Syrian ‘refugee’ breaks teacher’s jaw as she searches for his knife

Thank you Ava Lon, for the translation from Swiss German on the video, and also for doing this accompanying article.

From the Swiss daily Aargauer Zeitung:


A 14-year-old Syrian hit his female teacher five to six times — he had received negative attention in the past

by Nadja Rohner

The youth from Möriken-Wildegg talked a lot about the Quran, and during recess instructed girls to dress more modestly.

The case caused shock: last week the Argauer Zeitungpublished the news, that in Möriken-Wildegg a student from the Chestenberg school broke the jaw of a teacher by punching her with his fist.

He did this when she wanted to find out if the Syrian secondary-school student was carrying a knife — as he had already done in the past.

This time the case was taken up by the Weltwochejournalist Alex Baur. According to his research it is about a 14-year-old “M”.

He allegedly comes from a Syrian family with numerous children, who came to Switzerland exactly five years previously and allegedly lives on welfare. His German is good, and he is described as “quite intelligent, self-confident and quick-witted.”

Still, for a while “M.” had often allegedly been talking about the Quran. He also requested — “in Allah’s name”— that the girls from the area dress and behave more modestly. In this context he allegedly played with a knife on the Hellmatt School recess court. This, according to Weltwoche, resulted in his having to empty his pockets every time before being allowed to enter the classroom.

Two days in custody

Obviously, during such a search the attack against the teacher took place. She is said not to have touched the student, but instead only told him to show her the contents of his pockets. At that the teen has attacked her, and, according to eyewitnesses, on whose testimonies theWeltwocheauthor bases his story, he hit the 62-year-old female teacher five to six times with a fist and the edge of his hand.

Additionally, while she was fleeing he allegedly kicked her. The mother of two adult sons was about to retire. As Weltwochefound out from her environment, she is still in shock.

The Syrian was arrested shortly after the act. The youth has been released after having to spend two days in custody. The juvenile prosecutor is investigating.

It is not clear what will happen to him. He will not be going back to the Chestenberg district school. According to Weltwoche, one of his friends, also a Syrian, “had been expelled a year earlier from the Chestenberg district school due to discipline problems, and was put in special setting outside of the Chestenberg district school.”

André Schärer, the school district deputy from the Chestenberg school district, has neither confirmed nor contradicted the question from the Aargauer Zeitungabout the research, based on anonymous sources, by Weltwoche. He could only confirm that the Syrian stood out from the beginning. So Schärer also  heard that “M.” had allegedly told the girls on the recess court to dress more modestly:

“There are clearly certain signs that he doesn’t agree with the way we are cultivating our culture.”

In the media and in the village there’s a rumor that the wounded teacher had to spend a long time in the hospital. Schärer insists that this is not the case. “The Monday after the incident she was off. On Tuesday the incident was discussed in the class concerned with the school social worker. At that point the teacher was already present [in the school] for a couple of hours. From Wednesday to Friday she took care of the class.” Schärer did not want to be misunderstood, however: “I don’t want to downplay the incident; it is serious and should be most severely condemned.”

School district deputy: “We cannot give any more information.”

It took a week before the incident was made public. The school district deputy insists, however, that nobody wanted to sweep the case under the rug: “It happened on Friday June 28th. One day before the Youth Festival. Already that same evening we, with the [female] president of the school district, decided on a communication strategy; we decided to actively inform male and female students and the parents as much as possible.”

Of course, it was discussed during the Youth Festival, and the district had to listen to complaints that they wanted to hide something. “This isn’t correct. We wrote a letter to the parents during the week following the Youth Festival. Our hands are tied, because of the investigation by the juvenile prosecutor. Even if we wanted to give out more information, we are not allowed to.”

Brutal attack in Luzern Noah (17) nearly blinded by beatings

An original translation by Egri Nok with much thanks!

From this German language News site:

June 28, 2017

Luzern – a clique beats up Noah B.* (17) in the bathing beach Ufschötti in Luzern. The attack is so brutal that the victim was almost blinded. Now police are onto the perpetrators.

Noah B.* (17) was lucky: his injuries will heal. Even the torn eye. ZvG

Anian Heierli
When Noah B.* (17) talks about last Friday, his voice is still shaky. A group of youths brutally beat him up right in the middle of Luzern, in the public bathing beach Ufschötti. «Without any reason at all», he tells Blick.

