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14 Replies to “Orban wins at EU summit no one takes migrants they don’t want”

  1. I’m very happy, but without knowing the details of that lawyers’ scrum only a fool believes this is the end of globalist aspirations. Watch the Balkans. This may be the haymaker that doesn’t need no stinkin’ migrant rules.

    • Good point, we all know Merkel and company have something up their selves and the Balkan nations are splintered, small and for the most part poor. They probably don’t have the money to hold off the Islamic hoards for long.

        • It costs a lot more money for a nation to defend itself then for a guerrilla force to fight them. The small Balkan nations don’t have the tax base for a long nasty fight, they also don’t have the large number of people this fight will require. Wars are fought with money as well as people and weapons. Rebuilding Czechoslovakia and allying with the more Northern nations would be a good start to make up for their lack of money and people.

    • …without knowing the details of that lawyers’ scrum…

      Sweet merciful crap!!! Without any prior possession of acquaintance with your brilliant command of the English language, Johnnyu ; I might never have been so confident about your exact distinction between “scrum” and the ever-more-so-simple, “scum”. Bless you beyond what-you-wish…

      Instead, I was (exorbitantly) treated to a magnificent display of complete, total, and utter disregard for Europe’s persistent and irritatingly Politically Correct insanity. Let’s all go figure… Eh?

  2. Again, Western (much-less Eastern) Europeans, only will have any chance of survival if a Neanderthal VISIONARY Leader of Sufficient Political Widgets is up on their last hind legs and giving Cultural Marxism several thousand rounds of dedicated and loving, “Parking Lot Therapy”, that is only available to cultural termites whose definition might require another few pages of typing on my part … just kidding! … No, not seriously as in, rausch mit der pitchen-forkens undt flamin’ torches that so much of the EU seems to require … you tell me…

    If we’re both willing to forego this excruciatingly detailed bit of phosphorhaltig, maybe it’s time to become a bit more courteous about mass civilization (of Caucasian People that seek wellness). If not … please be so kind … as to expect that that, life-in-general, will become something slightly less hellish beyond all imagination.

    Thankyouverymuch …


    • Slovenia and Slovakia need to consider rejoining the Czech Republic so they three will have some chance to keep their populations free during the coming decades. The non Islamic Balkan nations are going to need all the help they can get to remain free. Little Slav will need Big Slav’s help Croatia will need the help of the Eastern European nations further north. The Northern nations in Eastern Europe need to band together to stop the invasion before the fighting reaches their nations, this will require joining with the Southern nations and sending personal and material to defend them.

      • Slovenia and Slovakia need to consider rejoining the Czech Republic so they three will have some chance to keep their populations free during the coming decades“.

        Speaking personally, after having orbited Eastward out of my 2008 touchdown in Munich (on my roundabout way to Dresden), whilst visiting Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in burqua-shrouded Vienna and, then, venturing through Slovakia and the Czech Republic’s Splendorous, Old-Town Prague, (especially), all that I THEN immediately knew, which Europe had to lose, was simply too much.

        Please tell me otherwise…

        The V4 is Europe’s only hope for survival. End Of Line.

        PS: The EU be damned.

            • The Use to be Free World needs a free and independent Western Europe (Islam free) as much as they need us. We are fighting for the survival of freedom in the world and we can’t afford to give that much territory and that many people to the enemy. Yes they elected politicians that have sold them out but we in the US elected Obama and Canada elected Trudeau. Are everyone to abandon us because of that? Look at the news reports, people are fighting back in the Western European nations. They don’t have the weapons to make it a military fight but they are doing what they can to get elected to be able to use the police and military to fight. Are we to abandon those who are fighting? The Europeans are raised with different values being taught (indoctrination) in their schools. Many are throwing off their indoctrination and are trying to regain their freedom, are we to abandon them?

              We need Europe as part of the worlds economy, the only nations that are self sufficient are those who live in mud huts and who have life spans of less then 50 years. Are we suppose to turn into one of those nations because you don’t want to help Western Europe?

              If we abandon Western Europe we are in effect abandoning Eastern Europe are we suppose to do that?

  3. The press simply lied to the German people and reported that everyone agreed to Merkel. Then Germans who can read Italian and Polish came out and said, why are the papers in Italy and Poland reporting the opposite?
    It’s crazy.

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