The left begins to openly reveal its agenda and morality on German state broadcast TV

Please see this new article dealing with the video addressed in this post below:

This is stunning. Below this clip, another video from the founder of the Brish communist think tank, The Fabian Society, who’s thoughts clearly inspired Hitler, or at least Hitler thought along exactly the same lines. Notice that in the Fabian clip, the definition of who doesn’t deserve to live is set along older Marxist lines of thought. Where as people who produce or consume are now the ones that don’t deserve life along Neo-Marxist lines of thought.

Clearly the core though is the same. All the old free market people must die, and all those who can be made socialist or are socialist do not have to die.

The youth of The Khmer Rouge regime, or the National Socialists but with a disease instead of bullets or Zyklon B. Notice at the end the two white males cough on each other. What is the message here?

Potential correction: This may be SATIRE: (From PC)

Browser Ballett is a satirical on-line show – trotting our the Far Left’s talking points.

Designed to untrigger the triggered.

Bad news for the depop leftists though:

Lets hope the survivors, nearly all of us, allow these depot communists to lead the way in reducing the world population so we can see how right they were. It is funny they never volunteer for death isn’t it? They just volunteer people they don’t agree with.

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