CBC, Trudeau, Jagmeet Sing all lie about the London accident, probably to take away all freedom of speech

The London truck accident that killed members of a Muslim family, and the enemy propaganda and politicians that invented a hate crime to pass a bill.

Read the RAIR article above. Then check out the source page here. Note how they go from the part everyone will read, a drooling Nazi loon, to what actually happened near the bottom. A nice guy with no hatred for anyone had steering issues and a middle eastern friend who vouches for him said he had no issues with muslims, or any group at all.

Trudeau put on his best Hijab Hoax sanctimonious outrage as did NDP leader Jagmeet Sing. Neither of them waited to find out what happened though. They both immediately imputed all they needed, most likely to push through bill C-10 which gives the Canadian government control over pretty much all publishing, social media and otherwise, where people might say things the Trudopians do not approve of.

Like the Hijab hoax of 2018, all these politicians immediately jumped to a foregone conclusion that this was racism and hatred of muslims for their own political gain. Never let a crisis go to waste, and better if you can invent the crisis (cough cough hijab hoax) so you can control it. The media was worse. The same media that ignores mass killings of Jews and Christians by muslims for jihad, jumped the gun on this one. Curious though, how when acts of jihad happen, they perambulate from mental illness to religious extremist to anything but what it actually is. Islamic Jihad. And it takes days before they even start guessing at the motives when its crystal clear that its jihad.

In the CBC article linked above, they write about this attack by the Islamic State, as if it was just a guy who hit a fence with a car. Check it out. But for this man who had a defective steering mechanism and had no problem with any group, they imputed every aspect of the event to force an anti-white, anti-homseschool and anti-Christian narrative. No matter how much they had to make up to do it.


The Purge: Social media drops the beard of no-bias, smashes all venues for the non-left

Guest post by MissPiggy with many thanks!

Chronicling the Silencing of Dissenting Voices –

In the lastest purge of offensiveness on online platforms (POOOOP), with nearly 800,000 users, The_Donald and 2,000 other “Hate” subreddits were removed yesterday from Reddit. The unsurprising final blow came after a series of measures “to contain” the group. Even before COVID-1984, The_Donald was placed under quarantine. (Was it foreshadowing?) In June of 2019, ironically, the quarantine was decreed, due to comments posted to the forum which threatened violence against the police. Seeing the writing on the wall, administrators of the group created their own website (thedonald.win) months ago, and a mass exodus from Chicom Spezland (Reddit) began. (The Donald can also be found on GAB and Discord.)

Tim Pool’s somewhat Debbie Downer coverage on the latest purge: 

As Tim mentions in the above video, yesterday Twitch also banned President Trump’s official campaign account for “Hate Conduct”.

The Trump campaign uses Twitch for broadcasting rallies and campaign events. Twitch, Amazon’s live-streaming site, claims that a speech Trump made 2016 (Mexico is sending rapists) and more recently in Tulsa, violated their rules. The streaming service says the ban is temporary.

This temporary ban happened minutes after Reddit shut down The_Donald.

The subreddit isn’t directly affiliated with the president, but the Twitch channel is.

Youtube is notorious for its censorship jail, throttling views, deleting subscribers and shutting down channels of dissenting voices. The Youtube channel from Vlad Tepes Blog got the ax in January of 2019 for violating the ever goal-post-moving, Community Guidelines formerly known as violating Youtube’s Terms of Service. Well, yesterday Youtube banned Stefan Molyneux’s channel.

“This is Stefan Molyneux as you may have heard, 14 years of my life, thousands of videos, billions of comments, hundreds of millions of views and nearly a million
subscribers has been destroyed. Has been erased from Youtube.


The accusation is the usual one, that i’m fermenting violence and hatred and so on, which is not true at all. I have consistently promulgated the non-aggression principle and called for reason and evidence as the methodology by which we can resolve social disputes and differences doesn’t seem to have mattered of course the reality is that the book burning is underway. Myself and many other dissidents and anti-communist
intellectuals and speakers have also had channels destroyed across a wide variety of platforms within the span of only one hour in what i assume is a highly coordinated
effort to silence us.”

I believe the last great purge from Youtube started in December of 2017, when it announced that they were hiring 10,000 new moderators “to remove problematic content”.

However, the real origin is the day Susan Wojcicki became CEO of Youtube and made it her goal to make Youtube “responsible”. That push for cleaning up Youtube has lead to 2 “ADpocalypses”, countless demonetizations, and HAL-like algorithms.

We’re all aware of similar shakedowns happening at Facebook and Twitter. These attacks are coordinated as we’ve seen above and are undoubtedly timed. Just 10 day ago, on June 19th, Katie Hopkins was banned from Twitter, the Federalist and Zerohedge comment section were destroyed by Google,

@VDARE got banned from their domain registrar and GAB got blacklisted by VISA. Two days before that, on June 17th, GoDaddy cancelled the domain from Vlad Tepes Blog without notice, warning or explanation. (BTW -The back-up page is https://vladtepesblog.net)

So stayed tuned, be prepared and get connected because more POOOOP is coming. Contrary to all the Debbie Downers out there, I think the only way they will stop us is by shutting it all down, but we’ll regroup and come back stronger. We’ve had practice.


