Pro-destruction of Poland, Mayor of Gdansk, stabbed to death in revenge attack

Edit of text from PI News:

Pawe? Adamowicz, the mayor of Gda?sk for more than twenty years, and the recipient of numerous “mayor of the year” awards, was known for being a big fan of accepting “refugees” and promoting Multiculturalism, and was a strong opponent of the governing Law and Justice Party.

There’s nothing to suggest this was the motive — the knifeman on the stage, known only as Stefan W., said he was “unfairly imprisoned by the former Civic Platform government. This is why Adamowicz has just now been killed.” He was apparently released from prison around a month ago, after a five-year sentence for armed robberies of two banks, and had also received psychiatric treatment.

Nonetheless, as Adamowicz was such a big opponent of the Law and Justice party, this is bound to have repercussions. Fingers are already being pointed at the Right for fomenting a “climate of hate”, especially Polish state TV, TVP, which had run many news segments attacking Adamowicz. Also, this happened at the “Great Orchestra of Christmas help”, a charity event which raises money for equipment for causes such as childrens’ hospitals, but which is organised and promoted by prominent leftists, and attacked by many on the Right as being hostile to Christian values (the head of the campaign, Jerzy Owsiak, has given statements supporting euthanasia and abortion rights, and runs Woodstock, an annual hippie-style concert in Poland).

As such, this may well be a significant moment in Poland, especially during an election year…

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Compare this to Canada not being able to build a monument to victims of communism

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Polish MP Slams Vienna Govt for Rejecting Statue of Polish King Who Rescued City from Turkish Siege


Polish MP Dominik Tarczy?ski has slammed the left-wing government of Vienna after they cancelled the erection of a statue to commemorate the Polish King who saved the city, claiming the statue might offend Turks.

Mr Tarczy?ski, who made headlines in July after a combative interview with Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman, spoke with Breitbart London following reports that the leftist coalition running the Austrian capital had cancelled the proposed statue of Polish king Jan III Sobieski, who broke the Turkish Siege of Vienna in 1683, claiming it may offend Turkish residents.


“What King Sobieski did was an act of defence; if not for Sobieski all Europe would be speaking Arabic — and if the Viennese want to speak in Arabic now, they are very welcome, but it’s not going to change history. So please wake up, Austria, because history will not be changed,” Tarczy?ski said.

Lets compare the Viennese government with the current American:

That is the first official photo of newly elected President Trump who quite deliberately sat down for the photo under a painting of King Jan Sobieski the III.

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Poland and Israel. An awful conflict, and Israel is simply wrong

This is a post I have been putting off for weeks. In a way I guess, its proof that you can be critical of Israel and not be an antisemite, even though it remains true that in the staggering majority of cases it does mean exactly that.

A little while ago, the Polish government passed a very bad law for very good reasons.

In essence, it says that you cannot refer to any part of the Holocaust as being “Polish” or Auschwitz as a Polish death camp, because it was in reality, historically, and in fact a German death camp on occupied Polish territory by the Nazi government of the day.

The Poles, quite rightfully, do not wish to bear the burden of a historical atrocity for which they do not bear a responsibility.

The Israeli Government has come out strongly against this bill, and not at all for the reasons anyone should. The basic right of freedom of speech, especially political. But for another reason concerning its content.

Official statement by Polish Prime Minister:

I think it would be banal to talk about the Holocaust and its nature in this context. The fact is there are antisemites all over the world, and the Polish government explaining in very clear terms that they viewed their Jewish population as being Poles and that this was an affront and an atrocity against Polish people, is a perfectly respectable way to view this situation.

Concern should be at the enormous percentage of Islamic migrants to Europe who have been quoted very very often as saying “we love the Germans because of what they did to the Jews”.

This perception of the Poles means that they clearly see the Holocaust as an atrocity. An enormous one. And wanting to distance themselves from it is the right attitude, even if it is a spin of sorts.

And although I am not a scholar of this history to this level of detail, it is true that there are more Poles awarded the Righteous Among the Nations for people who hid, at the risk of their own lives and their families. Poland was the ONLY country in Nazi occupied Europe, where there was a death penalty for assisting Jewish people.

This can be seen clearly in Israel at the forest for the Righteous among nations at Yadvashem.

Poland: 6,706 honoured for their assistance to Jews.

Second is the Netherlands, with 5,595 and they did not have the death penalty for assisting Jewish people.

Remember, for Poland, this was at the cost of their lives if caught. Imagine yourself in this position. Refusing to help Jews under these conditions would not necessarily be antisemitism. It would just be a wise health decision.

Given this, the Poles have earned a right to distance themselves from Nazi atrocities and socialist ‘human-perfecting’ programs.

“Those people who ate with me, drank, danced, laughed – they talk about me as ‘stupid German whore’.”

The following is a documentation of an interview with the German artist, activist for the rights of indigenous peoples, and UN advisor Rebecca Sommer, by the Polish website EuroIslam from January 18, 2018.
Rebecca used to support Muslim “refugees” in Germany, and describes how her experience made her gradually change her mind over core issues.
It is a long text but well worth the read. Please note that there is currently a mistranslation circulating, claiming that she said to she was moving to Poland. This is inaccurate; she said she knows Germans who are moving to Poland.

Thanks to Ava Lon for the translation.

Rebecca Sommer, Photo©Rebecca Sommer/Earthpeoples

Natalia Osten-Sacken: Rebecca, you’ve worked many years with refugees and immigrants, you’re a well-known human rights activist. Already before the big wave of immigration in 2015, you were well known for fighting for unlimited admission of these people to Germany. What influenced the change of your views?
Rebecca Sommer: I would like to point out that I have never fought for “unlimited” admission of migrants, because it is impossible for any country to adopt infinitely. I am a humanist and human rights activist. The first years I believed that people who come here are real refugees, happy that they will be safe now and that they will show a good faith in order to adapt here and to integrate. But with time, an unpleasant awakening came about step by step. The reasons for this were so complex that I just couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I believed that these medieval views would change over time. I placed great trust in our libertarian, equitable European values, and I naively thought that every person must delight in them and take them on.

