TEVUS, The Attack on Rushdie as White Supremacy and the FBI against Americans

Rumours have come to me from a good source that the FBI, once a crime fighting, constitutionally protecting force, is now tasked to monitor all conservative social media for threat assessment.

(The irony here is that Qanon is almost certainly an FBI false flag operation. If not FBI, CIA or another of the US alphabet agencies)

At one point, all of us would be OK with that. We all understood the word “threat” in the same way. And none of us wanted a threat from anywhere on ourselves, our governments or our institutions. But at this time, we all know that the left, now in control of nearly everything, redefines things in order to make them effective weapons to advance the revolution. Recent examples include “vaccine”, “recession”, “Insurrection”, and many other critical things that allow the left leaning governments to take drastic action which limits the freedoms and rights of the public in a manner selectively applied, (more accurately, described as dialectic attacks) to advantage the Marxist revolution.

We saw how communist violent revolutionaries threw firebombs at police and police stations and took over parts of American cities and declared them Autonomous Zones and even killed people who were Trump supporters. This was not considered a threat and as far as I know, no consequences to anyone involved in those actions yet. So we already know the word “threat” has been redefined to mean: Anyone who is counter-revolutionary.

This site has maintained for some time now that there is only one real metric at play, which nearly perfectly explains most of what we see day to day in the news.

Any action which advances the Marxist, authoritarian, collectivist, totalitarian whatever other adjectives you wish to use, will be rewarded, not punished if illegal, and spread.

Any action which is counter-revolutionary and preserves the basic tenets of the Constitution, and most importantly of individual rights and freedoms will be undone and the people responsible will be personally destroyed. Until now by extra-legal means such as media attacks, personal attacks by communist groups such as ANTIFA etc. harassment and so on. But now the various agencies which were created to protect you and your rights appear to be tasked against you and them. The easiest example is the investigation of parents who go to school boards and object to Marxist teaching such as critical race theory (or any other aspect of critical theory) as terrorists by the FBI.

Yes. A parent who objects to their children being fully indoctrinated by a public school in Marxist doctrine, or tactics derived from Marxist doctrine such as the idea that kids should be talked into believing they are the sex they are not, and then put on dangerous chemicals to prevent normal development, and then surgery, both of which will sterilize the child before they are even old enough to understand sex and if they want children, they are considered terrorists now.

As posted here at Vlad and in the numerous reports in the Reader’s Links following the attack on Rushdie, every effort is made to detach the attack from Islam.

We did this interview quite some time ago now, about how the Biden admin, (we really need a new name for it. Biden is a scarecrow at best and couldn’t run a sausage stand at a baseball game) redefined white supremacy to include acts of Islamic terror. Meanwhile, they delete the Islamic motive from those same attacks as we see clearly with the attack on Salmon Rushdie. Every attempt is made to make it appear to be a hit by the Islamic Republic of Iran without explaining the reason for the fatwa against Rushdie was he questioned the supremacy of Islam in a book and that cannot stand. Increasingly for all of us. At this point many Western nations now have “hate speech” laws, which contain effectively elements that mirror blasphemy laws but only for Islam.

UPDATE: Dinesh D’Souza on “A short history of the corrupt FBI”

Marx and the banning of elements in the periodic table

Examining the problem, reaction, solution/thesis, counter thesis, solution, or the dialectic scam of the left.

There certainly seems to be more than one understanding of this phrase. Here is our shot at it. Of course, there are scholars of Hegel/Marx who read this site, and we welcome any corrections or other interpretations of this well known phrase.

Picking Global Warming as an example, we have a completely invented problem which of course can be manipulated in any way needed to end up at the point you want to land on. Primarily, the destruction of the West with its notions of free market economy and individual rights. Since the problem is fake, and created and enforced by “consensus” (See video below) all the reactions from people calling it out as fake must be dealt with using the dialectic attack of hate speech. This was fabricated by a second generation Frankfurt School acolyte, a certain Habermas, in the form of “Discourse Theory”.

For the past many decades, various leftist controlled governments and leftist think tanks, have attempted to use the element of Carbon as a means to control industry and humanity in a highly selective manner. Like slavery as an issue, we must only examine the ‘problem’ of CO2 production in Western and free market nations, more accurately perhaps, in cultures with the concept of individual rights as being sacrosanct. We must not look at slavery in Africa or Islam ever but must focus on the past actions in The USA pretty much exclusively in terms of passing moral judgment. And we must not look at really dirty industrial activity, let alone CO2 production in China or India but must pretend that CO2 produced by any and all means connected to humans in the West as an existential threat to the entire planet.

