The UN is as corrupt and anti-human rights as is its components, the OIC, and the the WHO

If there is anything good about these times we are currently experiencing, its that fear of Donald Trump being reelected has forced agencies like the UN, that were well on the way to forcing the destruction of all nation states, peoples, and history of peoples in the world (in part through vehicles like the “Global Migration Compact” and other treacherous plots) to assert a global Marxist government at the expense of democracy via stealth and subversion to drop the facade and show their true natures.

And their true natures are totalitarian, and contemptuous of self rule.

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ANTIFA intimidating Andy Ngo in a gang. Again

Getting a picture on Kurds, terrorism and communists (in Canada also)

ANTIFA unmasked in Vancouver

Vancouver Kurdish Syrian protest working with ANTIFA

President Trump on endless foreign wars and the Kurds:

Brad Johnson on ANTIFA and Kurdish training for attacks on the West

Highly disturbing call to genocide of white people by black rapper in Sweden

Anyone want to guess what the legal consequences of this video will be? Shall we compare it to what a similar one made by a White Western person about any other group might get as consequences? In Canada it would be years in jail. This is how selective enforcement is just one dimension of the Hegelian/Marxist engine of destruction which is normalizing everything repugnant and evil while destroying everything noble and which shows some self restraint in the interests of civilization.

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Ottawa high school teaches grade 10 kids that Churchill is just another dead white man

A1-0002_Grade 9 history Churchil is an old dead white man00117227     

I would like to imagine that had I been there, my question would be:

“So I can now dismiss everything Dr. Martin Luther King said as he is just a dead black man?”

Although to the contemporary left, Dr. King would be a far right wing, racist extremist. But still. It would be fun to watch how uncomfortable this commie indoctrinator of children would be after a question like that.

For those interested in where the whole “dead white men” slur comes from, please watch this excellent video:


Stasi think tank causes new grounds for harassment of German citizens in Germany

Below, are some notes provided from research by the Translator, MissPiggy who did this video for us all:

German document referred to in video and below:

Page 12 Case I.3: “Children from ethnic national families”   In a daycare center, two siblings stand out, who are particularly reserved and have little to share, e.g. from the weekend. So in the morning circle at the beginning of the week, they behave in a silent and passive way. At the same time, there are no so-called discipline problems, these children seem to be especially good ‘. In addition, traditional gender roles in the educational styles are recognizable: The girl wears dresses and braids, they are taught at home how to do household chores.

Breitbart story here:

And one of the major causes of all of Europe and the West’s trouble?

More Canadian immigration hypocrisy

While I consider the Asia Bibi story to be a perfect illustration of the total fabrication that is Canada’s immigration and refugee policy, that doesn’t mean there are not others worthy of posting.

Like this one:


SNIDER MOUNTAIN • When Nicolass van Zyl dreamed of making Canada home for his children, he didn’t expect it would be easy, and he knew it wouldn’t be cheap.

But he never once thought it would be impossible – until now.


“It feels like the whole world is falling apart. I just don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel,” the South African immigrant said from his home on Snider Mountain near Sussex.

“We’ve put so much money and energy into this,” Nico said. “ I know at this stage we are tired of this fight.”

As he gathers with his young family in the home they have known for just eight months, packing boxes surround them after they received a letter denying their permanent residency.


“When these people look at an application and make their decision, they need to remember they’re playing with people’s lives,” Nico said, struggling to keep his voice steady.


“We’ve done everything by the book but I’m made to feel like a criminal. It’s not the criminals who pack up and leave their dangerous country.”


An uncertain future


Nico doesn’t know where his future lies, and he’s doing his best to tell the children, 10-year-old Nishan and Zenke, 6, very little for now.

Two years ago the van Zyls were living in South Africa. Wendy was a school teacher, and Nico worked on his father’s dairy farm.


In a country where dozens of murders are committed a day, Nico was consumed with worry. After two neighbouring farmers were killed, and ensuing risk of the South African government expropriating their land, Nico looked on the internet for work in Canada.


He found a farmer in remote Alberta looking for help. The employer was granted a permit to hire an immigrant, and Nico’s work permit was approved, as was Wendy’s.

They sold their home and vehicles in South Africa, kissed their extended family goodbye and moved to Alberta.


Please read the rest at the Facebook link above.

But you can see from this, that the Trudeau government rewards the lawless and contemptuous of Canada, its systems, laws and traditions, while quite literally persecuting and punishing those who contribute, obey laws, and do things legally.

I would suggest at this point anyone considering investing in Canadian industry look elsewhere. When a system turns on itself in a kind of national autoimmune disease like this, it can only go one way.