Dr Richard M Fleming: On the vaccines and misinformation about Cov2

One of the points I was grateful to hear, was an explanation of the action of the various injections. Two of them we know are mRNA gene therapy devices. But two of them are actually double strand DNA injections. This is a very interesting lecture and the science is solid enough and well enough explained, that anyone should be able to fact-check the claims, look it up or ask unbiased expert (if there are any left) on any of his points.

There are a lot of lectures by this Doctor. We will post them once at least partially watched as soon as able. For those who wish to dive in to his work, the link to the channel is here.


Dr. Micheal Yeadon: Another video of the former VP of Pfizer on the current state of the pandemic

Back up and save it now. Youtube will not tolerate this much deviation from the narrative for long. However, having said that, there are many sites misquoting this man, and making claims about his views which he never made. While I personally find this man to be among the few most reasonable people to speak on the Covid19 pandemic, of which he says is no longer the case, and cannot even possibly be the case as we already have 60% herd immunity, its important to watch him for yourself as people either honestly or odiously have been creating quotes for this man, claiming he said things which he simply never even approached.

The other day, we posted a 50 minute interview with him that was also excellent. If you haven’t seen it, please consider doing so.

There is one point he makes that I think deserves another data point.

He mentions early on that there was an original erroneous belief that no one was immune to this thing, when in fact, there was a 30% immune public out of the gate on this virus.

Some time ago, we published this video of a French geneticist who explains why this was likely believed, and for that matter, why then President Trump gave a speech suggesting millions and millions would die of Covid, and that everyone should expect to be affected, and to lose family and freinds to this disease.

So there can be some latitude given to people at the start of this thing, to make exaggerated policies and dire predictions. After all, it likely is a Chinese, Man-made (Bio weapon) that was accidentally or deliberately released. But after a month or so, there really is no excuse for its continuation.

Below, the interview with Dr. Yeadon where he says: “Everything you’re government has told you about the pandemic is a lie”. But the context matters.

MUCH thanks to Miss Piggy for all this material.

Interesting protest by College of Nurses today in Toronto. Videos MIA

Today there was what looks like an interesting protest staged by Toronto front line nurses against the measures and rules in place over Covid. I have found 2 videos on Youtube where nearly nothing is established and there is one complete video on Facebook but its really difficult to watch and hear, and my editing software for some reason, is all but useless right now.

If anyone out there knows where we can see videos of Today’s Toronto protest, please post the links to this post and I will add them to it.

Here are the few I have found so far:


Denmark first nation to permanently stop use of AZ vaccine, Danish Health regulator collapses at Presser

Denmark becomes first country to permanently stop use of AstraZeneca vaccine

Decision comes as another blow to EU’s faltering immunization program

Denmark has become the first country to permanently halt the use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine following its possible link to very rare cases of blood clots.

The Danish health authority said on Wednesday that, following its own review, the country’s vaccine rollout would continue without the AstraZeneca shot, as it warned of a “real risk of severe side effects.”

“Based on the scientific findings, our overall assessment is there is a real risk of severe side effects associated with using the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca,” said DHA director general Søren Brostrøm. “We have, therefore, decided to remove the vaccine from our vaccination program,” he added.

The health agency said it agreed with the European Union drug regulator’s assessment that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks, but noted that the watchdog urged individual countries to consider their own situations and vaccine availability when making a judgment.



Senior Nurse in UK speaks to her experience with the mRNA injections and asks a few questions as to why protocols are so unusual

So far I have only watched 27 minutes of this. But its interesting enough to justify posting. As Tucker Carlson points out, and as we already know, any deviation from what Tucker calls, The Celebrity Industrial Complex, and what we call communist enemy propaganda, will be suppressed. This means that any non-narrative news or information probably deserves to be seen, but that pool is also extremely polluted with both tactical misinformation and just incorrect materials by people trying to work it all out who simply don’t know enough to do so very well. It would be great if this video had more better sources and more solid information like the Pfizer VP we posted yesterday. That, by the way, was a stellar example of what real science sounds like. Even when the results of the research run against the fibre and even total gestalt of the scientist, as it most certainly does in his case. If you don’t bother with this, please do go back and watch that.


Meds and health Chief of EU, was lobbyist for big pharma

Please read the details over at RAIR Foundation

Blood clots are reportedly a “rare” side effect of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, occurring in mainly younger women under 60. The head of the preeminent medical institution in the European Union Emer Cooke attempted to downplay the side effect, which has a “high death rate” by saying that the benefits outweigh the risks.

But as revealed in a video translated exclusively for RAIR Foundation USA, MP Gerald Hauser of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) exposed Cooke for her longtime ties as a lobbyist with the Pharmaceutical industry. He said the connection leads to “Outright insider deals, outright nepotism, bribery…”

Below, a video of the top medical bureaucrat from the European Union, European Medicines agency, assures us that the AstraZeneca injection for the mitigation of Covid 19 is safe, and that the blood clotting disorder which has been confirmed to kill some recipients of the injection, are so rare as to be negligible. (Which is true, but it still killed people) This video was published on April 7, 2021.

A look into her background as was discussed at the Austrian legislature:

200 police take on Church in Alberta Canada

Please watch the videos in the post we should have up in about an hour and think about this video below in that context.

Covid: Doctors, protests, mask refusers – links 3, April 11, 2021

1. The harms of Lockdowns, the Dangers of Censorship and a path forward: Your Ontario Doctors. (There is some interesting moments in this video)

2. This analysis of the state of policing in Montreal, includes a clip of the staff of The Rebel being confronted by Montreal Police

3. Another doctor explains the actual nature of the mRNA devices and some potential risks

4. This exchange between a mask-exempt customer and a store assistant manager is unusual because it went exactly like they all should go. She was told the rules, and he said it wasn’t his place to arrest or fine, but that bylaw might and it was up to her to go to court and prove her case. THIS is how they all should be. What a wonderful store manager at this West End Ottawa store to do his job without going all Mussolini on her.

5. Australia: Many GPs refusing to give AZ vaccine in case of litigation

No worries, government has doctor’s backsides

Thank you all for your links, comments pro or con, and general efforts today. There is a lot more being worked on, including but not limited to, a bust of the EU Medical head who pushes vaccines but doesn’t mention she used to be a lobbyist for a conglomerate of big pharma.