Islam’s clumsy move after Koran burn in Norway

Some of you may remember the Norwegian koran burning and the subsequent day of rage set into motion by the OIC, primary reactions in Turkey and Pakistan. Of course. It’s a buyer’s market for outraged mobs in Pakistan. Its nearly the only growth industry.

One of the more propagandistically efficacious responses by muslims was to give away thousands of free Korans across Norway hoping to make those who burned one seem petty and mean spirited. Unlike the muslims of course, raping, killing and waging jihad across Norway.

Of course this leads to a problem for the muslims I would think.

The purpose of burning the koran was to raise awareness of what was in it and its anti-Western components most Western people refuse to admit exist, or matter at all if they do.

So one wonders how giving thousands of them to Norwegians, beyond the superficial optics of a seemingly benevolent act in the wake of what is made out to be an awful one can work for muslims.

For the answer we turn to Author, Bruce Bawer from his December 10 2019 article at Gatestone:

Norway: A Fake “Translation”

  • This 2013 Norwegian-language “Koran” is available online. A perusal of key passages, however, shows that it bears little or no resemblance to the actual Koran.
  • Let us hope that the word gets around that the book they are being handed is not really the Koran at all.


On the heels of this remarkable news came the announcement that three Norwegian Muslim organizations, in response to SIAN’s Koran burning, planned to hand out 10,000 copies of the Koran to Norwegians at stands in Oslo and, perhaps, Bergen. The idea, said Hamza Ansari, a member of the board of one of those organizations, the Oslo mosque Minhaj-ul-Quran, was to “demystify” the holy book. Another one of the organizations, the Islamic Literary Association, added that “the Koran teaches us to show love.” Which Koran, one wondered, were they talking about? Surely not the one I have read, which is full of injunctions to kill Jews and other infidels, among many other horrific mandates. Indeed, it turned out that the “Koran” in question is a 2013 translation into Norwegian that “contains explanations” intended to clarify the seventh-century text for twenty-first-century readers.

In fact, this 2013 Norwegian-language “Koran” is available online. A perusal of key passages, however, shows that it bears little or no resemblance to the actual Koran. Take this verse:

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. (5:51)

In the Norwegian “translation,” this verse reads as follows:

Is it a judgment of ignorance they want? And who is better at (judging) a judgment than Allah for a people who have the certainty of faith?

Please do click over and read the whole article by Bruce Bawer. It also explains more about how Norway is threatening indigenous Norwegian citizens that if they do not act as if burning koran (or insulting islam) is a crime, the government will damn well make it a crime.

And the logic is that burning a koran is an utterance of hate, and somehow that’s illegal unless of course, its hate of anything the state demands you hate. Anything that can be branded as nazi for instance, or classical. Standard directed 2 minutes of hate stuff. Whatever is under the rubric of Emmanuel Goldstein will, no doubt be made mandatory to hate, while any act or utterance that diminishes the authority of leftism or Islam will be a “hate crime”.

The most basic sleight of hand of the totalitarian, yet surprisingly to many of us, Astonishingly effective so far.


One of the very first books written in English in the modern era about the consequences of the importation of Islam to Europe and the West, was “While Europe Slept” by Bruce Bawer. It is still, over a decade later, one of the best ‘Red Pill’ books you can get on the subject. Any of you looking for a gift for a friend that would be at least receptive to reality enough to read a book on it, that would be an excellent choice.

UPDATE: Norwegians appear to be burning Korans all over the place now.

Subtitled video of the Koran burn in Norway

We posted more info on this earlier here, but this explains it all very well.


The video seems to have been made private on YT.

I think this is the same one below. (It may not be ready to play for a few minutes)

Muslims and leftists jump the fence in Norway after protestor lights up a koran

Video is dated November 17th and took place in Oslo, November 16th.

Protestors held demonstration against Islamic values in ascendance in Norway and of course were met with massive far-left wing violent extremists as well as muslim counter-protestors.

According to Tundra Tabloids, this protest was done by “Stop the islamization of Norway”.

According to our Norwegian translator, the first speaker says: “we wanted to burn the Quran but police don’t allow it.. So we toss it..”. This is repeated a lot.