There should be no need to try and disprove the idea that CO2 is a problem on this site. I do have a dedicated page to the science of it here on Vlad but I don’t maintain it very well as to engage in a debate based on a lie is to lose that debate since only one side seeks to know the truth and the power of the lie is much greater in the short run. At least where the goal is destruction.

One fact though, is that where CO2 is produced, more life happens. Plants grow etc. Plants, and life, are made of carbon. Even on the side of highways, plants tend to thrive from a truly poisonous form of carbon, CO1 or Carbon monoxide. CO2 is actually pumped into greenhouses to help plants hit their optimal growth rate.

But let’s pretend that CO2 production was a problem. Then why are those who wrap themselves in a false flag of environmentalism, so opposed to nuclear power? Its the obvious solution to those who claim that carbon dioxide is an existential threat to the planet. Whatever the issues with nuclear power, it cannot be as bad as that.

And then there is this:


A very worthy deeper dive:

So we have a solution now for food production that is safe, energy efficient and absorbs far more carbon than it produces.

Global Warming is a consensus based thing though. Meaning communists agreed on creating it and presenting it as an existential problem in order to get to the solution they want, which is communism. No real world approach to solving even the non-problem of “global-warming” will be entertained and any attempt to expose it as the fraud it is will be met with charges akin to hate speech. “Climate-denier” for example, makes moral equivalence with a Holocaust denier to one who would deny the ‘existential threat of global warming’. A fairly palpable use of the Hate-Speech tactic.

More recently, in order to destroy farming in the Netherlands and replace these farms with what will almost certainly be beehive brutalist housing for illegal mostly Muslim and African migrants forced on the local population since before 2015, a new element and compound had to be demonized as an existential threat. Nitrogen, which makes up damn near 80% of the total atmosphere, and ammonia.

I won’t even bother to deal with the issue of nitrogen. To think that the tiny amount of nitrogen released on a few dutch farms justify the actions against farmers we see in the Netherlands is even worthy of rebuttal on that basis, means a lack of understanding of the tactic at play. Much like when one knows that nearly all human beings are born either a man or a woman (with the exception of extremely few genetic mutations which end with those individuals as they tend to be sterile) and to pretend these are fungible is, well risible.

So let’s look at the new threat of ammonia.

How could we somehow solve the issue of ammonia in a way that would satisfy those who claim its a problem while maybe at the same time, solving other problems many are concerned about:

The bottom line is:

The problems we are bombarded with, from Covid to vaccine hesitancy. From global warming to cow flatulence. From Nitrogen to ammonia, are all fake problems which, even by engaging about it, causes us to lose. These are not problems at all, and some, to the extent they might be, are selectively enforced against the Western nations and peoples with zero effort to deal with these non-problems in places like China, North Korea, India and other places where the raw production of these gasses and so on are orders of magnitude higher than in the West.

We need to understand that so much of what we engage with on a day to day basis is we, the intellectual descendants of Socrates, being constantly basted with pseudo-reality and false cosmologies in order to destroy Western civilization where it actually lives.

In our own minds.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.


Dr. Andrew Bostom on Blaze TV: Twitter and the new Lysenkoism in the West

Please watch the entire thing. Andrew cuts to the chase at the end. Being permanently suspended from Twitter is certainly a serious thing when all you did was post a peer reviewed paper on the vaxx and male fertility.

Put another way, you are put in information solitary confinement for speaking what is scientific truth in the National Town Square.

By the end of the video, Dr. Bostom starts to talk about the state of science in the US. I would extrapolate that to the entire West. He specificlly cites Lysenko. The Soviet conclusion based reasoning method that destroyed so many lives in so many ways from 1917 to today in communist states.

3Speak appears to be down. Below is the same clip from Bitchute

Its OK to have racist and sexist hiring practices so long as it moves the country leftwards

There is a lot to be infuriated about in this video.

But the main two things for this site are:

The news reader talks about “CIS Gender” as if she buys into the notion that sex is merely an arbitrary designation by a doctor at birth by looking at genitals. Its so obscenely an attack on our taxonomy that you could make the same claim about species and even phylum. A person is born and declared a human being when really they could be a half a pound of squash.

