Five items on the border war between Belarus and Poland – VERY intense items

1. How is this not an invasion please? Belurus-Polish border

2. Turkey curbs flights to Belarus to ease migrant crisis

BRUSSELS/ANKARA, Nov 12 (Reuters) – Turkey banned Syrian, Yemeni and Iraqi citizens from flights to Minsk on Friday, potentially closing off one of the main routes that the EU says Belarus has used to fly in migrants by the thousand to engineer a humanitarian crisis on its frontier.

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East are sheltering in freezing conditions in the woods on the border between Belarus and EU states Poland and Lithuania, which are refusing to let them cross. Some have already died and there are fears for the safety of the rest as bitter winter conditions settle in.

3. Polish PM visits border with Belarus and speaks to the police there

4. Migrants Armed With Tear Gas and Laser Attack Polish forces as Border Warfare Between Poland and Belarus Escalates

The military tension at the Belarus-Poland border escalated Friday, November 12 night. Belarusian troops destroyed part of the 120 miles of barbed wire fencing that separates the east European states. Footage released by Polish Border Force showed its troops blinded by lasers and strobe lights. DailyMail reports that Belarus armed the migrants with tear gas to attack the Polish forces once they crossed the border.

The border tension was reported near the town of Czeremcha. Hundreds of migrants passed through this frontier in recent weeks. “Last night near Czeremcha, Belarusian soldiers began to destroy the temporary border by tearing up fence posts,” a spokesman for the Polish Border Force told DailyMailOnline. “Polish forces were blinded by laser beams and strobe light. Also, a group of about 100 migrants were to cross and Poland says Belarusians gave them tear gas, which was used against the Polish forces.”

5. This is mighty heavy. Talk about a clear Casus Belli.

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Videos and information on what now appears to be a Belarusian attack on the EU using trained Islamic terrorists

1. Video of migrants at border

2. Video of invasion of massive amounts of migrants across border station

3. EU to blacklist Belarusian airline

BRUSSELS, June 1 (Reuters) – The European Union is preparing sanctions on Belarus’ national airline and around a dozen top Belarusian aviation officials, three diplomats said, a stop-gap measure before economic sanctions following the forced landing of a passenger plane.

The proposed asset freezes and travel bans are part of a package of new sanctions on Belarus from EU states, which are outraged that a Ryanair flight was pressed to land in Minsk on May 23 to arrest a dissident journalist and his girlfriend.

EU governments, which described the incident as state piracy, say they are looking at targeting sectors that play a central role in the Belarus economy, to inflict real punishment on President Alexander Lukashenko. They could include bond sales, the oil sector and potash, a big Belarusian export.

Before imposing such economic sanctions, the bloc is expected to agree by June 21 – when EU foreign ministers meet – a smaller sanctions list on individuals and two entities as a quick, intermediary response, the diplomats said.

4. Tent camp of migrants, Polish Belarus border

5. Lukashenko threatens to cut gas supplies to Yamal-Europe gas pipeline if EU imposes new sanctions, promises to send refugees dry firewood

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko has threatened to cut off gas transit to Europe through his country by shutting down the Yamal-Europe pipeline if the EU imposes new sanctions on the country.  

The Yamal-Europe pipeline is part of the northern route that also includes the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines and transits gas from Russia’s Arctic Yamal fields via Belarus to Poland and on to Germany.  

Currently the Yamal-Europe pipeline is playing a key role in delivering gas to alleviate the European gas crisis as the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has not received EU permission to start operating and the Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom is not sending any more gas than it is required to under the terms of a new transit deal signed in December 2019. Europe is already suffering from an estimated 15bn cubic metre (bcm) gas deficit for this winter’s heating season and any more interruptions in supplies would send prices on the gas spot market soaring again.  

EU leaders met yesterday and floated the idea of imposing a fifth packet of sanctions on Belarus, which has been bussing thousands to Middle Eastern refugees to the Polish border, who are attempting to cross illegally into the EU. Blocked by some 15,000 Polish border guards and soldiers, the situation in the forest between the two countries is rapidly turning into a humanitarian crisis. The EU foreign ministers are due to meet next week and could vote on new retaliatory sanctions on Minsk.  

6. Migrants gathering around the sports palace of Minsk, Belorussia:

“A very interesting situation when foreigners can gather but Belarusians would have been immediately dispersed and sent to jail”: looks like the Belarussians are learning about migrant privilege / illegal privilege.

OR it’s just a staging area for the hybrid war at the polish border:

7. In this video, it is claimed that Lukashenko picked 2 dozen Iraqis and Afghanis with combat experience and had them trained and armed. These are among the immigrants at the border, and their mission is to cause havoc in the EU:

8. Migrants break though Belarusian-Polish border:

9. “Yusef Atallah, a migrant from #Syria, told
in an interview that #Belarusian military on the border gave him a bolt cutter and forced him to cut the barbed wire. When he wanted to go back, the Belarusians beat him. “They said – you can’t go back to #Minsk. Go to #Poland”.”