Then they toss a koran into a red bucket. Someone else lights up another copy and then the muslims and leftists jump the fence to attack the protestors.

Thank you Tundra Tabloids, Tania Groth, Inge and all who helped gathering the info on this.

Looks like Rasmus is a franchise now!


Mullah Krakar convicted as terror leader in Italy

For those of you newly awakened to the existential fight against Islam and the various incarnations of leftism, here is a 2015 interview with Mullah Krakar, already more trouble than he was worth, in Italy where he abused state generosity while attempting to destroy that same state.

Dial the quality up to source on this one. The video quality of the Norwegian TV show is very good.

Thanks to Fousequawk, here is the news footage from Italian media:

Unaccompanied refugee child stabbed Co-op employee to death

A Human translation by Tania Groth with many thanks!

From this Swedish news site:

A so-called An unaccompanied refugee child from Afghanistan was arrested for a brutal assassination in Vadsø in Norway last Saturday, Norwegian TV2 reports. The detainee has a temporary residence permit and came to Norway in 2015.

Shortly after 22:00 on Saturday night, Finnmark police received an alert about a stabbing at the Co-op Extra store in Vadsø in northeastern Norway.

At the site, the 18-year-old Håvard Pedersen was found stabbed to death.

Although there was a doctor at the scene his life could not be saved.

The victim worked in the store where he was found.

An alleged 17-year-old has now been arrested for the deed. According to police, he is an immigrant with a temporary residence permit. Unlike in Sweden, Norwegian media are quick to announce the suspected ethnic background.

The detainee must have come to Norway as an unaccompanied refugee “child” during the wave of asylum seekers that originated in Afghanistan in 2015.

The police have seized materials at the crime scene that prove the man arrested is behind the stabbing. However, the police authority does not want to confirm whether they have found the murder weapon.

The Afghan was apprehended after a police helicopter had seen him run from the Co-op store. However, he was not arrested until nearly four hours later, when he tried to flee further by jumping into the water from a bridge. A civilian in a boat helped the police take him into custody.

“The motive for the murder is not known, so now we need to find out why it happened,” the police said according to TV2.

The suspect was already known to police for having harassed people, according to the Norwegian newspaper.

UK: A stunning case of kidnapping of young girls, sexual slavery and degradation, Muslim honour rapes daughter

Anyone uncertain as to the veracity of the claims in this video only need read a few chapters of the earth scortchingly important book, “Easy Meat” and know that even if these people made up the whol story, it is definitly true for thousands of other British white non-Muslim girls.

For an example of Islam and sex as a weapon today, check out this story from Norway.

Additional links to that same story from Norwegian media:


Local MSM in Fredrikstad

National MSM Aftenposten

Danish MSM Berlingske (BT) 


Norway: Religious Discrimination = Racism?

The story of Merete Hodne (the hairdresser in Norway who refused to serve the hajib-clad Malika Bayan in her hair salon last October) is just another example of the OIC’s wildly successful 10-year plan to implement a worldwide blasphemy ban.

We are all familiar with this story now. Bayan was turned away and promptly went to the police to file her complaint of religious discrimination. Hodne was found guilty this week and charged with a hefty fine, failure of which to pay could result in up to six months in prison.

While Norway had repealed its blasphemy laws in support of freedom of expression back in March of 2015, they enacted changes to the penal code (section 186) in October of that same year as follows: “A fine or imprisonment for up to six months may be imposed on commercial or similar activity that refuses a person goods or services because of the person’s: a) skin color or national or ethnic origin, b) religion or belief, c) gay orientation, or d) disability…”

The two items from this that are most relevant to the point are a) and b) and (for the purposes of this argument) these are the only two on which this article will focus.

In this, they are saying that religious discrimination is tantamount to racism. That refusing service to someone who declares with their attire that they support values that pose a threat to you and your freedom can be equated to, and carry the same punishment as, say perhaps a “White’s only” bathroom. This is absolutely ludicrous.

Ethnicity is not something about which we have a choice and is, in fact, part our DNA. It is not something that can be changed or controlled. Religion or belief, however, is a choice. In a free country, it can be changed at anytime, by anyone, for any reason whatsoever.