It was around 11 pm, when Noah and two friends strolled towards the lake. «We walked past a group of 15 young migrants. The half-drunk men bawled at us», the college student remembers. Noah ignores them, wants to keep walking on. But the situation escalates: «One of them came running after me and without any warning hit me in the face.» The pupil realizes that a second one is attacking him from the side. Then he goes down. Blood is running across his forehead. He has to spend the night in hospital.
His injuries reveal how brutal the attack was. Noah has got lacerations, fractures on both sides of his nose, and a rupture in the left eye. Doctors at first could not rule out that he might turn blind. Fortunately they now know: his eye will heal. But he will now always have an increased risk of glaucoma.

Girlfriend was scared for Noah

Noah has got a bad feeling: «I’m not sure if I will be able to go out carefree again.» His friend M.B.* (16), who witnessed the attack, cannot forget the terrible scenes. «Noah was covered in blood. I was so scared for him and I had to cry», she says. The incident worries her: «I’m not sure if I will go to the beach bath again in the evenings.»

It is thanks to the intervention of the security staff who patrol Ufschötti that Noah did not suffer even worse injuries. The security staff immediately alarmed the police. Successfully: Shortly thereafter, the officers apprehended the migrant-clique: «We stopped several people», spokesman Kurt Graf tells Blick. «Investigations are ongoing.» It was still unclear, who exactly was involved in the attack. Noah filed a criminal complaint.

Josef Moser (59) witnessed the police operation when he was closing his café in the public beach bath. «It is terrible that something like this happens», he says to Blilck. Normally, the Ufschötti in Luzern were safe: «Since the security forces patrol here, hardly anything happens ever. Even though in the evenings, there are 50 nations here.» He too hopes that the perpetrators will be ascertained.
*Names known to the editors

The thugs attacked near the „Kafi“ in the beach bath Ufschötti in Luzern. Anian Heierli

Kiosk owner Josef Moser (59) is shocked: «Since the Securitas has been patrolling here, hardly anything has happened at all.» Anian Heierli


“Extremely violent rape” in Swiss court

An original translation with much thanks to Ava Lon for this article

From this French News site:

The trial started Thursday morning at the District Court of Lausanne.

February 9 2017

A Moroccan tried for the rape of a teen in a regional train

Justice. Faced with the Lausanne Court on Thursday, the accused claimed that the student consented. But the evidence for an extremely violent crime is important.

He starts by multiplying the versions about his date of birth and even his name. He promises, he swears, that he is innocent of the rape of which he is accused. Still he admitted to being a thief of wallets and telephones, because the money paid to him by the state as an asylum seeker is not enough to eat and buy his daily dose of cannabis. The picture is not brilliant, but it does not yet make this young illiterate, brilliantly mastering the whimpering look, a rapist. At the Tribunal, prejudice must be swept aside to leave room for the facts.

And on Thursday, the facts for which this Moroccan of 19 years, 20 years or 22 years, was sent before the District Court of Lausanne, were very serious. So much so that the court decided to convene a criminal court of five judges in the event of a sentence that would exceed six years in prison. Rare for rape.

The alleged victim is not present at the trial. “Too hard,” explains her mother, also devastated. Her daughter, this student described as brilliant, creative and funny, is now nothing more than the shadow of herself. She sank into depression, stopped her studies, isolated herself, and no longer eats. Because on June 22, 2016, she lost everything. Her innocence, her virginity too.

According to the prosecution, the accused would have spotted the girl at the station in Lausanne, just before 8 pm. He approaches her, she leaves, he follows her. On the platform he steals a kiss. The girl drank a few glasses. She doesn’t push him away. But she leaves. The regional train Lausanne-Vallorbe would then become the convoy of horror for the teenager. The defendant is accused of taking the girl to the toilet. He allegedly locked the door, pinned her to the ground before raping her savagely. Thirty-five minutes of hell where attempts of defense of the alleged victim would have been futile. A passenger who was knocking at the door, allegedly put an end to the ordeal.

Partial confession

Lies, said the accused Thursday morning. He did not have sex with this girl. The Chair reminded him of the evidence. DNA, bruises on teen’s knees, bruises, scratches, marks on both sides of the throat, and tears in several intimate parts of the girl. She had to do it herself, the defendant dares to claim. Faced with the evidence, he retracts: “It was she who wanted this relationship. She never showed me that it was against her will. “The accused burst into tears. Real ones, this time. The sign of a confession, the weight of remorse, shame? Not really. “It’s unfair to me, I’m innocent. But if she didn’t like it, I ask for forgiveness, “he explains.

Two versions for a story. As often in these cases. For the prosecution, the facts are clear and the evidence implacable. “He trapped her and imposed bestial sex on her,” prosecutor Donovan Tesaury said in his indictment. For a kiss, for him on the train platform, she explained it, she just didn’t react.