Meanwhile, at the border of Poland…

An explanation?

Still ongoing:

Link to EU president Von Der Layen on Belarusian abuse of migrants to attack EU border.

LOTS of additional police:

We will update this as more news and videos become available

Pro-destruction of Poland, Mayor of Gdansk, stabbed to death in revenge attack

Edit of text from PI News:

Pawe? Adamowicz, the mayor of Gda?sk for more than twenty years, and the recipient of numerous “mayor of the year” awards, was known for being a big fan of accepting “refugees” and promoting Multiculturalism, and was a strong opponent of the governing Law and Justice Party.

There’s nothing to suggest this was the motive — the knifeman on the stage, known only as Stefan W., said he was “unfairly imprisoned by the former Civic Platform government. This is why Adamowicz has just now been killed.” He was apparently released from prison around a month ago, after a five-year sentence for armed robberies of two banks, and had also received psychiatric treatment.

Nonetheless, as Adamowicz was such a big opponent of the Law and Justice party, this is bound to have repercussions. Fingers are already being pointed at the Right for fomenting a “climate of hate”, especially Polish state TV, TVP, which had run many news segments attacking Adamowicz. Also, this happened at the “Great Orchestra of Christmas help”, a charity event which raises money for equipment for causes such as childrens’ hospitals, but which is organised and promoted by prominent leftists, and attacked by many on the Right as being hostile to Christian values (the head of the campaign, Jerzy Owsiak, has given statements supporting euthanasia and abortion rights, and runs Woodstock, an annual hippie-style concert in Poland).

As such, this may well be a significant moment in Poland, especially during an election year…

H/T Gates of Vienna

Compare this to Canada not being able to build a monument to victims of communism

H/T Ava Lon

Polish MP Slams Vienna Govt for Rejecting Statue of Polish King Who Rescued City from Turkish Siege


Polish MP Dominik Tarczy?ski has slammed the left-wing government of Vienna after they cancelled the erection of a statue to commemorate the Polish King who saved the city, claiming the statue might offend Turks.

Mr Tarczy?ski, who made headlines in July after a combative interview with Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman, spoke with Breitbart London following reports that the leftist coalition running the Austrian capital had cancelled the proposed statue of Polish king Jan III Sobieski, who broke the Turkish Siege of Vienna in 1683, claiming it may offend Turkish residents.


“What King Sobieski did was an act of defence; if not for Sobieski all Europe would be speaking Arabic — and if the Viennese want to speak in Arabic now, they are very welcome, but it’s not going to change history. So please wake up, Austria, because history will not be changed,” Tarczy?ski said.

Lets compare the Viennese government with the current American:

That is the first official photo of newly elected President Trump who quite deliberately sat down for the photo under a painting of King Jan Sobieski the III.

H/T Wrath of Khan

Poland and Israel. An awful conflict, and Israel is simply wrong

This is a post I have been putting off for weeks. In a way I guess, its proof that you can be critical of Israel and not be an antisemite, even though it remains true that in the staggering majority of cases it does mean exactly that.

A little while ago, the Polish government passed a very bad law for very good reasons.

In essence, it says that you cannot refer to any part of the Holocaust as being “Polish” or Auschwitz as a Polish death camp, because it was in reality, historically, and in fact a German death camp on occupied Polish territory by the Nazi government of the day.

The Poles, quite rightfully, do not wish to bear the burden of a historical atrocity for which they do not bear a responsibility.

The Israeli Government has come out strongly against this bill, and not at all for the reasons anyone should. The basic right of freedom of speech, especially political. But for another reason concerning its content.

Official statement by Polish Prime Minister:

I think it would be banal to talk about the Holocaust and its nature in this context. The fact is there are antisemites all over the world, and the Polish government explaining in very clear terms that they viewed their Jewish population as being Poles and that this was an affront and an atrocity against Polish people, is a perfectly respectable way to view this situation.

Concern should be at the enormous percentage of Islamic migrants to Europe who have been quoted very very often as saying “we love the Germans because of what they did to the Jews”.

This perception of the Poles means that they clearly see the Holocaust as an atrocity. An enormous one. And wanting to distance themselves from it is the right attitude, even if it is a spin of sorts.

And although I am not a scholar of this history to this level of detail, it is true that there are more Poles awarded the Righteous Among the Nations for people who hid, at the risk of their own lives and their families. Poland was the ONLY country in Nazi occupied Europe, where there was a death penalty for assisting Jewish people.

This can be seen clearly in Israel at the forest for the Righteous among nations at Yadvashem.

Poland: 6,706 honoured for their assistance to Jews.

Second is the Netherlands, with 5,595 and they did not have the death penalty for assisting Jewish people.

Remember, for Poland, this was at the cost of their lives if caught. Imagine yourself in this position. Refusing to help Jews under these conditions would not necessarily be antisemitism. It would just be a wise health decision.

Given this, the Poles have earned a right to distance themselves from Nazi atrocities and socialist ‘human-perfecting’ programs.