Mandatory vaxx in France in Macron’s own words

Read the details of this stark shift into authoritarianism at RAIR Foundation

Below, some of the riots and protests as a result of this totalitarian proclamation.

Paris erupts:

FRANCE: Business owners caught not complying with ‘sanitary passport’ requirements will be fined the equivalent of $53,000 USD and sentenced to one year in jail. (No mention if the sanction applies to one faulty client on the premises or many clients.)

“The sanctions in case of failure will be severe. According to the draft law incorporating the new measures announced Monday by Emmanuel Macron that AFP was able to consult on Wednesday, the operator of a place of business that would fail to meet the future obligations of control of the health pass will be liable to a fine of up to 45,000 euros and one year in prison. “

Normally, its hard to disagree with what appears to be a geopolitical axiom. ‘There is no such thing as a grass roots protest’. I think that’s usually true. But there are no banners, no fancy signs, no sign of organization in these demonstrations. These are real. And they are something the tyrants may actually fear for a change.

When one quickly scans one’s own understanding of history, we idolize and celebrate those who fought tyranny for freedom.

Conversely, we demonize and vilify those who crushed freedom and imposed tyranny.

Let’s hope that remains a constant in the days, weeks and months to come. Because I don’t think we will have years to consider if we do not properly plan our days and weeks.



Macron boo’d on Bastille day: Links 2, July 14, 2019

1. Macron is losing friends at home fast.

Seems Macron’s #2, the ecology minister, who’s wife spent hundreds of dollars on a gold leaf blow drier, also has been blowing tons of tax dollars on parties.

2. Oh yeah and if there was ever evidence of her real agenda, which is to destroy the US rather than serve her people as an elected rep, this is it.

3. Speaking of corrupt US leftists…

Here is the interview with retired CIA chief of station, Brad Johnson, on the bribes for Ivy League scandal. (May start slowly)

4. Saturday, July 13, Salim Mansur, who the Conservative party denied a spot as a candidate for, as they felt that this Indian muslim would make the party appear to “Islamophobic”. Salim says a lot of things with which to agree and disagree with. but one thing is for sure. The Conservative party in denying him the candidacy for this odious reason shows how compromised it is. Salim’s positions on many important issues are solid bullseyes for most thinking Canadians and are most certainly conservative positions.

Kuwait City: Kuwait has extradited to Egypt eight wanted fugitives linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai reported on Sunday.


The eight, all Egyptians, were arrested earlier this week by Kuwaiti authorities after they had been sentenced to jail terms in the homeland on terrorism-related charges.

They were handed over to Cairo on Saturday in two groups in response to a request from Egyptian authorities under extradition pacts between the two countries, the paper said.

“Those arrested constituted an important part of financing sources of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,” Al Rai quoted security sources as saying.


They were given jail terms varying from five to 15 years after they were tried in absentia in Egypt in cases related to involvement in terrorism and acts of rioting Egypt experienced following security forces’ dispersal of a Brotherhood protest camp in Cairo in August 2013, the sources added.

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Charges brought against Macron before International Criminal Court – German media silent

An original translation by MissPiggy with much thanks!

From Watergate TV:

Francis Lalanne, one of the leading figures in the yellow vests in France, announced in late February 2019 in the French newspaper “Libération” (his intention) to prosecute French President Emmanuel Macron and Interior Minister Christophe Castaner before the International Criminal Court. In a petition initiated by him, Lalanne was able to collect the required 250,000 votes to file a lawsuit. Lalanne accuses Macron and Castaner of crimes against humanity and invokes Article 35 of Human Rights.

A few days ago, the French media reported that the lawsuit was now filed with the required signatures at the International Criminal Court on 11 June 2019.

The petition begins with an explanation of what the Tribunal declared as law and which came into force on 1 July 2002, along with the definition of a crime against humanity: “A crime against humanity is one of the following acts, if it is part of a far-reaching or systematic attack on civilians … “Here Lalanne listed below the” acts “of the police against the protesters.

The use of force by the French police against the Yellow-vests, some of which have certainly not distinguished themselves by pacifism, is disproportionate and reprehensible, according to Lalanne. Lalanne, is a singer, artist and a “yellow vest”, who launched the petition on about three months ago. On his trip to The Hague, Lalanne was accompanied by two lawyers who are accredited lawyers for the International Criminal Court.

The complaint goes against Macron and Castaner, because these are the chief commanders of the police, according to Lalanne. During the demonstrations, the police used weapons against the demonstrators defined as “weapons of war”: hand grenades and hard rubber bullets. Before the International Criminal Court, the French president and his minister could not appeal to their immunity, said a lawyer Lalannes. They have immunity in France but not in the ICC.

I do not know exactly what this clip is. Is it real? or someone making a movie about what French police do to French law abiding citizens. Too close to tell. But the lights look a little stage-is and I do not recognize the flags. Waiting on an explanation:


Are Macron’s goons now using Guns?

Macron has earned himself enough contempt that this happened

UPDATE: Please check comments, this may be a deceptively edited video, and Macron may have shaken his hand previously seen at another angle in a video linked in the comments.

H/T MissPiggy

A citizen Journalist video of arbitrary and brutal use of force by police in France

Watch this one right to the end. The last thing said to a uniformed thug of the French state by a Yellow Vest is the thing monuments are inscribed with.

Below are the two videos from the previous post as they are directly relevant and seeing all three together offers some solid clarity on the facts on the ground, as Google, (Youtube), the French State and the government-media complex, commonly called the “Main Stream News” have been shaping the narrative on these protests and not doing anything like reporting on them. The MSM and French state insist the protests are getting smaller and less energetic for weeks and weeks now and the opposite is consistently true. Search engines are being tuned to make it harder to find the people on the ground’s videos making it harder for them to spread organically.

The video at the top and the German woman speaking I believe are referring to the most recent. or Act 20 of the Yellow Vest Protests, while the bottom one I believe is from the previous one,. or the one before that. Even so, the linkage is obvious.

Did Macron just raise the stakes on reporting speech and thought crimes?

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ONE Brave Mayor spoke 10 minutes of truth to power in 6 hour Town Hall with Macron

Thank you Martin for wading trough this entire muck to find the one gem. This woman is priceless. Let’s all try and amplify her honest message to protect her from the globalist wrath, as well as force macron and his palls to actually do these things and address these issues.