This may be a good time to point out, that the “victim” in the afore-mentioned case is Norwegian-born Charlotte Antonsen, pictured below:untitled

A 19-year-old, wayward Charlotte converted to Islam in 2011, at which point she changed her name to Malika Bayan, pictured at left. She only began wearing the Hijab in 2014.

While we are on the subject of Charlotte/Malika’s faith, it warrants pointing out that she, herself seems to be either misinterpreting or misrepresenting her religion-of-choice. Bannered across her Facebook page is a grossly-out-of-context Muhammad quote, “Whoever hurts a non-Muslim will not smell a whiff of paradise.”

Um…no. The exact quote is: “Whoever killed a person having a treaty with the Muslims, shall not smell the smell of Paradise though its smell is perceived from a distance of forty years.”



In 2015, the OSCE, of which both Canada and the United States are among the 57 participating states, held sessions that, under the guise of “promoting dialogue to prevent radicalization and violent extremism” seemed to be more focused on laying the groundwork to support the idea that merely telling the truth about horrific acts perpetrated by Islam should constitute hate speech.

Stephen Coughlin challenged (9:30) the panel by suggesting this would be “…confabulating a narrative and then deciding to impose it on people and designating people who don’t agree, as haters.” He followed with the question, “Once you decide that facts can be hate, what distinguishes this from just disinformation of the purist form?”

The panelist who responded was Leila Ghandi, a Journalist and Civil Society Activist. “I believe that truth…can constitute hate speech, because sometimes <truth> is difficult, horrible, in itself.” She continued with “…sometimes when you report on facts, and these facts point out a community then it can be a source of hateful speech.” She further explained that the media hiding the truth can sometimes be (and is) used as a way to “tackle” hate speech. (11:26)

This is nothing short of a revelation for the OIC. They merely wanted to (and succeeded, thanks to UN Resolution 16/18 and the CVE) implement a “Ten-Year Programme of Action to make defamation of Islam a crime in international forums and national jurisdictions throughout the world.” (See Stephen Coughlin’s paper Burning Down the house, page 23.)

The goal was to silence any expression that might be perceived to “fuel discrimination, extremism and misperception leading to polarization and fragmentation with dangerous unintended and unforeseen consequences”. To now suggest that good old fashioned, objective reporting is equivalent to defamation of Islam? Well done OIC.

The UN “Strongly deplores all acts of psychological and physical violence and assaults, and incitement thereto, against persons on the basis of their religion or belief…” Well, all acts except any that would be carried out against non-muslims; those are fine.

Merete Hodne, as a free woman, could argue that the hijab is a physical manifestation of discrimination against her own religious freedoms. It could be argued that by wearing it, Bayan was silently (but just as effectively) suggesting that Hodne is immodest, and an acceptable victim for would-be islamic rapists.

Hodne 3has been quoted many times in the last year as saying that she views the hijab as political and totalitarian. Yet she is being labeled as a racist and, with this recent ruling, is being forced to wear a virtual Scold’s Bridle.



We were recently granted an interview with Merete to hear her side.

Norwegian media recently did this short portrait of Merete.

Ilona Szilágyi for VladTepesBlog




Cultural Marxists successfully destroy right of freedom of association with “anti-discrimination” in Norway

A Norwegian hairdresser who has a clear understanding of Islam and its values, was fined 10,000 Kroner (About $2000.00 Cdn.) Monday, September 12 2016 for denying service to a woman in a muslim head cloth.

The hairdresser, Merete Hodne, who has a shop in Byrne SW Norway, refused service for the exact reasons a Jewish person may wish to refuse service to someone in a Nazi uniform. In fact that was her defense. And it is a reasonable and certainly accurate defense.

“To me, the hijab is an extreme political symbol. I don’t feel good when I see people wearing a hijab. They came in and asked what it would cost to get hair highlights and I said that I do not accept people like them and that they should go to another stylist and then they left again,” Hodne said.

If we decide Nazism is bad because of its fanatical degree of racial, and socialist -ideological purity, and consequent desire to exterminate those who represent anything different or impede Nazi manifest destiny, then Islam is every bit as bad or worse, and the uniform of the Muslim may as well have the twin lightning strikes of the SS.

At least the Nazis liked Music and art. They stole it rather than destroyed it, which means they valued it.

