British Womans Refugee Gang Rape.

Austrian Times  03. 11. 11.

The brutal gang rape of a British woman by five Afghan refugees has sparked a massive protest against illegal immigrants in a Serbian spa town. The 38-year-old woman – who bravely managed to film the attack on her mobile phone – was repeatedly raped after befriending a group of Afghan men in a park in Banja Koviljaca. Despite handing the video footage to police, only one alleged attacker – identified by police only as Abdurashid D., 25 – has been arrested. Now local mothers have told police they are boycotting local schools from next week (nov 7) unless they clear out a local refugee centre containing more than 2,500 illegal immigrants which was built to hold just 120.

“These people are always hanging around the parks and streets during the day causing trouble,” said one mum. “They have no respect for us, no respect for women and we want them gone because they have no right to be here. “My daughter isn’t going to school again while four refugee rapists are still on the streets,” she added.

The British victim had travelled to Serbia after striking up a Facebook friendship with a man who told her he lived in a town called Lozinca. When she couldn’t find him, the woman flew on to the spa resort Banja Koviljaca where she began chatting to three Afghan men in a local park. But when they invited her for a drink at a local hotel, they met up with two other men and she was dragged behind the building and raped repeatedly. Police said that Abdurashid D. has admitted sex with the woman, but claims it was consensual, although he was unable to explain medical evidence showing injuries suffered by the woman. The case has shocked locals in the region, which is the most popular spa resort in the country and regarded as one of the mainstays of Serbia’s tourism business. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………   Now compare this to the British newspaper coverage of one of their own citizens being raped…… The Daily Mirror

Illegal immigrants ‘gang rape British woman in Serbia’

A BRITISH woman secretly filmed a gang rape by five Afghani immigrants on her phone after flying to Serbia to meet a Facebook friend, police say. The 38-year-old, who has since returned home, was attacked on Thursday after failing to find her online pal. A 25-year-old man has been arrested. Locals in Banja Koviljaca, in the west of the country, have complained over the drunken ­behaviour of the town’s 2,500 illegal immigrants.

Yes that is “THREE” sentences !

Turkish court reduces sentences for men accused of raping 13-year-old.

(The government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, above, has distanced itself from the controversial court ruling). .Friday 4 November 2011

Human rights groups have reacted with outrage after a Turkish appeals court reduced prison sentences for 26 men convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl, because the victim had given “consent”.

In a judgment this week, the court ruled that the sentence was based on the old Turkish penal code, under which rape of a minor could be punished with a minimum prison sentence of 10 years – unless the child consented.

Two women accused of having sold the girl – known only as NÇ – for sex have each been sentenced to nine years in prison, for leading “immoral lives”, but the 26 men, who include teachers, civil servants and a village elder, were given sentences ranging from one to six years.

Activists protesting outside Istanbul’s palace of justice on Friday called for the decision to be overturned.

“Is it necessary to discuss consent when 26 men rape a 13-year-old girl?” asked Nilgün Yurdalan, a women’s rights activist of the Istanbul Feminist Collective.

“We think that the government itself has committed a serious crime. This does not concern only the five judges, but the laws of this country, the mentality of the government and their view of women,” she said.

Muslims banned from slitting throat of sacrificial lamb during religious festival in Florida field (but they vow to do it anyway).

Daily Mail  4th November 2011.

Fighting a planned religious sacrifice in an open field this weekend, a city official says she shut down the ceremony despite their religious rights, while the Musim group says they would carry on anyway.

Florida land given to use for Sunday’s Muslim ceremony of Eid al-Adha which sacrifices a livestock animal for food, was revoked after a government official said it wasn’t appropriate and victimizes an innocent animal.

‘I’m trying to protect innocent animals,’ County Commissioner Sheila Alu of Sunrise reasoned to the Sun Sentinel, despite a U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing religious sacrifices.

‘This is not an appropriate setting for the slaughtering of animals in an open field in a city that’s as populated as Sunrise. Usually these religious ceremonies take place in a rural area,’ Ms Alu said.

 ‘‘Yes, I was trying to stop it,’ she admitted, though doing it as a private citizen and not as a government official.

‘It’s shut down,’ she so said.

                Eid al-Adha, ‘Feast of Sacrifice’

  • Falls on the 10th day of the Islamic calendar’s last month
  • Muslims celebrate by slaughtering sheep, goats and cattle
  • It marks the end of the annual hajj pilgrimage to the Muslim holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia
  • The celebration is in commemoration of the prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his son Ismail to show obedience to God

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Father-of-two beaten up and left for dead by Asian gang for being white.

Daily Mail  27th October 2011

Victim: Andrew Goodram pictured at the spot in Queens Park where he was attacked

A father-of-two was subjected to a racist and brutal attack by a gang of Asian men who targeted him – simply for being white.

