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This space deliberately left blank for the moment. We anticipate that people who moved to France to get away from Morocco, will trash France to celebrate a Moroccan, or indeed even a French soccer victory, There will be lots and lots of content in this post and below in the comments.

France did indeed win the match



Scandinavian women were “bestially raped” before being decapitated

An original translation by Rasmus Paludan with much thanks

From this Norwegian publication:

Marrocan news paprer: – Maren og Louisa were killed «The ISIS way» after having been brutally raped

Maren Ueland’s and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen’s hiking trip in the Atlas Mountains ended in «beastly rape» – after that their heads were seperated from their bodies, according to the Marrocan news paper Assabah.

«The females were subjected to beastly killing in the «Daesh way», where their heads were seperated from their bodies after they had been subjected to a beastly rape», writes Assabah. Daesh is another name for Islamic State, ISIS.


Breaking: Terror in France, Three Killed, Moroccan Jihadi Finally Shot By Police

An original translation from Die Welt:

An alleged Islamist killed three people in Southern France.

  • First, he fired at police officers who were just working out. Then he took several hostages in a supermarket
  • After several hours, police forces shot the man dead

Alarm at Southern France police: on Friday, an alleged member of the Jihadi Militia Islamic State (IS) killed a total of three people in the Département Aude. After several hours, police forces managed to kill him in Trèbes.

The situation is still unclear. However, the perpetrator appears to be a notorious Islamist. As reported by the radio station France Info, the man was already known to the intelligence services, and in a data base to fight terrorism and radicalization. He reportedly was under surveillance. According to the newspaper „La Dépêche du Midi“, the man was a Moroccan aged between 30 and 40.

The first incident took place in the city of Carcassonne. As „Le Monde“ report, between 9:30 and 10 AM, an unknown person opened fire  at four officers who were just returning from running. One of them was injured in the shoulder, but his condition is not critical.

Then, the man stole a car, killing the passenger and wounding the driver. Upon that, he drove to the nearby town of Trèbes. An eye-witness said that the perpetrator shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) [translator’s note: this common translation is not quite correct, it means “Allah is greater” or “is greatest”) when he assaulted the local supermarket “Super U“ market at 11:15 AM. He was armed with knives, a shotgun and hand grenades.

According to police, the supermarket’s butcher was lethally shot. The identity of the third victim yet remains to be clarified. According to the Interior Ministry, three more people are wounded. Among them is one police officer, who was held as the sole hostage in the end.

In the afternoon, around 3 PM, a special Gendarmerie force stormed the supermarket and shot dead the hostage taker.

Macron calls it an act of terror

The anti terror unit of the Paris Prosecution took over investigations. The authority annoucnes that they opened an investigation for murder and attempted murder in connection with terrorism.

President Emmanuel Macron, who was participating in the EU summit in Brussels, said during the hostage situation that everything indicated it was an act of terrorism. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe made an according statement and spoke of a “serious situation“.

France has repeatedly been the target of Islamist attacks. Especially the attacks of Paris in 2015, and Nice in 2016, shook the country to the core. In Paris alone, 130 people were killed. Lately, two women were killed in an attack in Marseille on October 1.

Authorities speak of a continued high terror risk. Interior Minister Collomb reported in late February that since New Year, two attacks on a sports venue, and on military, had been foiled.

Germany: Three Assaulted By Moroccan With Hatchet

An original translation from Rheinische Post:

Manhunt In Rees

Man Threatens Several With Hatchet

January 3., 2018 | 18.22 h CET

Rees. A man allegedly assaulted three people in Haldern and Empel and threatened them with a hatchet. Police are hunting for a suspect. By Markus Balser

Three people had a close encounter of the bloodcurling kind, Tuesday evening in Haldern and in Empel: A man threatened them with a hatchet. A 25-year-old from Wesel was lightly wounded. The perpetrator escaped. The suspect is a 29-year-old Moroccan. Police are searching for him.

As the investigators announce, the first assault took place around 9:20 PM on the platform of the Haldern train station. A 50-year-old man from Rees was waiting there, when the Moroccan approached him with a hatchet in the hand and demanded money. The Reesian threw a small sum of cash in his direction. When the perpetrator bent over for it, the victim ran away.

Man Shouts At Armed Perpetrator

Just a short while after this, the second assault took place; this time in Empel. According to police, a 22-year-old woman was driving her Opel Corsa on Halderner Straße around 9:40 PM, heading for Haldern. A 25-year-old man from Wesel was accompanying her in the car. About 150 metres behind the B67 highway, the young woman had to stop, because a bicycle was lying across the street. In this moment, the perpetrator dashed towards the Opel, smashed in the passenger seat window of the car, and prompted the passengers to get out of the car. The front-seat-passenger, who suffered abrasions, indeed got out of the car, according to police, and loudly shouted at the Moroccan, who, at that, escaped in the direction of B67. He left his bike behind.