Slowly but surely, Frankfurt School descendants have been replacing natural and obvious individual rights with phony collective ones, using the language of human rights to do so.

We have here a jurisprudence level proof of that in Norway, although it happens everywhere now, even if new faux legal mechanisms like Canada’s “Human Rights Commissions” have to be inserted to circumnavigate real rights. Like the right to an attorney for example.

Already there have been several cases where a Muslim women applied for a job as a hairdresser, or in a hairdressing studio, only to appear at work someday after getting the job in a full head-cloth, fired for basically being antithetical to the nature of the work, not to mention being deceptive in the job application, and then suing the employer. Variations of this tactic are being waged across the Western world by muslims in fact, and in Canada as well such as the UPS suit.

That was a particularly good one as the employer was placed between what should be illegal anti-discrimination rules and actual valid safety regulations at the work place. In that case, women who wore long loose flowing garments at a UPS facility were told that it violated Ontario’s safety laws for working on ladders. They sued, and they received an out of court settlement. Which means they won. Policies will change to suit muslims, since you can not, not hire them because they insist on dressing in an unsafe manner.

From the Toronto Star:

The women, all devout Muslims, lost their jobs in 2005 because they refused to hike their skirts above the knee over their long pants.

They argued that Islam requires them to be fully covered for modesty and alleged discrimination on the basis of religion and gender.

UPS said the ankle-length skirts were a safety hazard as workers climb ladders up to six metres high. Only “a gap in the process” allowed the women to work at UPS for up to two years without being told their clothing posed a risk, a UPS manager previously told the tribunal.

Yes, they were wearing long pants. This was more a political matter than one of modesty. Like most of Islam is, such as the Burkini issue. A uniform rather than any religious desire to cover up at the beach.

VladTepesBlog has articles on the UPS case. Searching Google for it will give more detailed accounts.

In this UK example, a muslim woman who wears a head-cloth that covers all her hair in typical muslim fashion, was refused a job at a London hair salon and successfully sued for discrimination.

In practical terms, this would be like a basketball team refusing to hire a guy with no arms and then the team losing a law suit for discrimination against the disabled.

In this 2007 case, a Muslim showed up for a trial day, a day in which it was to be determined if she would get the job or not, and was told that the “funky punky urban” nature of the Salon meant that employees would have to have that kind of haircut and show their hair.

Needless to say, she was told her head-cloth was a deal breaker and was not given the job. She sued for over a year’s worth of the owner’s salary and never worked an hour there.

This case deserves a little thought.

The woman was being sued for “religious discrimination” although at no point did she tell the muslima what to believe. She owner explained that a woman in a baseball cap or cowboy hat also would have been denied the job for obvious reasons.

As there was no interference with religious belief this is defacto not about religious belief.

This is about dhimmitude. About a Muslim’s right to trample all over natural and liberal law. About a muslim’s right to attach any activity they want to their religious belief and claim that it is discrimination, not only to prevent them from doing any activity which can be seen as Islamic, such as slaughtering sheep in the streets of big cities like Paris, but even much much more harsh examples as we see in cities across England where police refuse to interfere with giant muslim rape and sex slave gangs for fear of being branded a racist.

If a women in a cowboy hat claimed to be a cultural or native Texan, and claimed the cowboy hat was her necessary show of belonging to her native or adopted culture, no court would take her case or certainly she would never win an anti-discrimination suit.

This is about Islamic supremacy, not human rights. There is no right to display of religious belief uber alles. Just ask the Christian stewardesses who have been told they cannot wear a cross on some airlines while their muslim coworkers wear a hijab with no questions asked.

The pernicious nature of this judgment is that it has been decided for all people now in the UK that wearing a cross is not a religious requirement, while wearing muslim uniforms is one.

This is both not true, there is no requirement for muslims to dress a certain way other than as part of the hijra to islamify an area. (This would be advancing sharia domination but there is no specific requirement to cover hair) and pernicious as it means the court has taken a role for itself which so far steps over its role in a free society as to be the casus belli of French and American revolutions.

The Norwegian hair salon owner took the brave step of actually using her natural right of freedom of association, instead of any work-around to deny having a Muslim on staff or as a client. This was a very brave stance. Most of us submit to the Marxist-sharia matrix being created for us by using some mealy mouthed work around on these issues to temporarily get the effect we want by claiming some other issue.