The second thing is how the law only works to move the culture to the left. This person is breaking laws on hiring discrimination wherever he is for absolute certain. But there will be no penalties. If you asked him if he thought it was OK for a similar business to not hire black or gay people, we all know what he would say. The law only operates to enhance the dialectic. To move the culture ever leftwards.

Interview with Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts: How language has been weaponized to destroy our liberties

Please read an article on other aspects of this interview at:

Senator Malcolm Roberts: ‘Globalist Predators and Major Bankers Control Governments Around the World’ (Exclusive)

Actual climatology – just the facts ma’am with Prof. Ian Plimber

Remember the climate huxter, David Suzuki? In the 80s he used to shill for communists by claiming Western industry was going to destroy the Earth by putting out soot (Carbon) that would block out the sun and cause an ice age. He called this, ‘Nuclear Winter’. Then, once CBC buried all the video of him saying this bilge, he reappeared with the exact opposite narrative and started saying carbon from Western industry would cause ‘global warming’.

Here is he blackmailing children to send him money to save the polar bears.

The worst kind of ugly climate propaganda: David Suzuki targets kids at Christmas in the name of climate change

Here’s the popup message solicitation you get when you visit the website for the first time:


Climate change is melting the North Pole and it’s no longer safe for Santa and his Workshop. So our dear old friend is packing up the sleigh to find somewhere else to live.

You can help! Move your mouse over this website to find gifts you can buy Santa to help him set up a temporary Workshop and protect the North Pole for his return.

Of course, you’re savvy enough to know we won’t be sending actual gifts to Santa. You will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your purchase and proceeds will be used by the David Suzuki Foundation to support our critical work to protect nature and the environment from threats like climate change.

Buying these green gifts and personalized ecards on behalf of hard-to-buy-for friends or relatives on your holiday list is a great way to show you’re thinking of them — and the planet!

The current vaccine, digital currencies, Covid, and lots of other attacks on the west via language, are not the first lines of effort against classical thought. Crypto-environmentalism was most definitely one of them. A line of effort is a point of focus for a disinformation campaign intended to damage a target in specific ways.

Let’s take a purely hypothetical and absurd example as I find fiction often helps to illustrate a point.

One of the main targets of disinformation would be the enemy military. So imagine if you can, that say, the US military picked a man to be a four star general who openly stated he was really a woman, and they picked him, not because he was the best candidate with a peculiarity but specifically because he is a man who insists he is a woman, and has some of the outward trappings of a female, but clearly is not one.

Just to add to the impossibility of this farcical situation, imagine the military was paying for cosmetic surgery for any person to sort of kind of look like the other sex, making them sterile for sure, but also making them less effective as soldiers, and certainly taking them out of potential combat for some long period of time.

Then imagine that the military would put time money and effort into making flight suits specially for pregnant women, where the high G forces of fighter jets would most certainly damage or destroy a gestating baby no matter what the costume worn. G forces are G forces. And the human limit is about 9 Gs for a fit healthy person with no hangover. Imagine what just 2 or 3 X the normal pull of gravity would do to a developing embryo. The most expensive abortion of all time.

(It is possible that the military developed a flight suit, which is basically just customized overalls for pilots and not a G suit for pregnant women. This should have cost about USD $19.95 at wall mart though. A normal flight suit with some spandex around the middle would work fine.)

All of this seems absurd of course. As absurd as if the US government picked a supreme court judge who said as she wasn’t a biologist, she didn’t know the difference between men and women.

Clearly none of these things could possibly happen. But if they did, it would mean the end game of a massively successful disinformation campaign intended to damage all aspects of the machinery of state. And these hypotheticals would represent just one other line of effort. The attack on basic taxonomy. It has become effectively a criminal offence, even if punished outside of the legal space, to advocate or claim there is truth in classical thinking on the biology of sex. On chemistry of climate. On asking for proof of the safety of medicines. Of asking for availability of medicine which is safe and actually works.

It would almost be like as if a Climate activist were to go to the Louvre, disguised as an old woman, and rip of the wig and attack the painting of the Mona Lisa with a cake. What has the Mona Lisa to do with climate? Global warming activism is about one thing. A line of effort against classical thought, culture and values and especially industry. The Mona Lisa is a major symbol of classical artistic achievement. So if such an absurd thing where to happen, well that might explain it.

