Italian court finds vaxx likely dangerous, questions legality of mandates as Nazi, restores blacklisted psychologist

This is an important story. It seems an Italian court found in favour of the law, and superseded what is increasingly obviously corrupt state health ministries.

Quoting from RAIR: “During a Thursday evening television interview, Italy’s left-wing Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, whose educational background is in political science rather than medicine or biology,…”

Canada’s minister of health at the start of the Pandemic was Patty Hajdu who was trained as a graphic designer, and no medical background. The following minister, and current one is Jean-Yves Duclos, an economist who graduated the communist think tank, Fabian Society’s own university, the London School of Economics. No medical background there either.

Please do read the details at RAIR


Italian doctor on TV: NO deaths if early treatment!

Italian TV is very dynamic. We used different colours for different speakers here, and it was challenging at times, but we got it right. Please enjoy!

And the story details, who this doctor is and more can be found at:

Doctor: ‘Covid Patients Treated with Anti-Inflammatories Immediately Reduce Risk of Hospitalization by 90%’ (Video)

Famous Italian Author makes appeal to Putin: “Don’t confuse Italy with its government”

Italian author makes open video for Putin, asks that Russia not confuse the communist government of Italy with the people of Italy

Please read the details over at RAIR Foundation

In her video she mentions an effort by the Russian government when Covid was first ravaging Italian homes for the elderly. The video of what she refers to, is below.

Italian nun offers to take the vaxx if she is guaranteed Euros 7M for any adverse effects

I like the idea, but she is a fool for making the offer. The government-big pharma which has been lying about everything right from the start, would just say sure, then give her saline and say to others, “see! The vaxx is safe!” or, give her the worst stuff and claim whatever illness comes is not from the vaxx. Or it kills her. Then I guess they can drop a cheque into her coffin for the full amount as she is buried.

Still, it’s a good video.

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Italy mandates the vaxx for over 50

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(I can understand why all the communist leaders like Italy’s, Canada’s Trudeau etc. are in such a rush to force it on everyone. The facts on the vaccines and their uselessness and even danger is becoming more and more public. More on that as the day passes.)

Italians defy no fireworks celebration cause ‘Covid’, Napoli puts on HUGE display

In Naples, Italy, the mayor cited COVID to announce a ban on fireworks for a second straight New Year’s Eve.

This was the response from citizens: