The deliberate eradication of a people

Sometimes, a picture really can speak a thousand words. Like this one of a National Health Service booklet from a borough of London, England.

Deliberately replacing the population of a specific geographic area, with other populations, used to be the kind of things wars were fought over, millions would die and suffer in such a cause or against it.

Now it’s just plain old boring government policy, coupled with an entire cultural framework designed to visit ruination on anyone who’d dare to ask the question: “What the hell is going on here?”

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Leicester Tiger is a European researcher and academic based in the United Kingdom.

5 Replies to “The deliberate eradication of a people”

  1. Looks like genocide propaganda to me.
    You will not see such poster in muslim, black, or oriental country. If the multicultural process is a one way process, then this process is based on racism.
    Call them out for what they are – anti-european bigots, anti-white racists, etc.

  2. Soft genocide or genocide in slow motion is what it actually is about. Hitler, Stalin and Mao was a bit rough about it. Too many people will start to take notice eventually. So much better to change MO instead and do it a bit differently. Next step of depopulation is to release a genetically modified virus or something like that to speed up the depop-agenda. Then depending on how many billions that has succumbed to the plague, then they will return to finish the job with old fashioned styled genocide to kill off the rest of us whiteys.

  3. Black countries for Blacks.
    Asian countries for Asians.
    White countries for everyone.

    But… whilst they are safe as a minority amongst us, we are not safe as a minority amongst them.

    There are many places I can no longer go in Yorkshire, especially at night – because I am White.

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