Bosnian Muslim arrested from ‘love boat’ by Israel

June 1, 2010 – 12:46 pm

During the raid on the Muslim terror ship, Israeli commandos have arrested a Bosnian Muslim national. His name is Yasser Mohamad Sabbagh and he is of the Syrian origin and he is pictured on the left.

Four additional Balkan Muslims were nabbed by the Israelis and presumably all of them are ethnic Albanian Muslims. One is from Kosovo and the 3 others are from Macedonia where Wahhabism is rampant among the Albanian Muslims.

The Kosovo Albanian arrested by Israel is Ramiqi Fuad President of Muslim Forum of Kosova and he said to Sabbagh:

“I was at this time stated the common suffering that we went during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Kosovo war. Knowing what the situation in Palestine, at least we can contribute is that they carry a part of faith in the freedom that we achieved after long years, and will also one day have.

Sabbagh wrote in his last e-mail sent by the Organization of MFS in BiH saying that “Because of this mission has only one representative from Kosovo and a representative from Bosnia and Herzegovina, pleases you to more Bosnia. the media involved in monitoring these activities”.

Earlier this year, Israel warned via Macedonia’s PM that local Balkan Muslims are deep into world’s Islamic Jihad.

the rest at Serbiana

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