CBC and the enforcement of Marxism over rule of law

First and chief among words that white people are not allowed to say, is the one that starts with a letter between M and O.

If you do say that word, even in a private conversation, your explanation for why you think that word might be OK to say will not be listened to. Context means nothing. No amount of contrition will be enough. This is not about anything excpept the wielding of totalitarian power in the interests of a Marxist world view.

The fact that on the recording in this video, the teacher awkwardly attempts to make an explanation means nothing. It was not listened to. She was guilty for saying that word.

No explanation can suffice. No legal protection of rights can interfere with the Marxist mob/media justice the CBC will bring to your door as fast as they can. Just as fast in fact, as they will hide news that contradicts that replacement for rights and law.

Wendy Messley may have paid a price for uttering that chief among words only “people of colour” can say, and in any context they want. But of course we don’t really know if she will. We don’t know how long her suspension is, or if its with pay. For all we know she is doing a month at Club Med in the Mediterranean somewhere. But we are supposed to believe that she is in serious trouble for saying the between M and O word, even though it was to try and make someone else look really, really bad.

Context doesn’t matter. Truth, does not matter. There is a new order, and it will be obeyed.

We are the cavalry. If we expect to fix this, we will have to get more involved.


MSM, German Government join commie trick of calling all who oppose socialist policies “nazis”

We are used to seeing ANTIFA and fellow travellers calling Asians like Andy Ngo or African Americans like Candice Owens being called “White Supremacists” because they oppose the often blatantly communist overthrow of Western Civilization.

The German CDU government also used its own form of deceptions and Repressive Tolerance © but generally don’t go for direct Nazi calling except to slander the AfD. One of the few non-totalitarian parties in the Bundestag.

Now however there is a major MSM push to slander the entire city of Dresden, formerly in East Germany, as a city facing a “nazi emergency”.

Long term followers of this site may remember an organization representing classical liberalism, individual rights and freedoms that was strongest in Dresden and spread around the world and still exists in Toronto and other cities, called “PEGIDA”.

This group would march in Dresden by the thousands weekly to oppose Merkel and her program to islamify Germany and deconstruct Germany (and Europe) as a people and a culture(s) altogether.

But the German government does what Western governments have all learned to do. Demonize, criminalize and deconstruct all groups who wish to preserve their cultural heritage and established legal principles, most notably equality before the law.

The UK did it with the EDL, and the Australian Defense League was shuttered before it even took off. Other nations who attempted a defence league suffered the same fate. It didn’t matter that government agencies or powerful groups 1 step removed from government, like unions connected to left wing parties and governments had been caught infiltrating these groups in order to give them a bad name. What mattered was results uber alles.

And now it seems that Dresden’s resistance to its own destruction means the German government-media complex is ready to sacrifice the whole city on a giant gambit. The prize of course, is the destruction of Germany, so its a win win for them. They succeed in destroying PEGIDA and all like minded who wish to remain German, or the city is crushed by various isolations because it is rife with “Nazis”.


Direct link

The Local: Calling for federal support and funding, Dresden declares ‘Nazi emergency’

More and more media will publish this story. It makes for a sexy headline. So one can expect it to go viral in the MSM. How can you expect journalists who have already proven to be fully corrupted in terms of integrity and loyalty to the truth, but can often be shown to be fully dedicated to spinning and manipulating truth to twist all thought to the left one detent at a time to resist a whole city declared a “Nazi Emergency” just because its pure bullshit?

Thank you MissPiggy for the translation and this graph that might also explain a lot. It shows election results in the region in 2014 and 2019.


German government pushes the “far right danger” narrative to absurd lengths

First, the most recent communist propaganda from Germany

They specifically mention the attack on the Synagogue recently. Before you even watch this absurd theatre of incompetence, ask yourselves how long it would have taken to plan the across Germany anti-right-wing terror drills.

*WARNING* There is some violence in this video below as the lipstick wearing PeeWee German does appear to kill two people. But this happened too recently to be the cause of this set of drills, and the German government has actually said that this attack shows that the threat of right wing terrorism is “very very very very serious and at least equal to the threat of Islamic terror”.

Below, the German government quote:

UPDATE on Halle Synagogue attack. If this is the far right, we can all keep watching muslims

A few days ago, we did aHow the left uses a crisis to destroy all our rights and freedoms. Now using Halle Germany attack The “migrant hunt of Chemnitz” is one excellent example but far from the only one. (We covered Chemnitz here extensively and multiple times)

The post last week was about the Halle Synagogue attack. That the video the attacker made was removed from all sites where it had originally been, and almost immediately the Merkel government came out with statements like, “this shows that far right Neo-Nazi terrorism is at least as bad as islamic terrorism to Germany”.

Patent nonsense in every way.