Despite a large-scale manhunt with two police dogs, in which the Federal Police and forces of the district police offices Wesel and Borken participated, the perpetrator could not yet be apprehended. Possibly, he fled into a close-by forest tuesday night in the protection of darkness.

It is plausible that both assaults were committed by the same person, as the descriptions of both perpetrators are congruent, and the distance between the two crime scenes can be covered in 20 minutes by bike.

The 29-year-old suspect is about 1.80 metres tall, and slim, according to police. He is wearing a red hooded jacket, a black hooded shirt, and a light pair of trousers, a white face mask and grey gloves. The police, who do not have clues pointing to an Islamist background of the man, warn of approaching him. They ask for hints concerning the wanted person at Criminal Police Kalkar under the phone number 02824 880.

Translator’s note: Rees, Heldern and Empel are idyllic smalltowns, but lie in the troubled state of North-Rhine Westphalia, infamous for the Cologne sex attacks, or the district of Duisburg-Marxloh (video).

Rees in North-Rhine Westphalia


Berlin: Moroccan Driver Of Rental Car Speeds Across Sidewalk, Targeting Pedestrians

An original translation from B.Z. Berlin:

Was it an Attack?
Car Dashes Across Sidewalk – State Security Investigating

The driver of the rental car has fled. Police have cordoned off the area. Photo: Spreepicture

10. November 2017, 11:49 PM CET
The driver of a rental car dashed across the sidewalk at Wilhelmsruher Damm in Reinickendorf [Berlin – translator]. He barely missed several pedestrians.

A group of people were standing on the sidewalk of Wilhelmsruher Damm yesterday [Friday] evening around 10 PM. Suddenly, a rental car was speeding directly towards them. People screamed, jumped out of the way and barely escaped uninjured.
The car then rammed a motor scooter. Then the driver stepped on the gas and disappeared. He was not caught at the time of going to press. But the pedestrians quick-witted memorized the license plate. Police is investigating it, according to Bild information, the driver allegedly is a Moroccan.

Was it an attempted attack? It is still unclear. But it is confirmed that State Security has taken over the investigations.

The scooter lies on the sidewalk, demolished. No one was injured. Photo: Spreepicture


Some good news from a Muslim country

There was a fairly disgusting case of sexual harassment and assault on a Moroccan bus recently which was filmed and put on youtube.

The video is in the comments but I didn’t want to post it to the main site. Its sad and awful. The story is, the girl was mentally retarded and a group of teens pulled her clothes off and sexually humiliated her.

The bus driver did nothing. not even stop the bus.

But today there was a protest in Morocco against sexual abuse.

Good news from the Islamic world is pretty rare. So its a bit of a treat to post it when it comes in.

Thank you M.


Police attacked while breaking up fight at Moroccan festival in Montreal

Multiculturalism at its most inevitable.

Police attacked at Moroccan festival in Laval while trying to stop fight

Police were attacked after being called to a Laval Moroccan festival Saturday night when a fight broke out between about 100 people.


Some of the attendees encircled police and started throwing rocks at them.

One officer and one person at the festival sustained minor injuries.


A 15-year-old was arrested.

Police said the people who were fighting were largely between the ages of 15 and 18.


It was the Moroccan festival’s first edition and it took place near the Laurentian Autoroute and Du Souvenir Boulevard.

Police are discussing with organizers if the festival will continue Sunday.

National Post:

Police attacked after brawl breaks out during festival near Montreal

LAVAL, Que. — Angry teens threw projectiles at police who were trying to break up a massive brawl at a festival north of Montreal Saturday night.


Police were called after about 100 people, mostly youth, began fighting at a Moroccan festival in Laval, Que.

Toronto Metro:

DZ Breaking:

Montreal Gazzette 

H/T M.

Video to come as its not embeddable. But you can see it here: 

Brilliant example of Islamic good sportsmanship

And people say that religious Muslims can’t fit in to Western civilization!

Three soccer fans killed in war like fight in Moroccan soccer stadium

Location: Casa Blanca

Two Killed, 54 Injured in Football Fan Scuffle in Morocco

The heated fans of one of the teams first lighted flares and then attacked their opponents, reported citing local media. The fights on the stadium have rapidly developed into street brawls.

Play it again Sam!




Adolf Hollande accused of anti-muslim plot

Original Translation by Bear

from 20min Switzerland

A Moroccan daily paper has photoshopped the French president into Adolph Hitler. The paper details how Francois Hollande is preparing the extermination of muslims.

adolph hollande poster

The Arabic Moroccan daily (Al Watan al An) wanted to shock and it did:

Three days after the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, in one sedition on the 29th of Jan. Francois Hollande is disguised as Adolph Hitler more truly than nature: Small mustache, dressed as Nazi and Nazi armband.