However, the defense sees there an invitation. Véronique Fontana Esq., pleading the acquittal, evokes shadowy areas. Why wouldn’t the victim shout when there were other passengers? There are also pictures of video surveillance of the train where they are seen coming out of the toilet and sitting side by side. He kisses her, she doesn’t move.

“The images show especially that when the accused leaves the train, the victim collapses”

The sign of a defense mechanism, support the prosecution and the lawyer of the victim, Coralie Devaud Esq.. “The images show especially that when the defendant leaves the train, the victim collapses,” recalls the prosecutor.

The next morning, the girl went to the CHUV [Universitary Hospital of the Vaud Canton] emergency room. Why would she have chosen to suffer from cumbersome auditions, gynecological examinations, preventive triple therapy? Why would a teenager want her first time to happen with a stranger in a violent and sordid way, only to sink into depression ever since?

Without a defense case, the prosecution requested a 6-year prison sentence. The Tribunal renders its verdict on Friday.

anti-Christian attack in Switzerland (Not muslims or jihad of course but it was muslims doing jihad)

An original translation by Oz-Rita

From this news Website:

Actual article link:

Switzerland: anti-Christian attack in Longeborgne: 3 wounded including 1 seriously
Several  Christians have been attacked with a bladed  weapon – always the weapon of Islam – on the way to Mass this Sunday morning at Our Lady of Longeborgne, in Bramois.
On the social networks, testimonies speak of a knife attack against three faithful on their way to the Hermitage of Longeborgne – one of which was seriously wounded – 
One of them succeeded to break through  the roadblock made by the aggressor, and arrived, his face covered  in blood in  Longeborgne. He was taken to the hospital as soon as the police arrived. According to the priest, his condition was not grave, but another victim was reportedly found on the ground by the police, seriously wounded.
“There was no mass because  the faithful were stopped from attending  by a person who assaulted them,  probably  with a  bladed weapon,” said Father Francis, rector of the Hermitage. One of the wounded was able to reach the holy place and was treated on the spot before being taken in by the ambulance. The three people stabbed were  two women and one man. The latter was seriously injured.
Numerous police patrols, dogs and a helicopter were deployed in the Valleys of the  Borgne.
In the afternoon, the police barred the access to Longeborgne at the height of the Café des Pèlerins.
A helicopter was still in the air around 3 pm.
The Prosecution has not formally communicated the facts nor the identity of the aggressor, but unofficially, the trail of a jihadist terrorist act was dismissed without explanation.



Switzerland – Army: several kilos of explosives disappeared

An original translation by Ava Lon

From this Swiss News site:

School of recruits. Officials made the discovery during an inventory control of ammunition boxes in an infantry school in Aarau. An investigation has been opened.

During an inspection of ammunition made last week at the infantry school in Long Service 14 (in mil ER SL 14) Aarau, officials have discovered what is probably a loss of explosives. An investigation was opened immediately, announced the Federal Department of Defence, Protection of the Population and Sports in a terse statement.

Military justice is investigating a supposed loss of several kilograms of explosives. “This kind of case is extremely rare,” said Daniel Reist, spokesman of the army.

He couldn’t specify either the nature of the explosives nor the exact amount that was stolen. Nothing has been released on any lead, “the investigation has just begun.” For now, no warning to the population has been issued. (Ats / nxp)

(Created: 9/12/2016, 2:15 p.m.)

Swiss pro-gun lobby, Pro Tell, “Putsched out”

An original translation by Ava Lon with much thanks.

From the Swiss news site, 24 Hours:

The chairmanship of Pro Tell is gutted.
Swiss President Willy Pfund denounced a coup within the association Pro Tell, the gun lobby. He resigned with immediate effect.

Pro Tell defines itself as “the company for a liberal law on weapons.” Its voice weighs in about each policy on weapons. But there is now fire on the top, writes the Tages-Anzeiger in its edition of 12 September.

Its chairman Willy Pfund, 77, resigned Wednesday with immediate effect “for personal reasons”, said Pro Tell Friday. He’ll be temporarily replaced by the vice-president Werner Hohler, until the General Assembly in early 2017 will be able to appoint a new president.

An autocratic management style

The president’s departure does not unfold in serenity, as shown in his email dated August 29 sent to the presidency. Willy Pfund denounces a decision that day that suspends him from office with immediate effect due to a deemed autocratic management style and lack of communication.

