Dr. Kevin Stillwagon, Ottawa, November 7th, 2022 -speech and interview

Dr. Stillwagon gave a very interesting and valuable speech at a Church in Carp, just outside of Ottawa on Monday night.

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Here is the interview we did right after the presentations:

And the presentation itself:


UK Parliament debates vaxx dangers and mandates, Dr learns to speak commie-dissident like an adept

A few things about this video that make it interesting.

The first is that there appears to be discussion in the UK legislature about the mRNA shots without it being an advert for Pfizer. In fact they discuss dangers quite bluntly for politicians.

The second is that one has to wonder if this isn’t just arse covering, given that no one wants these things anymore and politicians can smell the contempt in the air from millions who didn’t want it but were forced, and millions more that now know they were tricked into taking them or will know bloody soon.

The third is my favorite. This now, well known British doctor, that as he himself has awakened to the real nature of these shots, has at the same time learned to speak like someone in a communist country, contradicting the humiliating and neutering official narrative, with actual truth. A few videos ago, he tried to explain in code of sorts, that YouTube would ban him if he spoke plainly, so he had to find ways of telling the scientific truths he now knows.

But in THIS video, he develops tactics one layer deeper. Whenever he wants to say, “I can’t say that so listen to these MPs say it”, he says:

It’s a good idea to listen to them because I didn’t know these things and also, they say many things that I can’t (long pause) remember.

He uses that device the same way enough times that its clear he means he cannot say them for fear of the censors. Probably more than just YouTube. Probably medical boards and media orgs and leftist thugs for that matter.



Yeah it came from a lab in Wuhan (yawn)

So in this video by the now, well known British doctor, the details of why we know the virus came from the Wuhan lab are explained. This information has been out a very long time. We posted a scientific paper by two Indian scientists near the start of Covid proving that the virus had to be an artifact, and could not have been a natural evolution to humans. In fact we also posted an analysis of the Indian scientist’s paper by a PhD. of biology at this site as well.

Numerous times since, slam dunk evidences of the fact that it was an artifact has come out and mostly also been posted on this site. But the most recent ‘revelation’ that it was man made and released from Wuhan we didn’t really bother with because its old news and anyone who doesn’t know this probably doesn’t want to.

VladTepesBlog is posting this because as I listened to it this morning I was wondering how many people were removed from the public square for suggesting that it was not natural, not from the Wet Markets, and probably from a lab and specifically from the Wuhan Lab.

We know now that the Biden White House was working with Twitter and Facebook (Facebook interfacing with the FBI) to censor anyone with a message that was a threat to the plans of the Democrats and deep state. Project Veritas released proof of this as did Alex Berenson. Messages about Covid origins, policies and vaccines perhaps especially. Anyone who dared suggest on Twitter that the virus was from a lab got some form of admonishment and had the tweet removed. Others were banned or permanently banned. The Tweets were certainly removed. ESPECIALLY if they had actual evidence for the case. Which is what we feel is the most important aspect of all this.

Social and official media would suppress opinions and views based on how factual it was. If you are not authoritative and sound nutty you might get away with posting something true. But if you are an Indian PhD in genetics and write a paper that in the old days of real information would get peer review, then that paper gets buried deeply.

I have had multiple doctors ask us for that paper because we managed to grab it from Twitter during the day or so it managed to stay online. It is still on this site for anyone who wants it. I think this is the link here.

So the next question should be why did the US want to work so hard to suppress the knowledge that this virus was an artifact?

Well that is also obvious at this point. The USA made the damn thing with its partner, China. We have Fauci on record explaining that the (illegal) gain of function work was done by the US with its partner in Wuhan. Frankly I’m pretty confident that the Winnipeg Lab was part of this work as well since Trudeau appeared to call an election just to make that issue disappear. We might remember that he is the first PM in history to sue Parliament itself because the Speaker was demanding papers on what happened to the Chinese spies at the Wuhan lab.

In one sense, the handling of information was a bigger story. The public must believe 2+2=5 that the virus was naturally occurring at a Wet market rather than know the US had been shut down and everyone basically forced to take an experimental new gene-therapy technology because of a product of US R&D. Then the question becomes why.

Dr. Mike Yeadon new video with Dr. Paul Alexander

There is a lot of new material here, and a few revelations as well. It is not the same material we are used to. This is some new thinking and perspectives on the entire issue and how it fits into the current paradigm. When listening, let’s remember Dr. Yeadon was VP of Pfizer for research. Specifically vaccines if I recall correctly.

This was sent to me by a friend who got it from Paul Alexander’s Telegram channel. One assumes Dr. Alexander felt this video was too hot for YouTube but as far as I can tell so far, it’s probably OK on the platforms we use. Looking forward to the comments on this one.


Below I have added interviews we did with a Swedish doctor and nurse, Jon Tallinger, who blew the whistle on murdering the elderly with Covid or the Flu or whatever, using end of life drugs, Midazolam and morphine. This substantiates the statements of Dr. Yeadon at 27 minutes. The following two interviews were made in or before April of 2020.

Dr. Chris Shoemaker speech and interview from Ottawa, September 17th, 2022

Please read the story at: RAIR Foundation USA

Dr. Chris Shoemaker speaks at the square across from Parliament Hill, Ottawa on September 17th:

We caught up with him after and interviewed him on the hill:

Mortician details the change in nature of cadavers and embalming since the vaccine roll out

WARNING: This is a very disturbing interview and contains images that could be very upsetting to a lot of people, and for a variety of reasons.

For the written story, please see RAIR Foundation.com and expect to see more about this as the week progresses, including comentary by other morticians and some well known and highly credentialed doctors who will be commenting on some of what you see here.

Additional: Mike Ward’s web site can be found at https://www.naturalnews.com/


Canada knew about Ivermectin and trashed it anyway

Ivermectin emails inside Public Health Agency of Canada

August 2022 update — you can now find the second release package here

For treating covid, the Canadian government says ivermectin is unsafe, ineffective, and not to use it… but the sciencesays otherwise, and so do some PHAC staff.

In September 2021, the Public Health Agency of Canada was asked for all internal communications regarding ivermectin for the treatment of covid. Today (in June 2022) they provided some emails dating from 1 March 2020 to 7 June 2021.

These were apparently originally released April 2022 to some other party who requested the same information from PHAC (see date on the file name).

Please read the remainder of this important article at the source, Scoopsmcgoo

Highlight from page 23 of the emails:

Repost: Covid regulations are ultra-vires – what you need to know

Things appear to be moving farther into totalitarian measures in terms of the state Vs. individual rights, no matter what noises national leaders make about “Democracy”.

While we have posted this video once or twice in the past year or so, now seems like a really good time to post it again.

Dr. Mary O’Connor on the Thai study on the effects of Gene therapy shots for Covid on adolescents

This is the first in what we hope will be a series of videos on the Thai vaccine study showing that nearly 30% of all adolescents who received the mRNA gene therapy experienced to one degree or another, a cardiac related irregularity. From Myopericarditis down to just an uncomfortable awareness of the heart or a flutter and other things described in the study.

We asked Dr. Mary O’Connor to read the report and offer her thoughts based on her 40+ years as a clinical doctor on it:

Hopefully there should be several more doctors weighing in on this important study over the week.