Andrew Goodram, 31, suffered a punctured lung and two broken ribs after the gang of four thugs shouted: ‘white b*****d’ at him before subjecting him to a vicious assault.

During the assault Mr Goodram, a labourer, was repeatedly kicked in the head, face and body at Queens Park in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

One of his attackers then stood over him and stamped on his chest causing what police described as ‘significant injuries’.

The beating only came to an end when one of the men decided the group should leave and they all ran off in different directions.

Mr Goodram, a father of two managed to stagger home after the assault but had to spend six days in hospital.

Greater Manchester Police yesterday confirmed that the attack, which took place at 7pm on October 19 was being treated as a racially motivated incident.

Paedophile imam jailed after girls he abused 27 years ago come forward to nail him.

  • Judge said he would have jailed him for longer – but was prevented from doing so by the law
  • He nearly went unpunished after branding one girl a liar when she told her parents
  • The cleric’s victims were aged just eight, nine and ten when the abuse started

By Leon Watson

Daily Mail…….3rd November 2011

A ‘scheming’ paedophile has been jailed for two years after abusing young girls while teaching at a mosque as an – IMAM.

Ebrahim Yusuf Kazi was told by a judge he would have been jailed for longer – but the law prevented it.

The 67-year-old cleric sexually assaulted three victims – all aged under 11 – during class as he taught groups of youngsters alone inside the mosque.

He would invite the girls to read a passage from a book in front of the other children – before groping and touching their genitals under the desk.

He also locked himself in a toilet cubicle with one of the girls, removed her clothes before he touched and licked her body.

Kazi’s campaign of abuse only surfaced 27 years after his horrific sex crimes, when the brave victims finally decided to speak out and confront him in court.

The women wept as they saw Kazi jailed for two years after being convicted on five counts of sexual assault at Swindon Crown Court, Wiltshire, yesterday.

Judge Euaun Ambrose said: ‘You were in a position of very considerable status, trust and authority.

‘It was a position of total power and respect – not only within the mosque but also within the local Muslim community.
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Armed guards with ‘shoot to kill’ orders to sail on British ships in war against Somali pirates!

Dail Mail     31st October 2011

Armed guards with permission to kill pirates will be deployed on British merchant ships, David Cameron announced yesterday.

The Prime Minister pledged to relax a ban on security guards carrying weapons to tackle what he described as the ‘complete stain’ of bandits seizing ships, taking hostages and demanding ransoms.

He is determined to combat the risks to shipping off Somalia, where 49 of the world’s 53 hijackings last year took place.

Mr Cameron acted as military chiefs admitted the U.S. was using ‘hunter-killer’ drones in the area to disrupt pirates and Islamists.

Up to 200 vessels flying the Red Ensign, the flag of the British merchant navy, regularly sail close to Somalia. No ship with armed security has yet been hijacked, according to the Government.

Under the plans, which should be in place by next month, only ships travelling through the worst-affected waters, such as the Gulf of Aden, would be exempt from UK gun laws.

Somali pirates rake in millions a year from hijacked ships. Currently, around 19 vessels are held hostage.

4,000 foreign criminals set free to fight deportation including murderers, rapists and child sex offenders.

By Jack Doyle.    Daily Mail     27th October 2011

Nearly 4,000 foreign criminals who should have been deported are at large on the streets of Britain, an official report revealed last night.

Human rights claims and red tape are giving them their freedom while they fight deportation orders.

The criminals include dozens of former prisoners convicted of  offences such as murder, rape and sex crimes against children.

The figure emerged in a report by John Vine, chief inspector of the UK Border Agency.

He revealed there were 3,775 criminals in May this year who had been released from immigration detention centres because there was ‘no prospect of them being deported in a reasonable time’.

Of those, 3,259 had served sentences for low-level offences, another 429 for ‘more serious’ crimes, and 87 for the most serious offences – including murder, rape and paedophilia.
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Failed asylum seeker who has dodged deportation for a decade told he can stay… because he goes to the GYM !

By Sarah Bruce……Daily Mail-Online……24th October 2011

  • Was smuggled into Dover on a lorry in 2005
  • Lord Glennie: ‘He had integrated well within the Glasgow community’

A failed asylum seeker who has dodged deportation from Britain for nearly a decade has been told he can stay – because he goes to the gym.

Amir Beheshti, 40, has been trying to get refugee status for seven years, but was repeatedly turned down by the courts, who ruled he would not suffer if he returned to his home country Iran.

But he has now told judges he has a private life that involves going for work-outs with his friends – which means his human rights would be violated if he was deported.

The controversial legal ruling by Scotland’s Court of Session means he will be allowed to continue living rent-free in his publicly funded flat and claiming a weekly allowance.

Secret courts to shut down £1m ‘Cashpoint’ for terror suspects .