Beside the picture, the title in Arabic allows people to think: “Will the French recreate the concentration camps of Hitler to exterminate the Muslims?”

The Moroccan French weekly, (Telquel) has questioned the director of the publication, Al Watan al An, of this choice of scoop. “It is very lightly against the French president. He deserves worse. The French government does not ensure the security of Muslim citizens in France as is the case for the Jewish community”

(Arabic name) “The journalist rejects the responsibility of the many anti-islam acts, 128 acts took place in the last 2 weeks representing almost as many as in the year 2014 total, following the attacks in Paris towards the French government. Many places of muslim worship are attacked daily without it bothering the French authorities”.

[another comment same guy]

That sees the left and the French right in competition to see who will cause the most damage to the muslim community, goes as far as saying that the French is preparing the country to deprive the muslims of roofs over their heads and employment if it continues this way.

Telquel reminds that this article and this scoop could fall under the code of the Moroccan press according to article 52, ‘offense publicly committed against a chief of state and their dignity, a chief of government, ministers of foreign affairs of foreign nations, will be punished by imprisonment of one month to one year and a fine of 10,000 to 100,000 Dirhams or one of the two sentences only.

The Night the Moroccans Arrived

From Gates of Vienna:

Moroccan troops known as Goumiers formed part of the Free French army that fought with the Allies in Italy during World War Two. After the victory at Monte Cassino — in which the Goumiers had played a crucial role — bands of Moroccans rampaged through mountain villages in the area, raping all the women and girls they could lay their hands on, and sometimes men and boys as well.

Here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on the atrocities committed by the Moroccans:

Video: News from Islamia – Stoning and Burning in Morocco

This is an original translation by Oz-Rita

From PI News:

Those who live in an islamic country have to submit without any compromise to the “religious” ideology in force, otherwise their life can end very brutally. allegedly in Morocco, a young man has “offended” the “Prophet” Mohammed, this led – already in his (Mohamed’s) times to deadly punishment. 1400 years later, not much has changed: a jeering crowd stones the man, children watch from the first row, some film with their mobiles, some passers-by walk past the scene, seemingly unconcerned, cars drive around the dying man. Videos like this one are contemporary documentation from a “religious culture” which legitimizes brutality through their god, and where human civilisation does no longer exist.

Warning, horrible images:

This document of inhumanity appeared on the page of a certain “Rassd Maroc” Facebook site eines gewissen “Rassd Maroc”. . In the following video the cruelty even increases as the stoned man is burnt alive at the end.

In our schools they are just about to establish the “religious teaching” of this killer-cult , Politicians compete as to who will demonstrate more “respect” towards (islam) and Church leaders are eager to affirm the equality between their faith and this Barbarism. Germany is going down while her political rulers roll out the red carpet for these deadly ennemies of the people.

Moroccan hackers declare cyberwar on Spain…

An original translation by Hermes

From The Confidential:

Moroccan hackers declare cyberwar to Spain: They have carried out 150 attacks already. They say: “We will be your nightmare, we will finish your weak economy”

They call themselves “Moroccan ghosts”, and they have already attacked 150 webpages of Spanish enterprises, leaving on them messages in favor of the (Moroccan) Sahara and the king of Morocco, threats of “sinking” the Spanish economy and pictures of the Spanish flag in flames.

One of the messages they left in a website was: “Long live the Moroccan Sahara, long live forever the Moroccan king. You must know that we will not allow you to touch our home. We are here to defend our land and the Sahara will be forever Moroccan. We will remain strong and united against anybody willing to harm our country”.

This group is beginning to be known throughout the world because of their massive attacks against webpages in USA, South Africa, France and Israel, which are the countries most affected by their actions.

They attacked a large number of webpages in Spain this week. Among those affected are medical societies, business associations, foundations, airlines, foreign consulates and service webs.

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Arrests at Salé [Rabat, Morocco] of two individuals belonging to salafi jihadis

An original Translation by Michael Laudahn:

The Salé police force has arrested two individuals belonging to the salafi jihadi movement, while they were preparing an attack against the residence of a clairvoyant in town, according to a communiqué issued by the interior ministry.

This operation which came within the framework of the efforts to fight terrorist crime, sustained by the security services, was carried out based on precise information, the communiqué emphasises.

The two individuals arrested were in possession of two kitchen knives, two hoods, a hammer, two ropes, one of which knotted to serve as a strangler, as also other objects which they expected to be useful for committing their felony.   At the end of the interrogation carried out under supervision of the public prosecutor, the indicted men wil be passed to the judciary, adds the same source.