Muslim population in Western Europe rising

IB NEWS… The population of Muslims in Western Europe has been steadily rising in recent decades, largely due to immigration from the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.

In Southeastern Europe, much of which once formed part of the Ottoman Empire, Muslims have been present for many centuries, but they are a relatively new phenomenon in the western part of the continent.

On the whole, Muslim’s represent about 5 percent of the population of the EU 27.

Far-right politicians in Europe have long warned that the Muslim numbers will continue to grow due to higher birth rates. Marine Le Pen, the head of France’s anti-immigrant National Front party, who openly discusses the rising number Muslims in France, could conceivably win next year’s presidential election, according to polls.

While the percentage of Muslims as part of the overall population of western European nations are in single digits, a 2009 study by the Telegraph newspaper in the UK estimated that by 2050, Muslims will account for 20 percent of the European Union’s populace. Long before that, Britain, Spain and The Netherlands will reach and surpass that figure. Continue Reading →

Emir Ramic: a Jew-Hating Fundamentalist?

This article by the man who was recently barred from entering Canada. Hat tip Andrew Bostom:

From Balkan

Emir Ramic, a Bosniak-Canadian activist, has two faces. In his “Western” guise he heads a Bosnian-Muslim propaganda front known as the Institute for the Research of Genocide – Canada. His true values and his Weltanschauung are revealed in the fact that he is a member of the editorial board and a contributor (together with Norman Finkelstein) to the magazine Korak (“Step”), published in Sarajevo by the veterans’ association of the Bosnian-Muslim Army (ABiH). Korak is a morbidly antisemitic publication, imbued with the spirit of Islamic fundamentalism, as we are now able to reveal. The Board of Ramic’s “Canadian Institute” includes, amazingly, Asaf Dzanic, chief editor of that magazine, as well as Elie Wiesel and a few other deluded luminaries. The facts of this bizarre case defy belief.
Emir Ramic’s magazine in its issue No. 13 has an interesting article, “Basic Principles of the Law of War in Islam” which asserts, matter-of-factly, that “Jihad is a just and legitimate fight against aggression and a struggle in protection of human rights and freedoms.” (p. 15) Dixit.
On p. 93 of the same issue there is a breathtaking piece of anti-Israeli bile. It is in “Bosnian,” but even a non-native speaker will understand the title: IZRAELSKI REŽIM JE TERORISTICKI, by Fikret Muslimovic, a leading light of Ramic’s magazine. This article could have been published in Gaza; it is a tad too hard-core for Ramallah, though… Muslimovic was a senior officer in the Bosnian-Muslim army during the 1992-95 war. According to the leading Sarajevo weekly “Dani”, during that war Muslimovic was in charge of Islamist indoctrination of the Bosnian-Muslim army. A former military intelligence officer during Tito’s communist dictatorship, Emin Ramic’s colleague became in the 1990’s the “ayatollah” of Izetbegovic’s Jihadist warriors.
In the same spirit, on p. 99 of the same issue of “Korak” we have another piece of Jew-hating venom: “Who is responsible for the blockade and massacre of the inhabitants of Gaza?” by one Reza Burdzi. If you watch the Palestinian Authority TV, you need not read it .

Other issues of Ramic’s magazine are no less worthy of scrutiny, e.g. No. 14, which has Norman Finkelstein’s THE BLOODSHED IN GAZA.
The late Chairman Arafat would be proud of “Korak” No. 16 (2009): PALESTINE AND AL-QUDS AS THE SYMBOL OF ALL MUSLIMS OF THE WORLD, by Džemal Najetovi?.
Ramic’s magazine wholeheartedly supports “I’m-proud-to-be-a-holocaust-denier” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Muslim veterans’ organ in its issue No. 15 has an Iranian propaganda diatribe, THE FAILURE OF THE ANTI-IRANIAN SCENARIO by Fariba Farshidi. Well worth a read for those proficient in “Bosnian,” although if you read the state-approved press in Farsi you need not bother repeat the experience.
For theethnusiastic supporters of Israel’s eradication from the map, Emir Ramic’s magazine has a heart-warming article in issue No. 12: SIXTY YEARS SINCE THE PALESTINIAN CATASTROPHE, by Dr. Džemal Najetovic.
The list goes on, predictably, from one issue to another, from one author to another, from one lie to another, from one antisemitic and Serb-hating orgasm to another. Continue Reading →

Bosnian Muslim arrested from ‘love boat’ by Israel

June 1, 2010 – 12:46 pm

During the raid on the Muslim terror ship, Israeli commandos have arrested a Bosnian Muslim national. His name is Yasser Mohamad Sabbagh and he is of the Syrian origin and he is pictured on the left.

Four additional Balkan Muslims were nabbed by the Israelis and presumably all of them are ethnic Albanian Muslims. One is from Kosovo and the 3 others are from Macedonia where Wahhabism is rampant among the Albanian Muslims.

The Kosovo Albanian arrested by Israel is Ramiqi Fuad President of Muslim Forum of Kosova and he said to Sabbagh:

“I was at this time stated the common suffering that we went during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Kosovo war. Knowing what the situation in Palestine, at least we can contribute is that they carry a part of faith in the freedom that we achieved after long years, and will also one day have.

Sabbagh wrote in his last e-mail sent by the Organization of MFS in BiH saying that “Because of this mission has only one representative from Kosovo and a representative from Bosnia and Herzegovina, pleases you to more Bosnia. the media involved in monitoring these activities”.

Earlier this year, Israel warned via Macedonia’s PM that local Balkan Muslims are deep into world’s Islamic Jihad.

the rest at Serbiana

Russia: Dozens killed in Moscow subway blasts

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Moscow (CNN) — Explosions rocked a pair of central Moscow subway stations during morning rush hour Monday, killing at least 37 people and wounding 10 others, Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry said.

The first blast occurred about 8 a.m. at Lubyanka subway station. That explosion killed 14 people aboard the train and 11 on the platform.

The Lubyanka station is near the Kremlin and the nation’s intelligence service, the Federal Security Bureau.

Another blast happened about 30 minutes later at Park Kultury station, on the same train line. The Emergency Situations Ministry reported 12 dead in the second explosion. Russian TV said the blast killed 15 people.

Radovan Karadzic: war against ‘Islamist goals’ of Muslims was ‘just’

From The Telegraph

The Serb cause in the Bosnia war was a “just and holy” war against the “Islamist goals” of Muslims, Radovan Karadzic has claimed during his trial against United Nations genocide charges.

Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic

Wearing a dark suit and tie, the wartime political leader of Bosnia’s Serbs today ended a previous boycott of his genocide and war crimes trial to open his own defence.

”I stand before you not to defend the mere mortal that I am but to defend the greatness of a small nation in Bosnia and Herzegovina which for 500 years has had to suffer and has demonstrated of modesty and perseverance to survive in freedom,” he told the court in his opening statement.

”I will defend that nation of ours and their cause that is just and holy. We have a good case. We have good evidence and proof.” Continue Reading →