EU Seeks Methods To Implement New Level Of Censorship

An original translation from the blog of Vera Lengsfeld.

EU-Commission Plans The Final Solution To “Disinformation On The Internet”

Guest author Hanno Vollenweider

There are growing concerns in Brussels over the disinformation of the citizens over the internet. That is why an “expert group” of researchers, journalists and the representatives of platforms is meeting in Brussels, and will finally present suggestions for a final solution of avoiding disinformation on the internet to the EU commission.

„Since the election of Donald Trump as the president of the USA at the end of 2016, there are increasing worries in Europe that fake news on the internet might drastically manipulate public debate. The EU commission therefore wants to take measures against fake news, and, for this purpose, has summoned a group of experts from the sciences, and representatives of the media industry and platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter. This ‘High Level Group’ will submit suggestions for fighting fake news on the internet until summer, write on their website about the plans of the Eurocrats. One does not need particular skills in reading between the lines to understand what this means: The electoral success of Trump was only possible because he had a large voting base who had lost their trust in mainstream media, and who were looking for “alternative” information on the web, far away from anti Trump campaigns. This must not happen in Europe! Just imagine how Eurocracy might end, if the people in Europe were no longer to listen to the soothing mainstream media.

In the German sphere, the so-called “alternative media” are on the march, while “long-established” magazines like Bild, Spiegel, Stern, Focus, etc., keep losing readers. The reason is simple: their unconditional courting of the Merkel regime.

So many of the positive news about the mass migration was such a brazen pack of lies that it was insulting to the readers’ intelligence. This is taking vengeance now, and will probably not be reversibly easily.

And exactly that is the reason why there now will be a political interference. What is particularly telling is that, no matter what the committee of experts will suggest to the EU commission in the end, we will never know, because it has been ordered from the highest place that all documents will remain secret.

There is a reason for that.

There are two suggestions at the moment:

– So-called “Fake News” will be outright banned, and the operators of social networks, servers, alternative websites and other platforms will be required by law to completely delete content. You can imagine who will define what is “fake news” and what is not.

– The competitors of the “Fake News”, in other words, mainstream media, will be made more visible, by
promoting the news that is, in the opinion of the EU, more credible. Additionally, the awareness of “Fake News” will have to be increased by training, for example in schools.

All this reeks of censorship, cooptation (Gleichschaltung) and reeducation, and should be fought sternly before it comes into effect.

Do not rely on politicians, become active! Send news from alternative media per email to friends, educate your friends and family about the possibilities to receive news outside the mainstream media! Beat the Eurocrats by warning as many people as possible about the “reeducation” through these so-called “educational measures”.

Translator’s note:
Read the original EU statement here. It is pretty clear where it is truly aiming:

4 Replies to “EU Seeks Methods To Implement New Level Of Censorship”

  1. There are growing concerns in Brussels over the disinformation of the citizens over the internet.

    As in, “over” and “over” again, “disinformation” (truth?!?) might possibly lead to some sort of entirely unexpected discontinuity—hat tip: El Inglés—which could drive potentially disruptive events of a sort that caused the sheep to look up Europeans, for once, to choke on their Propaganda Media fodder (hat tip: Richard).

    The EU commission therefore wants to take measures against fake news…

    The EU commission therefore wants to take measures against fake news

    There, fixed that!

    The EU … has summoned a group of experts from the sciences, and representatives of the media industry and platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter … for fighting fake news on the internet…

    Summoning up “a group of experts from” … “platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter” … “for fighting fake news on the internetregulating the EU’s Internet community. Puhleasssee!

    Yet one more flipping, fecking time … what could possibly go wrong?

    All of which hearkens back to the dimwitted baker who decided that, “This bread I baked for one hour tastes really good. If I bake it for two hours, it will taste twice as good!

    Quite clearly, doubling down on malignant, pseudo-Soviet, centrally-planned policies, no matter how counterproductive or antagonistic to the general populace hasn’t managed to lose its luster for pathological social engineers like Angela Merkel.

    Equally so, any life lessons that Soviet Russia’s “Iron Curtain” was meant to teach these historically ignorant Western European loons have been entirely lost on such brain-dead flat liners. As in: Employing half of the population to monitor everyone else will ensure that such wisely spent money guarantees reliable compliance from the remaining citizenry.

    Less so, it seems, with respect to those in Eastern Europe. Go figure..

    All the same, isn’t Angela Merkel irrevocable proof of this stupendously successful formula?!?

    In closing, wouldn’t it be fascinating to see Angela Merkel explain (preferably in front of a legitimately assigned and judicially appointed firing squad) the infinite genius of her brilliant Socialist policies—especially those dealing with borderless immigration?

    Whatever live coverage of that event would be of inestimable value with respect to informing decades centuries of future generations whose ranks might contain even a bare few dysfunctional upstarts that believed (no matter how sincerely) that—as so many modern Socialists continue to insist—”it just hasn’t been done right, yet!!!”

    When this exclamatory declaration of Communist faith becomes the instant death sentence that it has deserved to be for the past CENTURY, perhaps then there will be a lull in the persistent idiocy of Cultural Marxism.

    Until that time, please look forward to endless bloodshed, a continued promotion of vicious barbarism, brutal sexual cruelty, plus the most hypocritically evil conjunction of Leftist “tolerance” and genocidal Islamic anti-Antisemitism that this world has ever seen.

    Warmest personal regards,


  2. The arrogance of the left knows no bounds as Valenzuela implodes, China continues to destroy itself with, corruption, pollution and government control the EU decides to push further into full communism. They are continuing in their quest to destroy Western Civilization so they can bring about their socialist dystopia utopia. If they manage to achieve their goals freedom will die for a Century or more and the world will suffer as the people are forced to live in poverty with rapidly declining standards of living and shortened life spans.

    • Don’t worry! As within 100 years the west will be muslim and the world will be down to 1 billion humans(no one left to parasitize, no more handouts for famine relief and muslims kill more muslims than anyone else. Within 200 years the dark Age will be back with NO monasteries in which to hide texts, no paintings, frescoes or statues, no music and no carvings in stone from which humans will be able to find a history(they WILL nuke the pyramids) The failure of electricity will wipe all digital information and the 50 million humans left will enter a Dark Age that makes the previous one look like a picnic. IMO with no easy access to minerals or coal (due to corporate mining) I don’t think that we will pull out of it at all and we will totally deserve it for doing NOTHING NOW.

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