Germany: Agreement Between Merkel and Seehofer

This agreement below, between Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer, was moments ago handed to the press and tweeted out by the CSU MP Dorothee Bär.

Original translation:

In order to better regulate, control and prevent secondary migration, we come to this agreement:

  1. We agree to a new border regime at the German-Austrian border, which ensures that asylum seekers for whose asylum procedures other EU-countries are in charge, will be refused entry
  2. To do so, we will establish transit centres, from which the asylum seekers will be directly sent back to the countries in charge (refusing entry on the basis of the legal implication of non-entry). We do not want to act uncoordinated, but come to administrative agreements, or establish communication, with the concerned countries.
  3. In those cases where countries refuse administrative agreements, the rejection at the German-Austrian border will be on the basis of an agreement with the Republic of Austria.”

    The original document as it was handed out to the press

Merkel’s part in this agreement is one single sentence: “We do not want to act uncoordinated, but come to administrative agreements, or establish communication, with the concerned countries.” This allows her to save face, while still conceding to Seehofer.

The true issue at the core of this was whether Germany has got sovereign national borders and can refuse people entry. Merkel, who ideally would like for Germany to dissolve into a supranational, non-democratic EU superstate, had, again, denied national sovereignty two weeks ago (“EU law should always have priority over German law”, on “Anne Will” talkshow on Sunday, June 10), which sparked the crisis between her and conservative new Interior Minister Seehofer. The media onslaught that ensued against Seehofer was so strong that nobody really expected him to come out of this alive.

This is an important day in the fight of Germans for their right to national self-determination, and to even exist as a nation.

Angela Merkel on her way to a crisis meeting this morning.

Merkel’s constestor, former Bavarian premier and new German Interior Minister Seehofer.

8 Replies to “Germany: Agreement Between Merkel and Seehofer”

  1. “A day late and a dollar short” doesn’t even begin to adequately describe this Band-Aid™ being slapped on Europe’s sucking chest wound.

  2. Herr Merkel- truly one of the worst leaders in the history of the world. She is positively Satanic in her demeanor. And this so called agreement- maybe it’s just the translation or the language itself, but I find it extremely confusing, not at all straightforward. Merkel is a childless hag who has no concern for anything buy her own power until she does the world a favor and croaks.

    If the German people keep putting up with her BS they deserve everything they get.

    • I agree. She’s addicted to power like so many others of which Obama also.
      Both will suffer a terrible legacy. Their historical legacy is as important to them as their power.

  3. One of the most important things for us to do is to be vigilant against the imposition of the so-called “representational” voting system. It is too complicated for people to understand and all it does is promote eternal gridlock, which is why the leftists like it so much. That and the fact that it gives eternal indulgence to the silly parties instead of kicking their crazy asses out into the street like they deserve. Don’t be fooled by the clever Marxist arguments. Our past-the-post system may have flaws but it is one we understand and it’s what we think of as “democracy”. We don’t want to have to listen to the “Anti-success Party” or the “Greens” or any of the other nut-jobs. Don’t let the Marxists trick us out of our democracy, because they will if we let them…

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