The president described the process as a “putsch contrary to the statutes and disrespectful” to the person and work for Pro Tell. “I am upset. Trust is broken in every respect. ”


Schengen in the viewfinder

Tell Pro does not want to comment on the resignation of its chairman. “We agreed to remain silent,” said the interim president Werner Hohler. This departure will change nothing to the organization. “We will continue in the future to fight for a liberal law concerning arms.”

Pro Tell focuses on the next big battle ahead and particularly close to its heart: the tightening of legislation to come to Switzerland in the wake of what is being prepared in Brussels.

The lobby of 8500 strong, and many federations, could fight the Schengen agreement if the Commission were to require Bern that all gun owners in Switzerland submit to regular inspections. Pro Tell doesn’t want that. (Nxp)


Also from 24 Hours Switzerland:

The European Union wants to disarm Switzerland

Switzerland: Brussels will toughen its laws on firearms, including introducing psychological and medical tests for holders.

The EU wants [Switzerland] to tighten its laws on firearms. The first sketches of Directive 91/477 forced Simonetta Sommaruga [Swiss Federal Councelor, a socialist] to visit Brussels in mid-June, to plead for Swiss law be allowed to keep the service weapon at home. [Switzerland in NOT part of the EU]

If this derogation is accepted for now, it will be accompanied by many other obligations, such as psychological and medical tests, said the Basler Zeitung in its issue of August 24.

It is supposed to demonstrate that gun owners are not a danger to society and must be supervised. [do you see the contradiction? they are safe, but must be closely watched] Therefore 133,000 people will be compelled to do that: members of shooting clubs but also hunters, collectors or those who possess weapons without being part of a society.

The anti-terrorist law in the European Union already requires gun owners to pass such tests every five years.

Fear of referendum

Switzerland, a member of the Schengen area, is committed to automatically apply European law. Berne will therefore have to adapt its legislation, which could be the subject of a referendum. If not, the vote could result in the late-agreement Schengen-Dublin.

[the shengen and Dublin agreement was apparently signed by the Swiss]

It is to avoid this disaster scenario that Simonetta Sommaruga’s services were activated in June in Brussels for the service weapons to be excluded from the directive. The other obligations will also make the Swiss cringe.


The Fass 57 threatened [Swiss army riffle]

The terrorist attacks that shook Europe in recent years explain this tougher legislation, but the European Union has had to recognize that none of them had been committed by legally purchased and possessed weapons.

Switzerland could be obligated to destroy hundreds of thousands of weapons and neutralize them. The EU has in his sights rifles with magazines with over 20 rounds and guns that stores more than 10. The assault rifle 57 is particularly threatened with its original magazine of 24 cartridges.

The Directive is currently being processed by Brussels. But it is clear that if it were to pass as is, anyone past active service or is not a member of a shooting club, no longer will have the right to own a firearm. (Nxp)

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Ava Lon on the corruption of democracy, and how they do it in Switzerland

This is a part of the essay written by one of our hard working translators, Ava Lon. You would know her work mostly from French videos posted at this site this past few months.

For the whole essay, please click over to Gates of Vienna

Ava Lon, who translates French, German, and Polish for us, used to live in Switzerland and has Swiss citizenship. In the following account she describes the sneaky way the Swiss government manipulates “direct democracy” to get the results it wants in referendums and ballot questions.

How the Swiss Government Gets the Answers it Wants to Ballot Questions

by Ava Lon

Swiss people have a very sensitive point: Their wallet. They don’t like to share it, they don’t want to lose it, they want to control its contents, and really hate it when the government tries to put its sticky fingers inside.

It’s been a while since I noticed that in Switzerland, like almost everywhere else in the West, it doesn’t matter anymore what party is in power: it’s always the progressives. As such, they have a progressive agenda, and we almost didn’t notice how and when it happened, because it happened — you guessed it — progressively .

Still, or maybe because of that, I don’t miss one opportunity to vote through the mail, whenever Switzerland is voting. I do that because I care about this country that opened its doors to me. I try to repay their hospitality by making sure I participate in the political process, so nothing bad happens on my watch. Not that I am so important, but like all Swiss, I am being asked about almost everything by the government, because the rule is that the citizens, not the parliament and not the government, have the last word.

And I am not even talking about the referendums Switzerland is quite famous for. No: every little detail might be decided by the citizens on a county, cantonal or federal level. Those are not elections, nor referendums; this is a normal process of governing the country. Referendums, if they happen, and they often do, require the citizens to collect 100,000 signatures and deposit them in Bern to start the process of preparation for the referendum. When everything is ready for a vote, a referendum question will be sent to me by mail with all others questions, mostly concerning finances.

For the rest of this essay please click over to Gates of Vienna. There are some interesting ideas one might wish to keep in mind to see if our own systems are tilting this way.

