Madness! …Secret diary of a Labour Immigration Minister who rails against Human Rights Act !

A Labour former Immigration Minister last night said Theresa May was right to say human rights laws make a mockery of the way Britain deals with asylum seekers.

Phil Woolas also released extracts from an explosive diary revealing the ‘absurd’ degree to which the immigration service was hampered by court rulings on human rights.

Mr Woolas, Immigration Minister from October 2008 until the 2010 election, was unaware of the cat ruling until he saw it in newspapers. But to back his case that the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) were crippling the immigration system, he released extracts from his private diary as a minister.

Published below, they reveal his anger at learning:

  • Osama Bin Laden’s son could use British Freedom of Information rules to see Government files rejecting his visa application, even though he lived in the Middle East.
  • A suspected drug lord was freed because the French navy vessel which caught him took too long to bring him to port and charge him.
  • A convicted rapist due to be deported could still get British legal aid in India to fight for custody of his estranged son.
  • There was a challenge to the Lords against deporting someone to Greece because the Greek asylum system might breach the person’s human rights.

2 Replies to “Madness! …Secret diary of a Labour Immigration Minister who rails against Human Rights Act !”

  1. Phil Woolas has no influence in the UK because (a) he opposed British residents’ rights for retired Gurkhas; (b) on account of this, he was made to look an absolute fool on national TV by Joanna Lumley, an actress; and (c) he was found guilty of electoral misconduct in his last election campaign and his fraudulent ‘victory’ was overturned. That he holds views which seem in polar contradiction to those expressed in his election campaigns is no surprise. Anyone of critical faculty will be suspecting that those ‘diary’ entries were written yesterday with the intent of getting him back in the news. Woolas is a nasty piece of work – a true Socialist, indeed.

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