Emir Ramic: a Jew-Hating Fundamentalist?

This article by the man who was recently barred from entering Canada. Hat tip Andrew Bostom:

From Balkan Studies.org

Emir Ramic, a Bosniak-Canadian activist, has two faces. In his “Western” guise he heads a Bosnian-Muslim propaganda front known as the Institute for the Research of Genocide – Canada. His true values and his Weltanschauung are revealed in the fact that he is a member of the editorial board and a contributor (together with Norman Finkelstein) to the magazine Korak (“Step”), published in Sarajevo by the veterans’ association of the Bosnian-Muslim Army (ABiH). Korak is a morbidly antisemitic publication, imbued with the spirit of Islamic fundamentalism, as we are now able to reveal. The Board of Ramic’s “Canadian Institute” includes, amazingly, Asaf Dzanic, chief editor of that magazine, as well as Elie Wiesel and a few other deluded luminaries. The facts of this bizarre case defy belief.
Emir Ramic’s magazine in its issue No. 13 has an interesting article, “Basic Principles of the Law of War in Islam” which asserts, matter-of-factly, that “Jihad is a just and legitimate fight against aggression and a struggle in protection of human rights and freedoms.” (p. 15) Dixit.
On p. 93 of the same issue there is a breathtaking piece of anti-Israeli bile. It is in “Bosnian,” but even a non-native speaker will understand the title: IZRAELSKI REŽIM JE TERORISTICKI, by Fikret Muslimovic, a leading light of Ramic’s magazine. This article could have been published in Gaza; it is a tad too hard-core for Ramallah, though… Muslimovic was a senior officer in the Bosnian-Muslim army during the 1992-95 war. According to the leading Sarajevo weekly “Dani”, during that war Muslimovic was in charge of Islamist indoctrination of the Bosnian-Muslim army. A former military intelligence officer during Tito’s communist dictatorship, Emin Ramic’s colleague became in the 1990’s the “ayatollah” of Izetbegovic’s Jihadist warriors.
In the same spirit, on p. 99 of the same issue of “Korak” we have another piece of Jew-hating venom: “Who is responsible for the blockade and massacre of the inhabitants of Gaza?” by one Reza Burdzi. If you watch the Palestinian Authority TV, you need not read it .

Other issues of Ramic’s magazine are no less worthy of scrutiny, e.g. No. 14, which has Norman Finkelstein’s THE BLOODSHED IN GAZA.
The late Chairman Arafat would be proud of “Korak” No. 16 (2009): PALESTINE AND AL-QUDS AS THE SYMBOL OF ALL MUSLIMS OF THE WORLD, by Džemal Najetovi?.
Ramic’s magazine wholeheartedly supports “I’m-proud-to-be-a-holocaust-denier” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Muslim veterans’ organ in its issue No. 15 has an Iranian propaganda diatribe, THE FAILURE OF THE ANTI-IRANIAN SCENARIO by Fariba Farshidi. Well worth a read for those proficient in “Bosnian,” although if you read the state-approved press in Farsi you need not bother repeat the experience.
For theethnusiastic supporters of Israel’s eradication from the map, Emir Ramic’s magazine has a heart-warming article in issue No. 12: SIXTY YEARS SINCE THE PALESTINIAN CATASTROPHE, by Dr. Džemal Najetovic.
The list goes on, predictably, from one issue to another, from one author to another, from one lie to another, from one antisemitic and Serb-hating orgasm to another.
The magazine site is hosted by the veterans’ association of the Bosnian-Muslim Army (ABiH). This site also includes some other articles with interesting titles, such as “Crimes Against Civilians in the Gaza Strip.”
THIS is the real face and the hidden agenda of Emir Ramic’s “Canadian Genocide Institute.” As of now he remains on the editorial board of “Korak,” the magazine publishing this hate-filled drivel. As of now, Mr. Dzanic, editor-in-chief of the said publication, remains on the board of Amir Ramic’s “Canadian Genocide Institute.” Check out the links and other facts before they are removed, as they probably will be in view of Mr. Ramic’s pending (and well deserved) legal troubles.
Elie Wiesel & Co. are in some interesting company indeed…
Lest it be overlooked, Emir Ramic has expressed his support for Ilija Jurisic, a Bosnian war criminal who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his part in the murder of 51 young conscripts of six different nationalities in Tuzla in 1992. Ramic also strongly supported Rasim Delic, a Bosnian-Muslim army general, who was in charge of the notorious Mujaheed Brigade during the Bosnian war. Delic was found guilty by The Hague Tribunal of mistreatment and murder of captured Serb soldiers. On Facebook, Ramic is also a member of a group called “Thank Allah I’m not Serbian,” which has burning Serbian and Israeli flags as a group picture.
Speaking of Emir Ramic’s creative talents, it is noteworthy that he is on the editorial board of Bosniaks.net, which featured a false story that Paris Hilton converted to Islam, supposed quotes and all (including a hysterical PhotoShop pic).That story is precisely as true as that of the Srebrenica “genocide.” It shows not only Ramic’s true intent, but also his utter lack of credibility.

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5 Replies to “Emir Ramic: a Jew-Hating Fundamentalist?”

  1. How can the west ignore almost 1,000 years of Balkan history so suddenly?

    For centuries, the Christian majority of the region have been fighting against Muslim aggression and expansion, yet the west chooses to give more land and power to Islam.

    Since the west handed over Kosovo to Islam, Muslims in the region have been more aggressive, demanding more and more concessions from Serbia and neighboring countries. And such antisemitic tripe is freely published there, simply because the west is turning another blind eye to what could conceivably be another Holocaust, but this time all non-Muslims are at risk, not just Jews.

    When will the leaders of the west see that Islam is a foreign ideology, bent on destroying everything that opposes it?

  2. RR the Serbs ended up helping Hitler so they are the bad guys, yes I know the Moslems helped Hitler more but that fact isn’t taught in the schools. Since the ancestors of the Serbs helped Hitler they (according to the left deserve to be destroyed.

  3. The Serbs acted as a superb ally against the Nazis in WW2, holding up an entire Nazi tank division in the valleys of Serbia. The Serbs were legendary fighting men an acted with the Allies as true friends. How sad it was that we betrayed them and let the Soviets exert influence over them after the war. Add to that how we bombed the snot out of Belgrade when they tried to defend themselves against the cancer that is Islam and I wouldn’t blame them one bit for not trusting anything West of them for some time.

    Please correct me if I have any of that wrong.

  4. This website is filled with hate and as a Jew this really makes me sad. I hope one day it can turn itself into a blog that focuses on peace, as a Jewish blog should.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

    • 1. Exposing the hatred of Islam and the plans of the Marxists is not itself hate.

      2. This is not a Jewish blog.

      Than you for virtue signaling and idea shaming however.

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