Selective Enforcement in Spain: Christians Vs. Muslim religious worship freedoms

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And yes, there is a massive component of leftist politicians making sure things go this way.

Another clear proof that leftism is using islam to destroy classical Europe

First, this news item from Turkish publication, Hurriyetdaillynews:

Turkey must be within EU: Former Spanish PM

ISTANBUL-Anadolu Agency

Turkey must be within EU: Former Spanish PM

Turkey must be within the EU, it would be marvelous for the stability, peace and cultural diversity, the former Spanish prime minister said on Nov. 27.


“Turkey is a significant power and it has a high capacity for bringing the west and the east together,” former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero told the 10th Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul.


He said Turkish people experienced some disappointments but they should get closer to the EU.

All countries should make efforts for the peace settlement, and the current positions of the global powers are worrying, he noted.

“We should resist the nuclear armament as all countries, we cannot take chances,” the former minister added.

Saying that the east and the west should be balanced, he noted that summits such as G20 and Bosphorus are positive steps in this process.


Improvements in technology, communication and transportation devices are significant leverages for development, he added.


He also said improving communication among people brings successful results.

The three-day Bosphorus Summit, organized by the International Communication Platform under the auspices of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, is held between Nov. 27-29 with the theme of “Towards a New World Order”.


Top Turkish and foreign officials, high-level business people, academics and experts attend the summit for addressing trending topics such as trade issues, changing world order, digital transformation and defense industry.

Now lets have a look at who this former Spanish PM is exactly:

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero


Zapatero attended his first political rally, organized by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) in Gijón in 1976. Some political parties had been legal since 21 July 1976, but the PSOE was not legalized until February 1977. The speech of Felipe González, the PSOE leader and future Prime Minister of Spain, who took part in the rally, exerted an important influence on Zapatero. He said, among other things, that “the Socialists’ goal was the seizure of power by the working class to transform the ownership of the means of production” and that “the PSOE was a revolutionary party but not revolutionarist or aventurist […], as it defended the use of elections to come to power”.

[15] Zapatero and his family had been traditionally attracted to the Communist Party as it was the only party really organized before Francisco Franco‘s death in 1975.[citation needed] But, after the famous political rally in Gijón, they, and especially Zapatero, started to believe that the Socialist Party was the most probable future for the Spanish left.[16] At that time the Socialist Party was rebuilding its infrastructure in the province of León after having been outlawed following the Spanish Civil War.[17]

In 1977, the year of the first democratic elections after Franco’s death, Zapatero supported both the Communist and Socialist parties. He pasted posters of both parties.[16]

He eventually joined the PSOE on 23 February 1979. The impression Felipe González had caused on him in 1976 played a fundamental role in his decision to join the party. In 1979, during the Congreso Extraordinario del PSOE (1979), the PSOE had renounced Marxism as its ideological base. He said nothing about joining the party at home, because he was afraid his parents would discourage him, considering him too young to join a political party.

In 1982, Zapatero became head of the socialist youth organization in the province of León. In July 1982, he met Felipe González at the summer school “Jaime Vera” and suggested that he make a “left turn” in the PSOE political program for the General Election of October 1982.[18] González answered advising him to abandon his conservative (traditional for PSOE [leftist]) viewpoint.[citation needed]

Any Questions?

Spanish grade school posts pornographic cartoons to teach how to do sex

There is some discussion about the age of the students at this school based on the terms used. It seems that it could be anywhere from Kindergarten to grade 9. Anyone from Spain reading this site please let us know in the comments.

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Reader’s may need to click the dial and select “Source” under quality to see the poster as its not filmed very well and defaults to 480.

One example of why we must call propaganda what it is, and abandon the term, ‘fake-news’

Here is a good example of the kind of propaganda we are surrounded with, even drowned in.

Read this article from Foreign Policy magazine

It has been said that a half truth is the damndest of lies. The article linked above would be a good example. But its also a good example of why we must abandon the term, “Fake News” and call it what it is. Neo-Marxist propaganda. And I call it that because even without searching we are confident that Foreign Policy magazine would use very judgemental language when describing any action by Europeans or White people. And in fact they do, even in this article. While discussing The Reconquista in facially neutral language, making sure that neither side looks more or less just in its actions than the other, it has no hesitation to use harsh terms for VOX, who are the only non-socialist party in Spain at this time of any importance.

Most readers of this site will likely not need to be told what the Reconquista of Spain was truly about. but in a nutshell, it was about reversing the stunningly brutal conquest of Spain by muslim forces. Forces that were so harsh that their commander in one wave of attacks, burned their own boats when they hit the shores of Spain, saying “Either we conquer Spain, or we die trying. Their is no going back”.

For centuries they created hatred and division amongst the people of Spain in order to more easily rule it, treating the actual Spaniards as “Dhimmis”. Something between a peasant and a slave. One can read about the facts of the time in the authentic writings of Moses Maimonides, if you can find them. Much of what passes for his writing, thanks to the works of tens of thousands of Winston Smiths, are pro-Islam forgeries.

Below,are videos of excerpts of a recent speech by the leader of VOX discussing the real situation in Spain and Europe.

FEMEN does their stupid thing at a VOX rally

Just a thought VOX.

Why not hire some strippers to hang around behind the scenes with pro-VOX slogans, and when FEMEN tries this nonsense next time your own girls can come out and dance around to a blazingly loud version of “Im just a love machine”.

Actually all you need is the music really but weaponizing your own strippers might be funnier,. Pretty sure FEMEN will arrest themselves just to get away from there once the music makes them look like supporters.