In Canada, Muslims have no problem exercising that right and the provincial and federal governments in Canada even pay for it.

Anyone wishing to contribute to Merete Hodne, the Norwegian hairdresser’s legal appeal fund, and she is appealing, please pay pal to:

or transfer funds to:

account no# is 33351044107. Vipps 41516033



Shocking figures: 84 percent of people charged for serious crimes in Copenhagen are immigrants

This is a document translated for us by Liberty Dk

From this Norwegian website

New shock figures from Denmark published in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet showed that a full 84 percent of those remanded into custody for crimes in the Danish capital are immigrants. Ten percent of these have Danish citizenship.

Despite the debate, figures and statistics are open and accessible in Denmark, even though the Danish government tries to hide the chilling cold facts from the population.

Today the Danish newspaper Expressen revealed amongst other things that 84 per cent of those taken into custody in Copenhagen are immigrants.

High numbers

New figures show that only 1 out 10 people who go to court in Copenhagen are ethnically Danish. 9 out of 10 are immigrants and the cost to society runs into the billions.

Lower crime?

According to Danish Minister of Justice Metter Fredriksen, crime statistics are getting lower in our society and people are apparently able to be safer on the streets. But this is a truth with exceptions.

Ekstra Bladet writes the following:

“If the risk of crime has actually fallen, it is due only due to the fact that the number of burglaries has fallen”.

But reality tells us something else – the number of cases of sexual abuse, violence and drug crimes is on the rise across the country. And those behind the violent crimes are often immigrants.

According to the new figures this shows that more than 8 out of 10 who are put in detention are immigrants, out of which 10 percent have Danish citizenship.

To be kept in detention one must have committed a crime that carries a sentence of at least 18 months; in other words, those who are in custody are charged with serious crimes.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that as many as 25 per cent of asylum seekers residing in Denmark have been arrested for a crime. Ekstra Bladet also points out that the number of asylum seekers has quadrupled under the Labour government led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Crime rises sharply among young immigrants

In 2014, it also emerged that crime among immigrant youths has risen sharply. In 2007, 1028 of young immigrants were charged with a crime. In 2012 this figure had risen to 1661. This is partly due to the fact that the number of immigrants entering Denmark has increased. Compared with their ethnic Danish peers the immigrant youth commit twice as many crimes.

Newspaper: Government manipulates

Violent crime has risen simply because more criminal immigrants come to the country. Ekstra Bladet concludes that the government lies to and manipulates their constituents and the Danish people when they claim that the country has become safer.


A significant and honest Interview with Mullah Krekar, a parasitical but influential muslim leader living in Norway

If one adds this interview of Feb. 25 2015, which in my opinion is one of the most honest and significant interviews with a muslim spokesman I have seen in some time, with the article from the Atlantic, a true sea change in terms of its effects on the left and the Obama narrative, one can begin to form a true picture of what we are dealing with.

I find this interview quite chilling personally. If you do, please send it out to everyone you know. There is still a staggering number of people who are self blinded to the reality of the world today.

Thank you so much, Liberty Dk for the translation and Gov for you editing and patience with endless technical problems with this significant video.

To understand who this particular bearded clam is, please read this

Here is the Gates post on this video.

This particular Mulla was just arrested.

Oslo Police: We have lost the city.

Original translation by Carpe Diem

From P I News:

A devastating CBN report shows that Oslo is already firmly in control of Muslim invaders. In many parts of the city the Sharia already applies as the only law. That’s where the local Imams reign. Recent police statistics reveal that 100% of all rapes in Oslo are committed by non-Western immigrants and 90% of the victims are Norwegian women, victims that are even declared to offenders – more precisely “racists”- by left-wing scum bags.

(by L.S.Gabriel)

You do not see many straw-blond women in Oslo these days. Many Norwegians dye their hair dark to not be immediately recognised as a blonde woman. A weak protection against the Muslim rapist gangs, but at least it gives them a little security -somehow-, since police can hardly protect them. In contrary, the victim of a rape had been told by the police that everyone has the right to security. Unfortunately police can no longer guarantee. “We have lost the city,” they said.