And then there is  defence of Western culture from one of the most pernicious disinformation attacks of all, the oxymoronic concept of “multiculturalism”. Culture is a set of values which each society codifies into law. Having more than one set of these laws operating within on jurisdiction is not sustainable. Either you have animal cruelty laws or you do not. You cannot allow muslims to slaughter goats or sheep in the garage because they feel its a religious/cultural obligation on them. Either men and women are equal before the law, or they are not. The multicultural aspect of the disinformation lines of effort could go on for volumes. But the point is made.


1983: John Birch Society – Larry McDonald on the New World Order

Around May of 1983, approximately 4 months before being shot down in KAL007, Congressman Larry McDonald takes on Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden on Crossfire as they badger him about his new role as Chairman of the John Birch Society. He easily handles them and answers questions concerning the Elite’s Conspiracy for a One World Government.


It is interesting to watch the host castigate the John Birch Society for statements it made on or before 1983 which have turned out to be 100% true. Here is the zip file of the pdf of the actual Rockefeller document showing exactly what he said is factually correct. It is from 2010. Decades after they described it.

The homeowner to become a Kulak: Computing Forever

From a comment by Johnny U:

“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“The State.”
“The State who?”
“The State who says your home is under occupied.”

And this was all in my own head. Yes, they came and knocked on the door of my mind. It was a man and a women, neatly dressed, with official-looking laminated name tags on their chests. I looked behind and saw a large room. Cluttered with photographs, it’s odd what one remembers. Old girlfriends, flashes of moments–I read somewhere that these flashes are the sum total of our lives.

Cluttered, dusty and fairly chaotic, the woman muttered something beneath her breath about my house being a reflection of my mental state.

“My mental state is perfectly fine,” I said, catching her off guard. She didn’t know I had heard her.
“Of course you would say that,” she blurted. “It’s your mind so you don’t know any better. We’re from the Department of Mental Housing. We have a report from an anonymous complaint that says your mind is under occupied.”
“What does this mean? That I’m stupid or vapid? Because that’s what it sounds like.”
“No, Sir,” the man said. “It means you will have to take on tenants. You are the only occupant here, if our records are correct. Under regulation four-fifty-one, paragraph seven, line “D”, all minds must maintain a minimum of two-point five occupants per head.”
“When did this rule take effect?”
“September 21st, 2030,” the man replied.
“Well, that’s ridiculous. I suggest you both leave immediately.” I began to close the door.
“Not possible,” he replied.
“Oh? Who says? There’s no room here for any more.”
“You have plenty of room, Sir,” said the woman. “In fact you’re lucky we don’t fine you as a mental Kulak. How have you managed to hide so much mental space for so long?”
“I keep my door locked and curtains drawn. Now get lost.”
“No Sir.” The man placed his foot in my door as I began to close it.
“How many in your head?” I asked the woman.
“I have an Eritrean family of seven.”
“And I have three Ukrainians,” said the man proudly, straightening his posture as he said it. I could almost see the blue and yellow flag waving in his eyes. Ten-years on and that war was still going. “We are serving the greater good, and so must you.”

Suddenly there was a noise behind me in the room. I turned, and, much to my surprise two old men came through a door from the far side. “Who is this?” said the one old man with a long grey beard.
“It’s people from Mental Housing,” I said.
“Get rid of them. You’re up to code.” The old man came to the door. “This is my son and that’s his uncle. That makes three, now please leave.”
“Is this true?” the man asked.
“Of course. Your records are mistaken,” I answered.
“Very well, then. But we will be back to check on you.”

I closed the door. Lucky for me I had been listening to “uncle” Orwell’s 1984, and “papa” Solzenitzen’s gulag stories on audio books. I had been thinking about them alot..

Thank you Johnny U.

Interview with Ottawa Author, Scott Ventureyra

Scott Ventureyra is an Ottawa author with a doctorate in theology, and recently published a book on Covid measures and how it is the reaction to covid that is a threat to humanity, more than the actual pathogen.

For the story details and more analysis on this interview, please visit RAIR Foundation at this link

Trump Card: A new film by Dinesh D’Souza

I have only watched the first few minutes. But confident enough to post it now as his movie, “Hillary’s America” was so phenomenally good, that I am confident this will meet standard, and be worth all of our time to watch it.

