One soldier’s rant about surrender and the mRNA shots

By way of preface:

There are many people who I know, love and respect, both readers of this site, and flesh friends who decided to take these mRNA shots early on for good reasons. This site actually, I, to be honest about it, early on published what Dr. Bostom said at the time at the first appearance of these mRNA devices, that if you were over a certain age, I think it was 70, had certain co-morbidities and or were exposed to the virus a lot at work, then the shot was a good idea, and no one should take this video to be directed at them. This is about a very specific group of people who choose it because they want a political outcome, and not a medical one.

The rant in the video below, which I feel is important and accurate, does not apply to the people who felt it was the right choice for their health. It is about surrendering for something you want when you know it’s a bad thing, and the consequences of doing that.

In fact, one might argue above and beyond this soldier’s rant, that the cost to the social body of surrendering to coercion to take this thing and be part of the new Stasi, does greater harm then what the virus would have done to the social body had we bloody well done nothing about the virus like Sweden and so many other places did.

172 staff fired from Windsor hospital for refusing vaxx: Hero yesterday, bum today. That’s communism in a nutshell

Hopefully all these fine principled people will set up private medical practices because at this point, many of us do not trust medical staff who have lied to us over and over about critical things so they could pay a mortgage.

It would be great to have a whole new slew of free market doctors and nurses operating that we could actually pay directly and get decent care from principled practitioners.

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