For sure, one of the main turning points, as in many of us, was New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne. Then I finally had to admit to myself that this type of behavior describes the overwhelming majority of Muslims with whom I had to deal with in my life. It was the moment when I said to myself: “Rebecca, now you have to slow down, at least because you are women’s rights activist, with your responsibility to them as a woman.” I have tried to justify these constantly repeated patterns of behavior and thinking, their way of perceiving the world – which are based on their religion, Islam, and their culture – for example, in such a way that they are new here. I believed that these medieval views would change over time. I placed great trust in our libertarian, equitable European values, and I naively thought that every person must delight in them and take them on.
But after looking back through the years of repetitive experiences and myself in my work environment as a volunteer, I had to admit to myself that when it comes to Muslim Continue Reading →

26-Year-Old Female Clan Leader Makes Fortune By Trafficking More Than 100 Syrians To Germany Via Poland

An original translation from Lausitzer Rundschau:

January 17., 2018
Police Raid

Family trafficks more than 100 Syrians to Germany via Poland

On Wednesday, police arrested a person in Berlin during a raid. Investigations against a Syrian-Polish gang are ongoing.

Berlin. German and Polish investigators are proceeding with raids against nine suspects from a family clan. Two persons were arrested in Germany. There is a search ongoing for another person. The charges: organized trafficking of foreigners. By Andreas Blaser

It was still dark when police chief Markus Pfau gave the mission order to more than 170 officers of the Federal Police. Their target was a Syrian-Polish gang of traffickers, who allegedly trafficked more than 100 persons from Syria to Germany. As Pfau, leader of the investigating Federal Police office for crime fighting in Halle says to Rundschau, two people were arrested in the Germany-wide raids. It is a 26-year-old female Polish national of Syrian ethnicity, and a 40-year-old Syrian. They have been brought before the committing magistrate and are now in custody. A search for a third person is still ongoing, as well as for three more Polish nationals. There are a total of nine suspects, but not all of them are wanted with an arrest warrant. The members of the gang are organized in a family-like structure, according to Federal Police. Head of the traffickers, who seemed to have been organizing the operations, is the 26-year-old female Polish national who was arrested in Germany. She is the main accused.

Most of the accused are from Syria, but have migrated to Poland already years ago, and have grown up there. Some of them married Polish citizens and therefore hold dual citizenship. According to investigations by Federal Police, the gang of traffickers begun approximately in the second half of 2016 trafficking Syrians to Germany. Their method: The Syrians, who hadn’t been living in their homeland anymore, but in the meantime in the Gulf region in the United Arab Emirates, some of them for quite a long time, organized Polish tourist visas – but with false details and with the help of the traffickers. From the Gulf region, they flew to Poland – very likely to the capital of Warsaw – and then travelled on overland to Germany. The large Autobahn transits in Frankfurt at the Oder, Görlitz-Ludwigsdorf, but also Guben, Forst and Podrosche in Saxony were probably used. Once in Germany, the Syrians applied for asylum, in order to be able to claim the benefits associated with it.

The investigations of Federal Police and Polish Border Protection might be able to shed new light on the repeated cases of trafficking in the border regions of Brandenburg and Saxony. Over the past months and years, large groups of refugees have repeatedly been apprehended who apparently illegally crossed the  border. Most of these were Iraqis and Russians from Islamic Chechnya though.

According to Federal Police’s statements, the traffickers received about € 8,000 per person, which means that, according to the current state of investigations, the gang made about € 300,000. But if the police’s estimate of about 100 trafficked persons turns out correct, the gang’s earnings will be remarkably more. The profit explains why the traffickers issued strong pressure to receive their margin. The current investigations of police end in the first quarter of 2017, which suggests more cases in later activity of the gang.

Even when the current police action of wednesday was focused on Berlin, the officers were busy until afternoon in almost all German states. There, and in Berlin, mobile phones, digital storage devices and a large sum of money were seized. Police spoke of “significant assets”.

According to police and judiciary, the accused are charged with the professional and gang-like trafficking of foreigners. In addition, there are investigations against several accused for the suspicion of social fraud and fraudulent application for asylum. Even some of the members of the Syrian-Polish family are suspected to have applied as politically persecuted asylum seekers in Germany.

Youtube has put this video in a limited state, not even allowing comments…

This is important. This video is only, and nothing more, than correcting a MSM slander of the good people of Poland.

Youtube has responded to a video showing proof that the MSM and European Union narrative on Poland’s independence day marches is pure anti-nation-state propaganda, by making it almost impossible to find, and no way to interact with it. Please spread it, and please add your thoughts on it under this video, since Youtube decided not to allow it on their platform.

Polish government makes video explaining their position on the EU migrant policy

Apparently Youtube decided to put the original version in some kind of google jail.  This means that Google is deciding that democratic government’s positions on issues should not be told while unelected globalists at the EU have free reign to spout whatever nonsense they wish to force on the peoples of Europe.

This is a problem.


Below is a comment which clearly explains the nature of the “Youtube Jail”.

“some kind of jail”

Restricted mode – the video cannot be found unless you have a direct link, you will be warned before watching it, likes and comments will be disabled, it can’t  be shared, and it can’t be embedded. Combined with google’s explicit intent on hiding non-politically correct material from search results and instead direct the user to approved playlists for re-education the video is as good as buried alive.