Here is the description from the originating Bitchute page:

In his most important film yet, Dinesh D’Souza presents an EXPLOSIVE exposé of the socialism, corruption and gangsterisation that now define the Democratic Party. Whether it is the creeping socialism of Joe Biden or the overt socialism of Bernie Sanders, the film reveals what is unique about modern socialism, who is behind it, why it’s evil….and how President Trump can and must stop it.

The last thing the left wants, is a solution: CO2 and alternative fuels

Thesis, counter-thesis, solution.

Back in the 70s, during the last phoney fuel shortage when people lined up around the block to get expensive gas that often wasn’t available because “energy crisis” and whatever other reasons they made up to explain why it was so difficult to fuel your car, a South African farmer actually came up with a partial solution that would have led to a full solution had he been allowed to do so. And that even though the crisis was a total fraud.

I learned about this from a now defunct Ottawa newspaper called, “The Ottawa Journal”. which was destroyed by its Worker’s Union in 1980, most likely because the paper was more or less attached to the Conservative party, as opposed to the Ottawa Citizen, which was Liberal. But Mother Earth News has a relatively recent article on this fellow, while the original article probably never made it to the Internet.

If you read the article, it shows how not only was he able to run internal combustion engines on the Methane he produced, but a myriad of other problems cleared up as well:

At that point a man pressed a button on an electric pump and the whole mess just whooshed down through an enormously strong steel grid, through a sand trap and into the methane plant. As the last bit went down the drain, a hose was turned on and everything was washed down and left spotless. There were no smells, no odors, and no flies.

The fly eggs that were already in the manure, you see, would go into the plant and that was the end of them. It was really remarkable, actually, how the fly menace cleared up on the farm over a period of a few months. There were practically no flies left.

The whole place cleared up, in fact. The stench from the compost was gone, there was no more dust or dirt flying around, reinfestation of roundworms stopped altogether, and the pigs were certainly healthier.

The phrase, “Thesis, counter-thesis, solution” in practice, and likely also in theory, means a problem is invented, ideally one with little or no basis in reality, a counter-thesis is proposed which enforces the narrative of the thesis by buying into it, as well as creating more problems as you implement fake solutions (think electric cars) and a solution appears which doesn’t actually address the non-problem so much as it aids the goals of a communist attack on Western civilization. Think “carbon tax” and “global Warming”. Most importantly, while these solutions do nothing to solve the problem they are ostensibly for, they do move the revolution forward.

In the case of Global Warming due to (exclusively) Western man’s industrial output and farm output, the solutions offered are always to make industry close to impossible. This is opposed to actual solutions which do not result in the mere redistribution of Carbon in one form or another, like a tax. An absurd proposition to begin with. But that is always how the revolutionaries proceed.

A great example of a real solution to the phoney problem, is President Bush’s effort to make a giant safe repository for spent nuclear fuel in Yuca Mountain and build a system of railways leading to it. The idea was, nuclear reactors could operate with zero CO2 emissions and the spent fuel had a safe place to be stored that would hold them for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The money was spent, the rail lines had been built, the mountain hollowed out and reenforced with all the safety measures needed, and there is still no fuel in that repository thanks to Obama’s abandonment of the entire project. Just like there is no industrial production of methane from pig farm manure.

Moving to today, The Rebel Media interviewed another farmer who found a way to make safe clean fuel out of ammonia with an average cost of 25c per litre. Put another way, twenty five cents per litre!

It has no pollution, no CO2 in the exhaust and is cheap like borscht. I wouldn’t go investing in it just yet though. Clearly there is zero desire for an actual solution to a fake problem that was never meant to be solved in the first place, but was meant as the means to an attack on all of us which we would actually assist because the goals sounded so very reasonable, and of course, we would be “racist, homophobes, transphobes, misogynists” and every other now familiar and orthodox dialectic attack on us that they can use which is more about effect than any kind of grains of truth.

This video is very important.

Once he gets into his attempts to get the government on board based on their own statements of what is needed, he passes the bullseye and goes off the board to a degree. Not that he isn’t correct, but misses the central point. It’s not just about corruption. Its about destroying the west, the nation state, Western civilization and Greek thought itself.