a communist before him, set for Canada.

So where does that put us now?

Franky, it puts is more willing to listen to some of the more horrifying explanations for Covid measures around the world. From unnecessarily shutting down the economies, to making people prisoners in their own homes, and ultimately to forced vaccinations. Which will lead to more forced vaccinations and boosters and eventually the normalization of the total lack of freedom and privacy we already see being legislated in France and Italy and other states. It even makes us wonder if perhaps the vaccines, or later on, as the VP of Pfizer has said on multiple occasions, the boosters, might be used as a population cull.

Reposting two of the segments from Thursday’s Reiner Fuellmich’s webcast, they seem just slightly less unbelievable than perhaps they might have before reading the “Canada Became Communist” document.

Thank you Mad W. for your patience with me on this.

RCMP anxious to assist the communist revolution via C-36

While in this video, this woman has it stunningly together, she does not express the most important aspect of these facts.

“Hate speech” is code for counter-revolutionary. Its that simple. Whenever someone makes the accusation of hate speech, it is almost always because they said something true, which moves thought and the discourse away from the communist revolution now almost complete in Canada and elsewhere.

This is how they can call Candice Owens or Dinesh D’Souza, “White supremacists”. Because anything which promotes classical thought is counter-revolutionary and therefore “hate speech”

For the left, the point is NEVER the point. However the revolution is ALWAYS the point. This is the explanation for a great deal of the things which cause us cognitive dissonance, which inevitably leads to people doing reports on the “hypocrisy” of the left. There is noting hypocritical about any of the things they do. They simply are always looking at each issue as a tool with which to destroy classical thought. Using the term, “racism” or any of its analogues is a powerful tool. But the last thing the left cares about is actual racism. In fact they foment it in every imaginable way. Because that is what they need to bring on the revolution they so urgently want.


Tucker Carlson for June 28, 2021

In last night’s Tucker, he explains how Marxists are using language and taxonomy to negate any decent part of the US with the usual tortured reasoning of “racism” to force change for the worse. Communism’s central dogma.

Thank you MarcusZ1967

Given the NSA attack on this show, the importance of watching tucker is exponentially higher. We all should prepare for a series of out of context, illegally recorded calls and portions of emails designed to make us not like Tucker and his team.

Remember how one remark in a gym locker room by President Trump 10 years before he went into politics caused people who agreed with every one of his policies and actions if questioned without attaching those policies to Trump, hated Donald with spitting and hissing rage. This tactic works. They are about to do it to Tucker, and using the excessive and unconstitutional power of the State surveillance system.

A few words on the Democrat Party censorship policies

One of the defining aspects of a totalitarian state, be it Islamic or communist, is that the state takes unto itself the power to determine what is the truth, to punish all those who do not act in the manner that they fully accept that the state’s truth is the truth, and that the state will also make sure that what must be believed as the truth, is actually a massive lie.

The state will achieve this quite easily. They will empower each of us to be judge, jury and even on occasion, executioner towards anyone we see defying the state’s truth. In Islamic states, its blasphemy, and in communist states, heresy, or a variety of other names. My favorite is what the father of a friend of this website was called by the communists in Czechoslovakia. “A leader of the people against the people”.

Currently of course, it would be hate speech in one of its many semantically tightly rammed manifestations. Climate denial, hate speech. Just for one example. Even though the science is clear that there is no AGW taking place and if anything, the Earth is cooling. No questioning the vaccine narratives of course, and the list grows with each issue, and even most of the issues themselves are lies, let alone the solutions.

Earlier today I saw a video in a tweet by Paul Joseph Watson I deeply regret not downloading in time to save it. It was of a pregnant woman shopping and a man in a very effeminate voice but quivering with a degree of sanctimony I thought was only possible from a Canadian, accused her of killing his grandparents because she was in the store without wearing a mask.

UPDATE: The video is still up on Canadian reporter, Joe Warmington’s account and here it is:

He used every trope he could with maximal moral outrage to humiliate a pregnant woman in public who was shopping; and felt that breathing freely was better for her health than wearing a surgical mask.