UK Government currently unable to contest compensation claims due to the secret nature of the evidence.

Daily Mail-Online           19th October 2011

Secret hearings will be held in terror compensation cases, in an attempt to stop the taxpayer being used as a £1million ‘cashpoint’ for fanatics.

The move is designed to end the dilemma faced by the Cabinet Office when MI5 and MI6 hold classified intelligence on terror suspects who are lodging compensation claims, which under civil court rules must be released to them and their lawyers.

It follows public outrage over payouts of millions of pounds to 16 terror suspects, including former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed, who claimed they had been mistreated by security and intelligence officials.
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More than 400 complaints but just TWO convictions over abuse at UK Islamic religious schools !

Daily Mail

18th October 2011

Revelations follow undercover investigation into  beatings and hate lessons at madrassas in Britain

More than 400 children have complained of physical abuse at Islamic schools in the UK, but only two people have been convicted, figures revealed today.

And just 10 of the 420 cases made it as far as court, raising fresh concerns over the use of corporal punishment in Muslim classes.

The issue was first highlighted in February, when a shocking documentary secretly filmed teachers in a part-time faith school hitting children and delivering lessons in hatred and segregation.

Read more:–TWO-Muslim-teachers-madrassas-convicted.html#ixzz1bAoIvTPi

Imam found guilty of abusing young girls!

Swindon Advertiser.UK

15th October 2011

A ‘DESPICABLE’ paedophile who abused three girls when he was an Imam at a town centre mosque has been convicted by a jury.

Ebrahim Yusuf Kazi, 67, was found guilty of five counts of indecent assault on three girls aged under the age of 13.

The offences took place between 1979 and 1986 at Broad Street Mosque, where Kazi was an Imam before moving to Gloucester.

The victims have been praised by the police for their bravery in coming forward and one victim told the Adver she will come face-to-face with him at court next month to see him sentenced.

Kazi’s crimes were only revealed after one young victim contacted Wiltshire Police.


The two cleaners fired for being ‘lazy and British’ by foreign boss…….

By Neil Sears

The Mail online

Last updated at 1:13 PM on 14th October 2011

Two cleaners claim to have been sacked for not working as hard as their foreign co-workers.

Stella Judge and Sarah Pritchard say they were told that Britons were lazy, while immigrants were happy to work all hours on the minimum wage.

Yesterday their MP used Parliamentary privilege to raise their plight in the Commons. Continue Reading →

Mugabe’s violent henchman who earned £151,000 working illegally in the UK as a carer .

The Mail Online

  • Philip Machemedze broke the jaw of one victim with pliers in Zimbabwe
  • Judge tells him to work for church for half a day a week and he will avoid jail
  • Tory MP said it’s a disgrace he can hide behind Human Rights Act to remain in Britain

By Jack Doyle

Last updated at 12:02 AM on 14th October


A thug who carried out horrifying acts of torture for Robert Mugabe escaped jail yesterday – despite earning £151,000 while working illegally in Britain.

Phillip Machemedze, 47, was able to work here for seven years as a carer for those with learning disabilities and on a unit dealing with drug and alcohol addicts.

He was able to secure the jobs by  showing a letter from the Home Office, a National Insurance number and birth and marriage certificates. These documents were not checked properly in a series of failures. Continue Reading →

The Economic Lunacy of Climate Change UK

How climate change zealots are wrecking every last industry this country possesses.

Daily Mail October 2011

Rather overshadowed by events at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last week was a line in George Osborne’s speech which could mark the start of a long overdue political transformation in Britain.

He was referring in particular to the Climate Change Act, famously passed by the House of Commons in October 2008 by 463 votes to three, even as the snow was falling outside. By the Government’s own estimate, it would cost £404?billion to implement – £760 per household every year for four decades. Continue Reading →

Madness! …Secret diary of a Labour Immigration Minister who rails against Human Rights Act !

A Labour former Immigration Minister last night said Theresa May was right to say human rights laws make a mockery of the way Britain deals with asylum seekers.

Phil Woolas also released extracts from an explosive diary revealing the ‘absurd’ degree to which the immigration service was hampered by court rulings on human rights.

Mr Woolas, Immigration Minister from October 2008 until the 2010 election, was unaware of the cat ruling until he saw it in newspapers. But to back his case that the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) were crippling the immigration system, he released extracts from his private diary as a minister.

Published below, they reveal his anger at learning:

  • Osama Bin Laden’s son could use British Freedom of Information rules to see Government files rejecting his visa application, even though he lived in the Middle East.
  • A suspected drug lord was freed because the French navy vessel which caught him took too long to bring him to port and charge him.
  • A convicted rapist due to be deported could still get British legal aid in India to fight for custody of his estranged son.
  • There was a challenge to the Lords against deporting someone to Greece because the Greek asylum system might breach the person’s human rights. Continue Reading →