All Queensway, 417 ramps into downtown Ottawa are closed. State thugs litter the streets of the area as far as 2 miles from downtown, arrests underway

It appears that Trudeau will have his little power tantrum tonight. At midnight, they are going to start checking ID.

Small sample of how scummy CBC is

A little reminder of what the Ambassador from India had to say about Trudeau’s response to the protest



NYT on Trudeau’s methods against peaceful protestors

It is funny how he lectured the Indian government on how they should tolerate similar protests against them by the farmers.

Indian Ambassador to Canada speaks to Trudeau’s rather aggressive hypocrisy

Reiner Fuellmich speaks with lawyer from India about Covid rates, deaths, and the fight for Ivermectin

From today’s webcast by Reiner Fuellmich.

The take away points in part:

The fight for Ivermectin in the courts had mixed results but better than in Germany.

There is deceit in Covid death numbers in India as well as everywhere else.

This is the entire segment with the Indian lawyer. We edited out the German translation bits for brevity, and replaced them with a clock-wipe transition to indicate missing time.

Direct link to video:

A sterling example of what sharia law is, and how it works

One of the most persistent themes of this site, is trying to assist people in understanding that sharia law, is not like a Western formalized form of law with any kind of equality, and more importantly, MUCH more importantly, not even any kind of due process. Ultimately life and death decisions are made by the guy with the biggest hat.

And all it takes is an accusation. But it is critical to understand why a given accusation will be acted on, or not.

Any accusation that increases the authority and degree of Islam will be acted on, if at all possible. While the exact same accusation or ‘crime’ would not be acted on, if it does not increase the authority of Islam or worse, diminishes its stature, which is itself a crime in Islam.

It doesn’t take a court or anything so formal or grandiose. It just takes a muslim to make the accusation. Say, Blasphemy or adultery or any kind of behaviour where a non-muslim acts like an equal to a muslim like drinking out of a muslim-only well for instance (Asia Bibi) and then a cleric to legitimize the accusation, and then a rabid mob to carry out the murder of the accused. Although sometimes there is a stay in prison and sometimes a sort of trial. But there is no due process. The best an accused can hope for, is massive foreign attention and anger which could result in sanctions.

The example below shows how sharia law works. It was this way in the Islamic State, for years even before it was declared to be such, (although our video proofs of that were taken down. but some where even done by French journalists.) It is this way in much or most of Afghanistan as we saw with a woman who was thrown off a roof, beaten, burned to death and thrown into a ravine of sorts because she was accused of something by an imam who really wanted her killed for some other reason.

Sharia isn’t just something we have to resist. Its the reason people go to war to stop, or perhaps more fairly, to protect a legal system like the one we inherited from the British.

It is also noteworthy that communism has pretty much the same system of justice. And for pretty much the same reasons. You have an opinion, say something or do something that diminishes the authority of communists or communism in the area, you will face court or gulags etc. depending on the stage of communist implementation.

For communism’s equivalent of blasphemy, insulting the leader in any way whatsoever in North Korea, you go to a slave labour camp for three generations. Your grandchildren will be in a camp because you used a part of a page of a magazine in which there is a photo of any of the leaders of North Korea to make a cigarette.

There is little daylight between leftism/communism and Islam.

What appears to be a religious Muslim describes Jesus and Mary in highly offensive terms

WARNING: As our friend Paul put it, “(this) Might be the most offensive 1.29 minutes on film.

This was translated for us by Janya, a translator of most Indian dialects into English. If you are sensitive about how you wish to hear Jesus and Mary described, I would give this a miss. But seeing as how muslims like to riot and burn things when someone says something true about Islam or Mohammad in an unflattering way, there doesn’t seem to be a point in hiding this.

We don’t know anything else about this clip yet. But hopefully we can find out how this guy is and what his cannon is like.