This was a brilliant example of how a totalitarian state manages to get the general public to act as its thugs and enforce official truth. In Islam this often results in death. if a person being accused of blasphemy, especially a non-muslim, can be accused in a way that other locals can accept as possibly true, it can be justification for her murder on the spot. Sometimes by multiple means. And I say “her” because in the stories I have read, its usually a she that gets murdered in this way. (Somehow I doubt there will be any blowback on this use of pronouns)

I am thinking in particular about a mob justice case where an Afghan woman was accused of blasphemy by a local imam for turning down his advances, and was thrown off a roof, set on fire, then drowned in some sort of muddy embankment. I am trying to find the old videos of that, but it gets increasingly hard to find these things. In the video below, a woman is whipped and stoned in Afghanistan for allegedly having an affair. Which in islam, can mean she was raped.

Perhaps I will add the material on the women killed a few times over in Afghanistan. But I doubt too many people disbelieve it to the point where they need to see the proof these days.

All this though really is about an indirect answer to a question about restricting social media posts by the current US administration, whoever the leader of it may be, and the woman who is most certainly the voice of it.

Apparently, 1st amendment rights don’t apply to those who do not accept the official narrative of the current regime as truth.

For a simpler version of the above video, please hear Anthony Hopkins‘ Richard Burton’s speech below. Especially at 1:50. Truth is what the party says it is. And now we know which party that is.

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Maxime Bernier speaks with Pastor Artur with commentary by Xanthippa Socrates

Video: Maxime Bernier interviews Arthur Powlowsky, the expat Polish pastor who has exorcized police and authorities on two occasions we know of, out of his Church like a priest expelling demons.

The following article is by Xanthippa Socrates who escaped Soviet communism with her family as a teenager.

Pastor Pawlowski interviewed by Maxime.  When my husband and I watched it, especially the bits about how the lockdowns and related policies are designed to raise the cost of living and eliminate all businesses not large enough to be easily controlled by /colluding with the government, and why this is a necessary pre-condition to a totalitarian rule – my husband said this was the first person apart from myself who explains it in exactly these terms.
Side note (mine, not the good pastors)  following the Spanish flu, these measures were enacted in Germany, without which the rise of fascism would not have been possible.
The Treaty of Versailles was a similar vector in pre war Germany to money printing, as the virus is now. To devalue currency and make the cost of living more expensive.  But, this could still be overcome if there are strong small to medium sized businesses Because in the face of this inflation, people will naturally return to bartering and exchanging goods, circumventing the devalued currency.  But, if all small and medium sized businesses are gone – even small farms – that becomes impossible, as people cannot be paid in goods or trade.  They are completely reliant on the devalued currency once only huge corporations exist as employers and places of trade, and are in lock step with the government.
In Czechoslovakia, following the Communist takeover, there were currency devaluations, where new money was issued and you had a period of time to exchange old money for new, after which the old money was no longer legal currency. But the new money was worth only a fraction of what the old money was.  Here and now, we are devaluing currency by over-spending and printing money on a medical emergency due to a virus that has roughly 0.003% mortality, if it is treated early, for about $30 of commonly available medication per patient.  Yet most MDs don’t know about it, and even when they do, they are legally prevented from prescribing it.  And pharmacists are threatened with fines/closure if they fill any prescription that slips through.
When, in history, have legislators forbidden MDs from prescribing, and pharmacists from filling, medications that are cheap, tested and safer than Tylenol?
When, in the history of modern medicine, did MDs ever not even attempt early treatment of an illness?
When, in the history of modern medicine, did MDs withhold medical care until their patient became so ill, they had to be hospitalized?
Why now?
The Reset – as per UN, EU, Trudeau and the rest of our ruling elite. “This pandemic gives us a chance to re-build our society in a ‘more sustainable’ way.”
Meaning, you will become impoverished.
Meat – except for the most processed forms which contain only traces of meat – will become a luxury that only the elites will be able to enjoy on a regular basis.  Red meat will become expensive and then disappear first, then slowly everything else.  Eventually, even eggs and other forms of animal protein will rise in price:  animal protein-deficient diet leads to a weaker population.  You will spend all your energy trying to feed your family, buy toilet paper, etc – no time for politics or any independent thought.
Biden just said that people should be limited to 4 lb of red meat per person per year – to be more sustainable and to battle climate change.
Welcome to totalitarian tyranny….with new and enhanced means of surveillance.
Recently, there was an anti-lockdown protest (in small town Ontario, I think).  Some neighbours complained to the police, wanting the protest to be shut down.  The police told them that since the protest was peaceful, their presence might escalate things, so they will not shut it down.  But they have taken pictures of everyone at the protest and the good citizens should help the police identify each and every one of them!
If that does not freeze your blood, I do not know what will!
Feeling righteous and superior is all it takes for a neighbour to inform on a neighbour:  it gives the powerless power over their neighbours, motivating them to obey and to enforce the oppression.  Without these ‘good citizens’, totalitarianism could not exist.
I escaped it once – and it has followed me.  Now, there is nowhere left to escape to.
That is why I am having a bit of a nervous break down…
Tucker Carlson Today from 4/24/21 Very powerful interview on how to combat all this, [so far I cannot find a video of this. Anyone out there that has one, please post to comments so I can add to this post Ed.]  and why we should all read the US Declaration of Independence – an important complement to the good pastor’s interview.  Pay special attention to the ‘duty’ aspect…
PS:  We now have empirical evidence that the more severe the lockdowns are, the higher the mortality rate from COVID (or, should I say The Bill Gates virus, since he is one of the major investors in the Wuhan Virology Institute, and has huge investments in the manufacture of vaccines in general) is.  Just look at the statistics from Nicaragua versus both of its neighbouring countries.
At the beginning, caution was understandable.  But now, we have factual evidence that lockdowns worsen the situation.  Just look around:  in Ontario the more severe and longer lasting the lockdowns, the more filled up the hospitals become – the existing statistics make the causality vector very clear.
And yet, the lockdowns are becoming more draconian, more and more strictly enforced.