Switzerland: Pommeled with rocks – nobody helped

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this Swiss Website:


For four young Swiss citizens, going out became a nightmare. They were attacked brutally at the train station, in front of witnesses – who didn’t even call the police.

“I was at the Shisha-bar Saturday night with a friend”, the 18 year old woman F.H. recounts. The words flow out of her mouth. “I was so shocked”, she says multiple times during her telling of what happened on Saturday at around 23:40 at the Wohlen AG train station.

“Two friends of ours were accompanying us to the train-station. There we wanted to take the 23:46 train to Lenzburg.” At the train station there were “three guys who were wolf-whistling after us. We just ignored them, walked on towards the platform”, F. tells. Arriving  at the platform, the four of them waited for the train.

“There were really a lot of people. I would have to say, around 40 people or so: on the platform, by the bus.” And then they saw the three young men again – but this time there were more. “They ran over the tracks, maybe 12, 15 of them, they surrounded us.”

”They beat his head with rocks”

What first was just an uncomfortable situation, drastically went bad. “The men – I think they were all Eritreans – wanted to shake my friend’s hand. One of them gave him his hand. My other friend didn’t want to and he said: “Go away.” That’s when the tense situation completely capsized. F, said: “They just pounced on him, they beat him and they kicked him from all sides.” The 17 year old Swiss tried to help his 19 year old friend – “that’s when they beat on him as well.”

Then F., her girlfriend, and the 17 year old, had to helplessly watch what happened next:

“They threw our friend on the tracks, they kept kicking him, they picked up rocks from the tracks, and they beat him with the rocks, his head, everywhere.”

”It just can’t be that no one would do anything at all”

What then happened, F. can’t fully remember. “We were in shock.” But she can remember certain details clearly: The train to Lenzburg arrived, the people on the platform – all of them witnesses of what just happened – entered the train. “I couldn’t get in, we weren’t complete, and then the doors of the train shut again, it left”, she says. “I remember how I more than once told one young couple that was just standing there, to call the police. But they just turned around and didn’t do anything!”

F. also remembers something else: “The thugs ran away in two groups, one got on the bus to Villmergen. From the bus everything could be seen. The people on the bus, and the driver, they would have seen everything as well.” F. called her mother, asked her for help. Her mother told the interviewers: “I told my daughter, I am already on the way, you have to immediately call the police and tell them everything.”

Police confirms principal arrests

At 0:12 in the morning the telephone rings at KAPO AG (Canton Police, Canton of Aargau). It is F. She is the first one, and the only one so far, who was calling in. The KAPO immediately responded to Villmergen. In front of Restaurant Ochsen they controlled several people, took pictures, and sent the photographs to F.’s cell phone for identification: “Three of them I immediately recognized.” The KAPO AG confirmed, that three Eritreans were arrested in Villmergen at 1:40 in the morning.

“I am totally shocked. Why did no one of all the people standing around do anything?” Her mother says: “it just shouldn’t and couldn’t be that a person wouldn’t even call 117 (It’s the Swiss 911, and by the way, in Switzerland you can even dial 911 and it will automatically direct you to 117) when something like this happens! Is everybody just looking the other way?”

The two young women were not physically injured during the attack. The 17 year old young man has received some minor head injuries, the 19 year old man, who suffered from contusions and muscle ruptures all over his body, remained in the hospital for treatment, but he was released later the day after from the Hospital in Muri, AG.

Zurich police investigate New Year sexual assaults, no link to German cases

(I have it on good authority that these attacks also took place in the Swiss border cities of Basel and Geneva)

From Trust.Org

ZURICH, Jan 7 (Reuters) – About six women in Zurich have reported being sexually molested and robbed during New Year’s Eve celebrations after being surrounded by groups of men, police said in a statement on Thursday.

Zurich police said the attacks resembled incidents in Germany on the same evening but that they did not know of any concrete links between the cases.

About 90 women reported being robbed, threatened or sexually molested at New Year celebrations outside Cologne’s cathedral by young, mostly drunk men, police there said.

Additional incidents, but on a lesser scale, have been reported in Hamburg.

Zurich police said initially there were about 24 separate reports of theft at celebrations along the city’s lakefront. Follow-up investigations showed several cases involved women being fondled on top of their clothing, they said.


(Click to continue at source)


This would be four countries now. Germany, Finland, (unsuccessful) Austria and Switzerland. This has to have been organized at a level where if governments did not know about it, they need to be dissolved and replaced with one that looks after the interests of the indigenous peoples of these nations. And if they did, the explanation for why it wasn’t stopped had better be stellar.