There are updates. The first, is that in the original post, we created a torrent for the video so it could not be removed. But very few seemed to get it based on P2P stats.

So here it is as a Bitchue embed. Watch it while you can.

***WARNING *** This video does show this odd, seemingly lipstick wearing, probable leftist  killing two people pretty much at random. Although we did blur the faces and the huge amount of smoke from his home made gun powder obscures the explicitness of his attack, some may find it painful to watch. Compared to pretty much any TV show, it is not explicit. But this is real and he does kill two people. But there is simply no way you can call this incompetent attack an equivalent to even one determined muslim with a knife.

Secondly is an interview with the attacker’s mother from Spiegel.de
“She describes his anti-Semitism as follows: “He has nothing against Jews in this sense. He has something against the people behind the financial power – who doesn’t?”
And from BNN.De quoting the attacker’s lawyer:

(Partial Translation)


Stephan B. testified that he committed and planned the crime alone. The anti-Semitic motive is obvious in the video recordings, but Stephan B. himself has clearly distanced himself from being a neo-Nazi. Weber quotes his client as follows: “You don’t have to be a neo-Nazi to be an anti-Semite.”


The Karlsruhe lawyer Weber describes the scene with a view to the motive of the 27-year-old, who is obviously right-wing extremist, but does not describe himself as a neo-Nazi. He has clearly distanced himself from this, Weber says.

Halle Synagogue attacker’s antisemitism was more Marx than Hitler

A couple of days ago, we published an article about the peculiar creature that attempted an attack on a Synagogue in Halle Germany, killed two people, and ran around shooting at things and people when his gun worked for over 20 minutes with no interference from Police.

We showed evidence that the German government would attempt to spin this as far right extremism, (where far right means Nazi despite it being a variant of Marxist socialism) and use it as a political tool against the only party in the German Parliament that actually likes Israel and is concerned about Germany’s Jewish population.

And now there is more on this story. Thanks to MissPiggy for finding it and translating it for us all.

From Nachrichten:


Stephan B. testified that he committed and planned the crime alone. The anti-Semitic motive is obvious in the video recordings, but Stephan B. himself has clearly distanced himself from being a neo-Nazi. Weber quotes his client as follows: “You don’t have to be a neo-Nazi to be an anti-Semite.”


The Karlsruhe lawyer Weber describes the scene with a view to the motive of the 27-year-old, who is obviously right-wing extremist, but does not describe himself as a neo-Nazi. He has clearly distanced himself from this, Weber says. […]


Stephan Balliet’s mother is quoted in the Spiegel as follows: “He has nothing against Jews in this sense. He has something against the people behind the financial power – who doesn’t?”

Notice how the article counters the quote from the perp by injecting the narrative, “is obviously a far right extremist” on to the attacker, despite the attacker’s own clear denial of it.

From Der Spiegel:

“She describes his anti-Semitism as follows: “He has nothing against Jews in this sense. He has something against the people behind the financial power – who doesn’t?”

From Stephan Balliet’s mother

I’d like to close with a little historical quote:

What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self interest. 

What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money. 

This is one of the tamer quotes on the nature of Jewish people from this book. But so far, the Marxist description of the nature of Jewish people is consistent with that quote. Most are much more severe.


Generation Ident in France get SIX MONTHS PRISON no suspension and huge fine for symbolically upholding the law

Direct link:


French Identitarians to be Fined and Jailed for Opposing Illegal Immigration

The pro-European and anti-immigration movement Generation Identity (GI) has achieved a worldwide notoriety through its often spectacular actions, whether by occupying EU and government buildings or manning their own ship to halt migrant smugglers in the Mediterranean. Such actions are not without risk however.


In spring 2018, French GI activists – frustrated by the French government’s inability or unwillingness to get the migrant crisis under control and prevent illegal immigration into their country – decided to take matters into their own hands with symbolic but effective nonviolent action.

GI blocked the Col de l’Échelle, an Alpine mountain pass near the border with Italy, through which migrant crossings were known to occur. The activists deployed banners, fences, and even helicopters to prevent the migrants from entering France.


One activist explained that the goal was “to show the public authorities that, with a bit of will and fairly modest means, it is possible to regain control of our borders and prevent the illegals from entering our country.” The action succeeded in receiving substantial media coverage and putting pressure on the French government to fulfill its responsibilities. […]

(I have followed Gen Ident since they were a few guys and gals doing syncopated clapping at the site of the mega mosque at Tours. I have never heard them say they are anti immigrant. They are however, anti-invasion and anti illegal, and mass immigration and they are for the preservation of French and European culture and systems. We all should be Gen Ident)


Bill Whittle on President Trump’s statement about Jewish people and the Democrat party

Bill Whittle points out that this is just another, albeit excellent, example of how the media presents the exact opposite of the truth if that is what is needed to push the narrative. The narrative, will always be obeyed.

For a thorough and deep understanding of what Bill Whittle is talking about, please consider committing 10 minutes a day to reading this explanation by Stephen Coughlin on how the left operates.