Tetouani Fatima, who is an immigrant herself, says that parts of Oslo were already more Islamic than Morocco.

The therapist Kristin Spitznogle was sharply criticized because she uttered what can clearly be seen and proven by statistics: Muslim men are raping non-Muslim women. Any woman, not dressed compliant to the Quran and not circumcised, is a whore to Muslims and may be raped.

Walid al-Kubaisi, a Norwegian journalist, is a native Iraqi and Muslim. He sees the problem and is sure that there will be a violent clash of cultures. “No-one spells out that we have a huge problem and bleak future prospects,” he says.

Only a few months ago, terrorist group Ansar al-Sunna has threatened with terrorist attacks in an open letter and explains:

“We do not want to be part of the Norwegian society. We do not want to live with filthy creatures like you. ”

They call for an Islamic state where the Sharia is law, although less than 10% of the Norwegian population are Muslims. How will things be when they reach 20 percent or more?

(translation: Carpe Diem)

BREAKING NEWS: Three killed as knife-wielding man hijacks a bus in Norway

Daily Mail:

  • Three dead including driver after attack in Stavanger
  • Man aged in his 50s arrested by police
  • Firefighters were called to bus thinking there had been an accident
  • Crews detained the suspect until police arrived

[…] Solvag said the suspect was not an ethnic Norwegian but could not give details on where he was from.

The motive was not immediately clear.[…]

(One wonders if there might be Norwegian journalists who, through the racism of lowered expectations, think the three dead people deserved it for failing to help the non-ethnic norwegian blend in. As if they had no agency and couldn’t figure out killing people on a bus was not allowed on their own)

Socialist alchemy. The practice of converting reality into sanctimony

Recently in Norway, a book was published by a pair of Norwegian journalists, Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland and Arild Opheim, called, ‘Uninvited Guests’.

As I understand it, they were a romantic couple as well when a couple of illegal non-European immigrants broke into their homes, tied their hands behind their backs, and held them naked threatening to kill them while going through their personal property and robbing them of credit cards, cash and valuables.

An article about the book and the authors is here. Chrome translates it into English fairly well should you feel its worth the clicks.

The revealing and instructive part of this article is about defending ones purchase, as well as the inversion of reasoning socialists use to defend their ideological purchases. More simply put, when reality directly, and even humiliatingly and painfully, contradicts ones ideological worldview, socialists tend to reinterpret the facts to reaffirm their world view, rather than adjust their world view to better reflect reality.

In other words, rather than change your map to reflect the giant crater you found in the middle of your yard, you explain to people that the map is correct and you deserve to have the crater there because you failed to hang a sign in orbit inviting all the meteors to land in your yard anytime they want in which case they wouldn’t make holes in your yard.

Traditionally, using reasoning, we tend to look at the results of a policy and determine the validity of the policy occasionally adjusting for variables that may not have been factored in to the first estimates and reassessing as needs be. The classic socialist reasoning is to be so committed to the ideology that any discrepancy between your beliefs and reality must be because of a failure on the part of society to properly and completely implement the required policies of socialism.

This is pretty much identical to religious reasoning as well. Such as when the Tsunami trashed the coastline of Indonesia, and a leading muslim cleric claimed it was because muslims had failed to wage jihad enough and they were being punished by allah for that.

A read of the communist agricultural manifesto also reveals this same reasoning, which is why Russia wasted countless lives and resources in a futile effort to get wheat to grow in Siberia while the West used science to genetically modify wheat to grow wherever the hell they wanted it to. The communists insisted that wheat would grow in Siberia because communism needed it to. Really. That was perhaps the best example of all of how reasoning does work as opposed to how religion and socialism attempts to force it to work.

Meanwhile, back in Norway, immigrants are raping and robbing their way across the country in unprecedented numbers while socialist journalists bathe in sanctimony and enjoy book deals and probably university lecture circuits for heapum big cash lecturing everyone how the solution is to let everyone in and just give them whatever they want, as if the stuff was there as an accident of geography and not the sum total of the work and self sacrifice of every generation of Norwegians that came before them.

And I have a prediction for these two as well.

I bet that the first thing they do with their first royalty check from the book, is buy better locks and shatter proof windows.