MUST SEE: Tucker details what “equity” actually means and takes it on

Please consider adding Tucker’s entire segment on “equity” to the previous post about the Frankfurt School

Tucker loses the plot at 8:20 though. While his predictions may be true, but they won’t be, he seems to not get that “equity” is a prime tool for a communist revolution and has nothing to do with race whatsoever. Once the system has been brought down, it will all be ideological equity put in play. In fact it is now. A black conservative will still be called a “White Supremacist” in order to keep them away from influence, and a white communist will be allowed to break laws and use the “N” word so long as he works for the revolution.

MUST WATCH: Excellent summary of how the Frankfurt School’s ideas are destroying the West

Add to this Bill Whittle’s amazing video from 15 years ago or so, Stephen Coughlin’s brilliant paper on Leftist tactics, and the simple phrases: “With the left, the point is never the point. The Revolution is ALWAYS the point, and that the only metric that is actually in play today is that if it assists the revolution it is to be lauded, encouraged, and amplified. Even if the actions are illegal. But if it is a counter-revolutionary idea, it is to be crushed, accused of racism, white supremacy or any other attack term whether it applies or not. Or even if the actions and words are legal. In fact its better if it is, because the revolution requires an overhaul of the system, making illegal what is central to our constitutional freedoms, and making legal the things which we find anathema. Freedom of speech must be crushed, but the state, mutilating and sterilizing children too young to have a beer or get a tattoo, without their parents knowledge or consent in the name of transgender rights, that’s to be made immutable. In fact its now a crime to try and talk a child out of these procedures under the new deceptively named, “conversion therapy” ban.

Youtube has now for ‘some reason’, age restricted the Bill Whittle video. This probably means you have to sign in to see it, which means Google has to know who watches it. This video was fine for over a decade on Youtube without any restrictions. If this isn’t Orwell, what is. Below, the same video with no need to announce yourself as a counter-revolutionary before you watch it.